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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: bt+bst RC-Crawler/Unimog - geländegängig, 4 Motoren, Allrad-Lenkung - Interview Spielwarenmesse 2020

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Hello everyone, I'm on the Toy fair in Nuremberg

and am now at a stand of a company with a somewhat unspeakable name - bt plus bst (bt + bst)

and that has a more precise meaning.

It's about a remote controlled car which is very off-road and

that explains to me Sergei Fyodorov

and he will show me here what you can do with it.

This is an aluminum vehicle - I was told earlier.

Yes, it is completely made of aluminum - we come from Japan

we have a Japanese designer and a Japanese company that makes the metal for us.

It is completely made of aluminum - no cheap plastic things installed.

This is also evident in terms of weight feel - that's about two kilograms

Otherwise, the special thing is that we have installed a motor in each wheel.

This means that each bike has its own small motor.

Complete full suspension.

So a real all-wheel drive vehicle - completely flexible to move and completely made of metal.

A real crawler.

The battery is hidden here - if you screw this on, you can to quickly change the battery.

And you can also have it reloaded quickly. The battery is the normal 18650.

Then here we have the special controlling module with inside.

We have a choice of three different

that can be shown briefly now or later.

The Bluetooth module is currently installed in the module.

That means you can control it via Bluetooth with your smartphone?

Exactly - we actually connected Bluetooth to the Playstation controller at the moment.

We have already seen this here from the Playstation controller.

I agree!

This is a normal Playstation controller - without having to change anything.

That would be our app for the WiFi module up here.

There you can set different modes

depending on the setting, for example the tank / tank step

or normal crawling.

And right here in the middle, if a camera is installed, you can see the camera shots -

of what the truck sees.

This means that a camera would then be transmitted via WiFi.

Exactly, for example with this model here we have already installed the camera

then you can see the camera here.

Exactly - that's still here a bit of prototype.

There you can see the picture that the camera should actually take

but this is currently a still image because it doesn't work yet.

Then there is another operation By default

a normal RC remote control - I guess 2.4 gigahertz now? Or what are you working with here?

So there we have this controller then installed as normal

with a conventional radio controller.

And then we have the classic remote control here? Yes, exactly!

Well, now you have to explain to me what does this bt + bst actually mean?

Exactly, we could now briefly here overlook

here we have two figures.

The bt and the bst come from English - from beauty and the beast.

And the beast is the car and the beauty is the figure.

So that means there is a figure with it - it takes up space in the car! I agree!

You can show that here with the seat? If you open this up here is a seat!

You can use the figure there. Is that buckled up with seat belts? Yes! (laugh)

The figure itself is also our own design - it can also move arms, legs and eyes.

But now we should have a look at how this thing drives!

You have set up a course here that looks very futuristic

and is very uneven

and works with very high differences in height and then you can see that with this one

All-wheel steering what that can do and with this all-wheel drive.

He will not be able to do everything completely now

- so extremely off-road!

You can see exactly the suspension - how it works!

When does it come on the market, how far is it?

Is this still a pre-series model? I agree! So we haven't quite started production in Japan yet!

It is planned between summer and the end of the year!

Here in Germany we have to see how to best sell it.

We are currently looking for a German distributor or generally in Europe!

After that, built entirely of metal is and with so many suspension and

other parts works - I'm afraid - won't it be a children's toy?

Yes, it is also more correctly designed for hobbyists -

there we are in terms of price then in retail at a little over 1000 euros, I think!

But then it's just a high-tech toy

for fans of such vehicles.

So it comes as a kit to assemble yourself and that's half the fun

that you can tinker with it yourself and then have fun with it.

How steep can you drive with it, how much slope does it manage?

I would say up to 45 degrees! - 45 degrees, that's a 100 percent gradient! Yes exactly!

The battery lasts about 30 to 40 minutes!

Then you told me earlier in advance that it has a special driving mode that you can show me on the ground.

That means driving offset - that is then practically the "dog walk", which is also available with tractors -

in the agricultural field.

Now let's go!

A real all-wheel and all-wheel steering drive in all variants.

Very good for crawlers!

He doesn't like my shoe! (laugh)

Well then take a closer look at something!

We still have a variant in purple! The whole vehicles are made of aluminum.

It is not connected - cables are only inside.

This is how it is built from the inside

here you can see a little bit of the battery, the springs and otherwise the motors.

One motor each here one motor here one motor and also one motor on the other wheel.

If you open it, the mainboard is installed behind the seat.

We can look at that again - you showed me the mainboard before.

That would be here -

that is also our own design!

bt bst

I agree

Good, and anyone who wants to find out more on the Internet can find this homepage

- An international homepage where you can get information.

Then I wish you a lot of fun and good luck at the toy fair

and especially when introducing beauty and the beast!

From the toy fair - that's it!

This is Kenaro Minato - this is our engineer

and then we have Kota Nezu, that's our designer.

Well, then I wish you much success and a lot of fun here at the trade fair and thank you for the interview!

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