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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crunch time: The English We Speak

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Feifei: Hello I'm Feifei and this is

The English We Speak.

Rob: And hello, this is Rob. And it's an

important day in the office today, isn't it Feifei?

Feifei: Err, is it?

Rob: Yes, it is! Remember that big project

we've all been working on?

Feifei: Errr. A big project?

Rob: Yes, well it's crunch time.

Feifei: Oh greatI'm starving. I'll get my crisps.

Rob: No, I didn't say 'lunch time'.

Feifei: I know. You said 'crunch time' –

time to start crunching these delicious

crisps. I love crisps.

Rob: No, noI didn't mean it's time to crunch

crisps. Crunch time is an important or

critical time when a decisive or difficult

decision has to be made. And it's crunch

time for our big project.

Feifei: If you say so, Rob. Why don't I

finish these crisps while we hear some

examples of the expression 'crunch time'?

We've reached crunch time in our

relationshipI'm going to ask my

boyfriend to move in with me. I wonder

what he'll say?

The team are doing well but come crunch

time, will they score that vital goal?

It's crunch time for us tomorrowthat's

when we find out if our building plans

have been approved.

Feifei: This is The English We Speak from

BBC Learning English. We're finding out

about the expression 'crunch time', which

describes an important moment in a

situation where a difficult or

decisive decision has to be made.

But, Rob, I'm still not clear why it's crunch

time for our big office project?

Rob: Come on, Feifei, you know

the project we've been working on for


Feifei: Oh, you mean the biscuit project?

Rob: Exactly! We have to decide today

which biscuits we're going to buy for our

meetings. And if we don't order them

today, we won't have anything

to eat in tomorrow's meeting.

Feifei: So, Rob, your crunch time is just

about what you'll be crunching tomorrow.

You really need to change your priorities.

I think I've reached 'crunch time' in this


Rob: What's that? You've got a big

decision to make?

Feifei: Yes - to finish this programme or

finish my crisps?

Rob: Shall we just eat the crisps?

Feifei: OK. Bye.

Rob: Bye. Pass them over then!

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