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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Play the Drums : Drumming Form

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My names Chris. Were going to talk about form and technique now. Now with many drummers

you will see everybody has their own style. Styles vary from jazz drumming to rock drumming

to even marching band drumming. Now as you will see a lot of marching band drummers like

to use the traditional style but you will also notice they play a lot harder. Now this

varies with musicians and drummers who want to play on a drum set. Now when you are playing

on a drum set you have to have a mentality and a concept where you are more relaxed and

more in tune with the drums. Okay, this allows you to be able to move over the drum set more

freely without hesitation, okay. Let me demonstrate. When you are in a marching band usually you

are more stiff; you arms are more stiff and there is a lot more wrist action, okay. If

you want to be able to move over the drum set and be able to function within it at a

more free angle, relax your wrist; relax your arms, create a pendulum between your fore

finger and your thumb so this allows you to freely move around. Now let me demonstrate

between the two okay. Now then if I am rigid this limits me to be able to move around the

drum set, okay. Okay, now then Im more rigid my snare hits were not consistent and

when I was moving over the toms and the snare, moving back between both of them it wasnt

as natural sounding. Now then let me demonstrate a more relaxed feel okay. Posture, okay. You

notice I didnt have to move around and be as rigid, I was able to free flow and move

around the drums in a more natural way, okay. This is a more natural feel for us.

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