Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 可悲的亡國奴,自以為向日軍傳遞了情報,不料早就被中國獵人發覺,落得個裡外不是人

Difficulty: 0

Big brother, let's retreat.

Get out

My god, we must retreat

If you are afraid of death, you can leave first.

Shunzi must have arrived in the county now.

we must catch up with them before dark

This is not important, I am more worried about Qinglong Mountain.

When are you, dont say that?

Now Yao San is helping us to resist, hurry up

Brothers, retreat



Don't shoot, it's me!

lieutenant colonel, save me!

Help me, save me, lieutenant colonel

lieutenant colonel, I met ghosts.

Are you kidding me?

We meet ghosts too.

Stand up and follow me

Where are you going? Follow me up the mountain

No, I can go back to Qingtian County and wait for you.

Waiting to eliminate these hunters, please give me a pass to go home.

Come back home

Then go up the mountain with me.

Then you will find

Qinglong Mountain may be closer to your hometown

Really? let's go


How is this going? I want to ask you

This is what you said, everything is under control.

Quan, come over

Please explain, why is this?

lieutenant colonel, I...

lieutenant colonel, please believe me

I won't lie to you,lieutenant colonel! You stupid pig

Stop, even if you kill him, it doesn't work.

stand up

Give you another chance and take us to Phoenix Gorge

lead the way

colonel, what should we do?

Keep up

just in front

How did you get there?

I am waiting for the old leader.

I saw that I am Quan.

Do you see Quan?

He took the Japanese army

Go to the fake Phoenix Gorge

Don't you want to leave?

what are you saying?

It's nothing! Everyone listens to me.

We must arrive at Qingtian County before noon, otherwise we will not be able to catch up with the straight.

let's go!

Black, you

Back to Qinglong Mountain

Do it quickly!

Be careful

Kong Mei

Are you OK


Can't stop now

Daniel, they have not kept up.

I am worried that they may encounter an accident.

We can't rest now, we must leave here as soon as possible.

The farther we go, the safer we are!

Its easy to say, the injured person is not you.

Will you carry her?


Or are you?

Don't fight

I can stick to it

We continue

Kong Mei, don't be stubborn

Be careful

Let's go, everyone, keep up

Here is the Phoenix Gorge

Phoenix Gorge refers to the south, here is a canyon at the southernmost tip of Qinglong Mountain.

report, we received an order to ambush here.

Looks like those hunters, have not passed here

We were cheated!

No, lieutenant colonel

Its not us who are cheated

But he

What's your name?

I want to execute one

Prepared for a long time plan

I want to take advantage of the time when hunters are hunting.

Completely eliminate the hunters on Qinglong Mountain

According to my intelligence

The county town and surrounding troops are already in action.

There are indeed people I arranged on Qinglong Mountain.

After the hunting signal was sent, no one hunter was found.

I suspect that these hunters have already transferred.

It seems that we were cheated

Looks like a hunter's commander

A woman?


You are very loyal, right?


This traitor, he has been here

He is not a traitor

Not at all like

Let's go now.

Let's go

Wait a minute

We can delay for a while

Get time for Shunzi

lieutenant colonel

I hope that you can make a reasonable explanation for today's things.

No, this is not my fault!

lieutenant colonel, don't doubt me

I am absolutely loyal

I am loyal to the Japanese Imperial Army!

colonel, I...

I just want to go home.

I just want to go home.

Look at that person

He is a tray dog

Ok, don't laugh at him.

The Description of 可悲的亡國奴,自以為向日軍傳遞了情報,不料早就被中國獵人發覺,落得個裡外不是人