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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: If a Pokémon Go Button was added to Minecraft

Difficulty: 0

*clock rings*

It's such a beautiful morning!

Let me eat my breakfast!

*doorbell rings*

Police man: Hey, how is your day?

I really like you,

so I wanted to tell you that not chatted the Pokemon Go button.

you only need to get outside and click it on your phone if you want to see your Pokemon in Minecraft

Oh, thank you very much!

By the way, can i show you something?

Of course

you can show me whatever you want


Now let me test this new button!

oh my god!

Let me catch this Umbreon!

Where is the Umbreon?

I will try to find it!


Did you see an Umbreon?


...And please don't interrupt me!

I am having a starring contest with the wall.


Let me continue looking for it...

*beat up music*

There it is!

Let me get a little bit closer.



*beat music*

*beat music*

The Description of If a Pokémon Go Button was added to Minecraft