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Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister today

is August the 19th 2017 and this is not my regular show this is gonna be an

extra show we'll have the regular show I guess tonight it is around noon now on

the east coast of North America and this morning I woke up and I like had an

epiphany I've been up since 6:00 a.m. I've been writing down notes last night

I actually came up with the idea to talk about be cash in terms of ripple a

little bit and this morning I had an epiphany and it all came together in my

head what is going on out there now so let's listen and I'm not even gonna be

reading too much off of my notes I wrote down so many notes here I'm gonna pick

and choose random things at random times I mean I should write a paper on what

Island what I'm about to discuss here so pound that like button to you to just

spread the word that I'm talking right now to get people in here so they can

hear this live or so they can watch it later because this is going to be a

different type of video that I don't think anyone has done something on this

topic yet and elaborated like I'm going to elaborate on or because I think in

the in the space for a while now I've been in the Bitcoin space since 2013 so

like I've seen how it goes and I you know you think you know something and

then you kind of relearn it and got to be willing to to pivot sometimes and uh

it kind of changed it just admit when maybe there's a new paradigm and be

excited I'm really I'm really excited about what I'm about to talk about here

and you know we've heard all this fought about the 2x and the the B cache fork

and what's going on with P cache and this is actually all positive positive

developments I'm starting to realize everything is much more positive than I

ever imagined so let's let's start from beginning here B cache at the beginning

we thought that this they're going to come out with this altcoin and I said if

you can get get rid of it get rid of it to make 10% you know to get 10% free

Bitcoin is amazing just amazing and I thought that was pretty cool now when it

happened when August the first happened and this coin came out in reality things

were a little different and I have tried to explain this my number one priority

even after this epiphany my number one pot priority is keeping my Bigpoint safe

okay as you all know I have a good amount of Bitcoin okay

more than most people who watch this let's just put it that way all right

a lot of us in the space you are content producers or whatever we've got a lot of

Bitcoin for and if we've been around since as long as we've been around busy

cute you can watch my own videos where I'm telling people to buy stuff in 2014

in 2015 I took my own advice so I care a lot about my Bitcoin it's my savings

account and as I said treat it as your savings account so when I start to play

around with my treasurer and I start to hear that people that have to wipe their

treasurer were clean and they've had problems with the conversion tool and

those first few days were scary and that you have to you have to convert all your

Bitcoin in just to split it in to be cash all at once you just can't do it

one at a time and I'm about to travel to Ireland in on the 9th so this starts on

the first or the second I started to get worried I don't want to lose my Bitcoin

I talked to a lot of people online about this okay

and and so I made my original video saying you know try to get 10% and you

know again that's good I thought it was gonna be a pump and dump

also I and we're gonna get to why I thought that in a second I just I

thought it was a great opportunity getting more Bitcoin I'm about getting

more Bitcoin I'm not about trading or anything like that so it became apparent

that I was too scared to actually attempt this during that first week I

was too scared I talked to Rocky I talked to Ansel who else did I talk to

offline people who you know they were taking their time off but also I mean

and I not I got you know Rocky he he did what he did I mean just they

these guys are very careful people okay and they were making me more careful

which is great so I now I'm looking back on the whole situation so people are

like Adam said you still have all that big cash you haven't split it away and I

have him because I left the United States on the 9th or the 10th I did not

bring my Tresor with me which i think is a very good idea not to there was no

reason to bring it with me so I can't do anything I can't split

right now all right I can't do it so lo and behold a lot of

people they did great people got 10% people got 7% people sold also people

some people split some people feel felt more comfortable than I did that's great

you should be happy you should never let greed and ash and I just said in the

original video put your Bitcoin at wrist oh yeah another person I talked to you

the other name and I forgot to I thought is Richie Rich Richie Rich also helped

you know kind of calm me down in everything and not not calming down made

me nervous make me that you scared of actually

doing the split and that's good if you're if you feel uncomfortable playing

around with your big coin in your Tresor they don't do it don't and I didn't do

it and so now we see this sort of attachment that 1% all of a sudden now

it's good 20% you can make I'm talking about in terms of Bitcoin I mean you're

getting free amazing amounts of free Bitcoin if you actually trade it and you

don't hold on to it and again I can't do anything with it now it could go down to

nothing for all I know but it's not going to go down to nothing and the

thing that I didn't realize before all this

the underlying principle that we all need to get through our heads I guess we

should call to ripple principle ripple is a centralized cryptocurrency that

banks are going to use that there's like an unlimited supply

they sometimes all of a sudden list a lot of it on the coin market caps and

make it seem like it's worth more okay and people still buy it people buy it

it's been the number it's been in like the top 5 of market

for a really long time I can shout to the world that it's bad the tone can

shout to the world that it's a scam people could you know you can say all

these negatives about it but we are in a situation where the facts are the facts

there are people out there that are pumping this thing up the day maybe

they're not as smart as us maybe we think we're smarter than we really are

okay I don't I don't know fully but what what I what I do understand is that this

this situation you can call it irrational exuberance it's not really

going away anytime soon the newbies dominate they far outnumber us to you

you got to go back to the 80% 20% principal I forgot what it's called okay

I eighty percent of people are going to continue to act irrationally here

there's going to be better what my interpret as irrational or you can tell

them that the Bice theme you can tell another by because you can tell them not

to buy ripple they're going to do it they're 20% of us are holders or logical

here or what I interpret his last closes you can disagree with me you can

disagree with me this is the situation on the ground this is the real-life

situation that this ripple mentality dominates criminal party people want to

trade they don't want to buy and hold I can tell them I can make little

allusions to you through some past videos how well I've done in Bitcoin how

it's changed my life and you're still gonna try to flip I can eat it's just

the way it is and so it frustrates guys like Tony frustrate it frustrates of

people holders and stuff like why am I even hold it why maybe what is is this

just this is this just everything's just a big Ponzi out there am i living

through a ponzi what is what is going on in life here and what's the reward I

mean so what I'm saying is this us holders out there the people that I've

said to hold I should have had a more I am not even the perfect holder okay so

you go back to the 80% 20% thing 20% of time I was

I should have just said from we can hold that be cash but I have the mentality of

just hold Bitcoin but you should hold I probably should have said to hold the

big cash because it isn't this isn't about being at war they're not it's an

altcoin that's all it is it's a free all corn that they're giving out this is

people are saying they're trying to destroy Bitcoin maybe they are and 2x is

really going to happen to their dividends they are crypto dividends new

paradigm here we're going to look back one day on this and this is going to be

something we realize this attracted a whole new class of person to Bitcoin the

people like my grandmother who don't trade stocks they don't they just want

the dividend they just want the dividend and these cookies all coins our

dividends that's all they are it is a new way of forming altcoins an

innovative way of distributing these all coins but they are crypto dividends

because they're not the real Bitcoin and we as Bitcoin community members our only

responsibility here is to collect our dividends but to make sure that we make

it clear through our own personal marketing that we have the real Bitcoin

good luck with these new dividends that you're creating for us and if you want

to be one of the 80% of the people who don't listen to you just keep buying it

when we're telling you not to buy it a whole the whole nation of Korea is

buying being cached in Japan and Japan is and whatever great do that you're

just helping our dividend so we are getting into a new paradigm where we're

gonna have to you know there's there's different types of law right we've got

divorce law you've got patent law you get there's different types of studies

of cryptocurrency I guess here two different management styles should we

say you're gonna have to become or you're gonna have to hire an expert on

managing your portfolio on deciding you know what am I going to buy based on

what is about the fork and what do I do with my dividend

when do I sell what's the best time to cash in my dividend where do I store my

dividend other companies are gonna come up and in what exchanges exchanges are

gonna jump on this because the only way they did it is this dividend being

created legitimate is an exchange actually trying to sell it they're going

to be exchanges in United States that aren't going to deal with these

dividends at all but they're going to be ones outside the United States you're

going to make every one of them legitimate okay so we are after 2x

they're going to be more and more dividends created and we're gonna see if

the market likes the exchanges that lists every single one if those

exchanges thrive or the ones in the US who don't you may be the only list to or

none if they thrive here and again you then you're gonna say well what the

motives behind these coins aren't to create dividends I don't care what the

motives are anymore all right did you know 2x probably the motive is

to destroy Bitcoin all right go ahead make your 2x in November it's another

free dividend for us here in peat most people are not technically savvy they

don't notice that what they don't know they're just gonna see like oh look

if I just buy Bitcoin before this next dividend comes up my bitcoins gonna be

it's gonna be even better for me it's just it's just in an enforcement of how

strong the Bitcoin community is that we've defined Bitcoin in this way that

these dividends can be just created off of it and people are happy about the

whole situation these aren't threats these aren't

threats they're added value to Bitcoin they really they really are if you're a

big coin holder it and I guess that's the caveat here if you're a guy put it

back and forth playing about this is something to get more people holding

Bitcoin and it's a totally natural evolution and I'm starting to see and

understand now and just it's something maybe we're not you're gonna have to sit

down and start thinking about this too and and not because I thought you know

it's gonna it's gonna dilute Bitcoin if we keep on having that's what that way I

originally was like very passionate for a while against all this stuff but you

can the one thing you can do is just mark

just make clear that what the real Bitcoin is be cash is that the real

Bitcoin it's a dividend so this is another way to test the strength of

communities surrounding a coin because guess what you know people think I'm

joking or trying to rip on a theory and when I say there's gonna be a third

aetherium when it goes proof of proof of stake well guess what and I said I don't

think metallics as much you know he's not a genius on this side of things he's

a genius but guess what maybe he is a genius on this side of things cerium

will not be hurt when he goes proof of the state okay it's not it's not gonna

be hurt at least by the formation of a third etherium okay there's someone nap

people are seeing that these things can be created easily these Forks can be

created easily there's a lot of money behind these Forks dividends the to X

people might just be doing it now to make money and that they're gonna try to

hurt Bitcoin through beat who knows they're not going to be able to hurt

Bitcoin that's the thing our community is the strongest of them all has the

most people of them all in it as the most people doing the marketing our

marketing is now going to pay off for us do you understand what I'm saying here

as we strengthen the Bitcoin brand brand through our support it makes it

impossible for any of these new dividends to even threaten Bitcoin so we

just cut by holding Bitcoin we just keep collecting these new and new dividends

and we help the dividend space we get involved in dividend space we make

videos about I mean I might turn this channel start focusing much more on to

this aspect this new aspect of cryptocurrency like someone is going to

fourth light point it's probably a big dividends out of that - why for the heck

of it there's money involved there's money involved there's clear profit

involved look at the numbers today I mean it's the Bitcoin plus the cash is

worth $5,000 there's and you know I don't care whose

money who's behind it the I think well I'm not buying again I'm not saying buy

this stuff you just have old the root coin so we've got the root

coin concept and then we've got the dividend concept give it in corn concept

okay these are new things I'm just coming up with this morning all right

these are things we're gonna go everyone's going to become familiar with

soon enough I can assure I might maybe won't be

these words but we're entering something new here and we don't realize it yet

we're gonna look back on this we're gonna look back on the theory of classic

in the theory I'm seeing that as the first shot I thought that was something

different but it's it's not it's similar not again so we talked about contentious

hard fork a contentious hard fork I have a new definition of that that is when

your community around the original coin isn't strong enough to define the

dividend coin as a dividend coin and thus the original coin should have been

a dividend coin to begin with alright that the new so the test for all

the coins out there and guess what some of these little tiny little pump and

dump up coins they're not gonna they're their money now it's gonna flow into

these new style of dividend coins okay so there's gonna be there's some

evolution going on at the bottom ring of the fourth tier and the third tier we're

gonna they're gonna still exist but all their value is going away is gonna go

away they're not going to be able to form dividend coins there's been no

interest so the coins that are gonna be able to form the dividend coins are the

ones that really have people owning them and not just pumping them those

supporting them where this is going to be a test okay so the people who think

you know I don't want to rip I don't know rip on a certain Courtney Oh like I

said things about me or like I don't know that much about it how big is the

community behind me oh and dumb names of these ones even there so Iona I oh

there's one yeah if so if I owned a really Forks or something let's say but

it creates a dividend coin then does it really it does the new one take over did

you people just pay it no mind you people all of a sudden want to buy

more I oh it was a free iota clean or they just don't care

because there's not enough people in the community to begin with to hype it up to

tell anyone that this is even happening that this is even happening so this is a

way that this is a way to test how strong the marketing the core

constituencies of these crypto communities are because if Hyrum is

gonna fork again a Bitcoin and who knows how many more Bitcoin dividends they're

gonna be how many more how many litecoin dividends they're gonna be - dividends

they're gonna be - did it - survive a fork a dividend yeah I'm pretty sure it

can I'm pretty sure I can they've got that marketing down pat so holding - is

probably an okay thing every so I in the past almost said you know if you have an

altcoin just traded into Bitcoin I'm not saying that anymore if you happen to

have a lot of - sitting around you have a lot of etherium sitting around this is

not the time to sell and it's not the time to sound now wait for it to fork

here wait you don't know what freebies you're gonna get out of this new

situation out of this new paradigm here and I'm sure I'm giving people with all

sorts of ideas in their heads - look I want to get in all this I want to fork

some coins you probably do this probably is inspiring some people I don't know

how many of you found that like button I don't think I've even said that yeah did

I yeah I did we got a lot of people watching this and I want people to

spread the word about this video out there I want I want could critique on

all this people must say you're crazy and you're crazy that this is this isn't

sustainable but people there are a certain type of holder out there who

just wants dividends there's a certain type of investor in the broader world

who's gonna look at this now and say well if I buy these critical crises I'm

getting dividends based on just people are creating new you know I don't know

what it's all about but if I just hold on I'm getting new and newer newer coins

and I can flip them I'm gonna have to manage them I'm gonna have to whatever

manage my dividends so I'm excited about this I really am excited and yeah

Richard rich says that's okay I'm looking at this chat right now what says

it says poor Adam he's pooping his pants Paul agreed says no that I'm not

probably about the I'm excite I mean I really think we are into onion and

people are saying dividends me in pension fund but these pension funds by

huge money I got stat as soon as the fork was mentioned clams bite ball this

is why every all its with a master no got punked after - David all right I

mean you're going to something here you're onto something there a little bit

because there are gonna be big institutions that want to get into this

this they can get three coins they don't they don't care the reasons behind it

now I want to say another thing again this is not about the name of the coin

here of the given like remember there's already a Bitcoin dark a Bitcoin all

these other things it's about how they were created Bitcoin dark was not

distributed and created as a fork of Bitcoin okay the distribution method

here is what makes it special because so you can just create a coin and call it

Bitcoin whatever not everyone's gonna get it for free all right but if you if

you create a coin and as a fork as a dividend and it's everyone's going to

get it for free you're gonna have a it's gonna be success that's what matters in

all of this that's what matters in all this so and again and they're not called

but they're recognized not as the true Bitcoin these dividends they're

recognized as D cash and the next one I was going to be called 2x and we as a

community just have to keep it up just our mark it's our responsibility to

maintain our dividends value to maintain the value of our dividends and our and

our loot coin it's just to you know go out there and market just like tone was

saying before you know you gotta you gotta run a node in order to beat this

aspect of what's going on okay as a marketing guy I'm telling you all right

now to keep things awesome for the route coin whether it be light if litecoin

that goes through the situation I mean in bitcoins we go through the situation

many more times I'm pretty sure you just your responsibility is not is just

running your mouth on the internet and promoting and marketing doing what I'm

doing and just reminding that you move people out there they're like no recache

is the real big no no no no no that's our dividend

that's our dividend that we're being paid we are the root you are the

dividend good luck with it with whatever you're doing 80% of the people out there

are gonna buy your stuff that's their mistake because we're getting it for

free so again there is an amazing concept behind all this if you just hold

there gonna be all of these greater fools out there that are just going to

be buying and increasing the value of the thing you got for free that is the

paradigm that were in I can't stop people from being stupid okay maybe

they're and maybe they're not stupid okay I don't insult anyone but to buy be

cash now is insane I think you have it for free you have it for free you have

it for free let them do it I'm 10 let I can tell you guys to stop

doing it but you're gonna keep will do because your trader to this thing so

those of us with this hold mentality this just buy and hold or just hold it

is really looking good it is really gonna look good in the long term and

we're gonna look this is another added bonus of cryptocurrency that people do

not understand yet it is something that can be built upon so many things can be

built upon this this um whenever forgetting oh my terror all my terms

here yeah the the root coin versus it's uh it's what do we call this pivoting

point I can't think so let me just see we just

read random thoughts that I have written down here hey I already talked about

that all right so yeah in again prepare yourself with uh with theorem 3 I don't

know when it's gonna happen it'll happen and maybe a theory 3 won't be this one

that we've been repeating for a while maybe someone will just jump up and fork

a theorem for the heck of it to beat the the what's going to happen when one good

when there's gonna be a proof of work and proof

State aetherium I don't know the the future is exciting I mean I still

believe bitcoin is the number one the big point is the one that is the only

one who should be buying but there's a lot of you that already hold the theorem

there's a lot of you that already hold - there's a lot of you that already hold

the light coin and I see this dividend situation helping them so if you're

already holding them this is not time to sell them this is 9 times 7 they've got

a fair bit of 4 - and if they if before Cap'n's that overtakes one of them then

there's a they weren't as strong with the communities weren't as strong as we

thought they were basically that's we thoughtfully if a if a if a dividend

ever over Kate's it's uh its route and we learned something we learned

something new here so again and safety matters here new there is no rush to

split these things when they happen we're gonna have to get trusted members

of these in this paradigm that maybe do the splits for us that you know are that

they create these splitters and where we know the exchange isn't gonna rip us off

and it just there's so many things that can be built off of this new aspect of

cryptocurrency we did attend the route thing and again

because this just proved you know more I said marketing has been lacking in the

space for a while well this is going to show you a lot more people when I get in

the marketing there's gonna be a lot more talkers around which is fine which

is fine a lot of and a lot more holders we're gonna see who really holds here so

some people maybe I'm a little early in predicting all of this here I think a

lot of people are going to say either Adam you're a madman are you really

early but I think I think I've stumbled onto something here and I'm very

interested in seeing how this so I guess the bottom line is there's nothing to

worry about in November there's nothing to worry about what the B cash going up

they're not threatening Bitcoin they might be they're all really friendly

Forks in the long run and go back to my archives I was onto something when I was

talking about this friendly fourth thing but I really couldn't put it into the

words putting it into now because I didn't see

it from the dividend perspective so they might some of the again and some future

forks might have bad intentions also but we as a core community here we treat

them as the dividends we spin them as positives because they are positives

because they're not taking over Bitcoin they are positives they're giving us

free big they're giving us free dividends and then you're gonna have all

these schmoes out there that are like no no no my it is it is about to happen it

is about to change the world I am going to buy it you are the fool to hold it I

mean I'm trading in my root coin for the dividend coin let them do that let them

do that just let them do that they don't there's no long term in that that's a

short-term thing so our rate some says when is 2x launched if they're saying

they want to do it in November and now you know I've gone back and forth a few

times on this like now I realize it is in there fuck in in terms of strategy of

destroying Bitcoin it makes no sense to do to make a third coin it makes no

sense at all but that's not what they're into now they're not into that they want

the money they want them what they seen with this be cash thing can do maybe

they'll still try to destroy it through Bri cash may be king of the trolls you

know he might stump all of his route coin bit coin for some of these

dividends whatever then he did it so what maybe he's deluded enough not to

keep the route corn maybe I mean let him do it

he's one man it has a lot of coins alright there's a we as a community are

stronger than him as a marketing force as a holding force okay we we hold more

than he does alright so this is exciting news if you

were a holder if you're just some flipper guy looking for like Adam

advised me on the next ICO to buy advise me on that no that's not what this is

about but guess what there is a place for all those ICO people out there I

mean there's a place you play over there go play in that space whatever that's

it's gonna have its place the gamblers are gonna have its place the gamblers

are gonna have the role out there in all of this there are the 80% that's gonna

fuel the success of the 20% the long-term

thinkers all right and it's just get yourself get yourself

familiar with that there's 80 the 80 20% thing I guess I'll talk about this more

again we'll have a show later today we're going to talk about all the news

this is not a news of the day thing this is just like a new concept a new concept

rambling on inspirational video here what else what was a title new Bitcoin

cap because situation explained by Ripple ok so you guys got that vibe

brought up the ripple thing at first crypto dividends and this is the power

of holding so we've got these this new thing called crypto dividends that are

going to be coming up we're gonna have to learn how to manage our crypto

dividends which you know when the Sal when to learn the cash out in terms of

if you're if you are into all coins because I'm still you know Bitcoin at

heart a Bitcoin ax was I have no intention to buy any all coins but there

are a lot of you out there who like to buy the top tier all coins well now this

is a new thing to consider which what is real top tier all coin is one that can

survive multiple dividend issuances okay okay

candy Craig do that I don't know can litecoin survive multiple issuances of

dividends multiple Forks as we're not going to call it Forks anymore the

golden holders who are getting into this they don't want to hear about Fork they

want to hear about dividends and and that's that's a beautiful way to get

more people into our space so yeah I believe like one can survive it I

believe a very immoral dividend is issuances so if you are one of those all

coin speculators this is a new factor you're gonna have to decide to you know

when you're buying one of these all coins and it's gonna cut off a lot of

all coins a lot of all coins are gonna be it was saw surviving one giving

giving in the issuance because that dividend is gonna become the root coin

and make the other one obsolete which is a scary thing first is some of these

mind so any of the most the people who get them all coins anyway just want to

flip them right away but there are people who are

long-term awfully thinkers again I think it's best by the year 2020 you're gonna

see that if that the Bitcoin performed at or that all of these no matter what

the new paradigm is here so get ready for some new stuff out there really

we'll see we'll see what happens and hey if I'm wrong about all this just holding

the Bitcoin this is great anyway this is it but no I really think we're onto

something new just a whole new level a whole new layer of cryptocurrency this

is a whole new layer on top of cryptocurrency so it's mind-boggling

it's exciting and there's something else someone to say oh yeah actually and this

is something else it's I want to use the word gamification

here it makes the coins you know all the

people who feel very competitive about their coins I used to kind of played it

off and said you know there's nothing what's the point of being competitive

it's not a game it's not a war but this kind of makes it more so of a game more

so of a competition where if you can make your community stronger if you can

prove that your community is the strongest and then it can just keep on

issuing these dividends without any repercussions then you've got a reason

to market your coin man you've got a reason they keep on to make this a

competition and so I also thought about in terms of platforms that are out there

you know we rip all you know what what are the new platforms that are coming

out in the cryptocurrencies basic people come to me

wait with these crap what makes a platform successful and I think it is

the the gamification aspect in terms of this is I was talking about there's

somebody last night about this which platforms actually pay people for doing

nothing for doing you see this is the world we're entering in this is the the

connection I'm trying to make between platforms and coins is that if you're a

holder you're really doing nothing if you're a trader you're

flipping all right so on the what platforms are gonna be the most

successful out there well everyone's ripped on some people eirick will steam

the coin but steam at the platform I think is very very interesting and very

very good because you're really being passive there in a sense of that you're

you're not risking anything there's no risk involved with steaming there's no

risk input you're only giving up your time so we have the cryptocurrencies

bringing us this rewarding of time a rewarding of time holders are being

rewarded by just holding on for a period of time when you're on these platforms

like steaming you're being rewarded by contributing a little bit of time by

posting stuff and you're getting this new thing that you can turn into Bitcoin

all right do you see where I'm coming from all this it's a little complex is

I'm not really explaining myself perfectly here but then we've got the

80% who just can't wait who are impatient who must do something who must

spend who must spend I'm talk what I'm telling you to do is to do nothing just

to save or to do something with your time in terms of these platforms okay so

when you're in when you're when you're evaluating a platform you have to think

yourself do I have to buy something or is this passive where I just have to

give time that is what it's going to differentiate these successful platforms

that deal with cryptocurrency from the unsuccessful ones so I think if steam it

stays the course and doesn't force people to buy that steam that day can be

it can be successful it can be this is a cut and it's not fully understandable

yet you know how they're it's gonna do in the long run some aspects that be

fleshed out but again there no matter what I scream to the world still people

who hear about steaming are gonna buy steam when there's no reason to do that

when they can just be passive and just collect off of the 80 percents

foolishness then some of you might be saying like

Adam everything you're saying is based on greater fool theory in that's not

right that's there's something wrong about that but these people are not

being forced to do this this is the free market all the information is out there

people like me who are benefiting are telling people not to buy this stuff not

to buy these dividends not to buy things you can get for free so the bottom line

is due to just the way the 80/20 percent thing works

Dada free you can you can create all this free stuff and they're still gonna

be so many people who want to buy it it makes no sense but that's it that's

where we are that is where we are today you can create keep on creating free

stuff have a 20% of people just hold get their free stuff from just holding other

roots and they're gonna be all these other people are gonna keep on buying

that free stuff and pumping it up and just benefiting the holders benefiting

the root people you want a root coin that is what you want that is what we're

going to learn that's the future here I mean you're gonna say oh is this a root

core and by the way some of the dividend coins are gonna be so hyped up and

communities are gonna build around them that they're gonna issue dividends

eventually - I wouldn't be surprised that'd be B - they're going to be forks

of B cash a pencil which will increase the likelihood that beet that people are

going to start to hold B cash more which in turn will help Bitcoin more it's like

theory the original the grandfather coin there will be Bitcoin and it's gonna

benefit from when B cash if B cash can successfully create dividends I mean

this is amazing this is amazing new paradigm all right so pound that like

button tell me what you think in the notes section spread the word i'm adam

meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister i'll post a new video later

today that's just a regular type of video hopefully it'll be late guys

probably around 11:00 p.m. because I got some real life to live dip

here by the pound that like button I've seen hello I'll talk in the chat for a

while now bye bye

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