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- All right, Luigi, give me the best set

of blackwalls you've got.

- No, no, no, no, you don't know what you want.

Luigi know what you want.

Blackwall tires, they blend into the pavement.

But these, white wall tires, they say look at me,

here I am, love me.

- Alright, you're the expert.

- Guido. - Pit stop.

(mechanical whirring)

("Route 66" by Bob Troupe)

Well if you ever plan to motor west

- Hahaha, what did tell you? ♪ Travel my way

- Wow you were right. ♪ Take the highway that's best

Better than a Ferrari, huh? - Eh, no.

Get your kicks on Route 66

- Wow, this organic fuel is great.

Why haven't I heard about it before?

- It's a conspiracy man!

The oil companies got a grip on the government.

They're feeding us a bunch of lies, man.

- Okay, I'll take a case.

It goes through Saint Louie

Joplin, Missouri

Oklahoma City looks oh so pretty

You see Amarillo, Gallup, New Mexico

Flagstaff, Arizona

Don't forget Winona

Kingman, Barstow ♪ (Lightning exclaims)

San Bernandino

Won't you get hip to this timely tip


Take that California trip ♪ - Ah, yeah.

- [Lightning] Ka-chow.

- Here she comes!

- [Lightning] Okay places everybody, hurry,

act natural. (Red whistling)

- Hi, Miss Sally. - Buongiorno Sally.

- All right, what's going on?

- Ladies and gentle cars, please welcome the new

Lightning McQueen. (engine rumbles)

- Wow, what do you think?

Radiator Springs looks pretty good on me.


- I'll say. (trills tongue)

Ka-chow, you're gonna fit right in in California.

- Hey buddy, you're one gutsy racer.

- Oh hey Mister The King.

- You got more talent in one lug nut

than a lot of cars have got in their whole body.

- Really, oh that. - But you're stupid.

- Excuse me?

- This ain't a one man deal, kid.

You need to wise up and get yourself

a good crew chief and a good team.

You ain't gonna win unless you've got good folks behind you

and you let them do their job like they should.

(upbeat electronic music)

It's like I tell the boys in the shop.

- Good team, yeah.

Ka-chow, ka-pow.

Hep, hep, hep

(crowd cheers)

(screaming) (loud laser zapping)

(bell rings)

(whirring and whoosing)

(crowd cheers)

- Lightning. (giggling)

Mwuh, mwuh, mwuh.

- You figure that out, you just gonna be okay.

- Oh, yeah that is spectacular advice.

- [Finn] Thank you Stevenson.

- Yeah I think that should just about do it.

(electronic bell chirps) - Perfect.

- So Mater, it's voice activated,

but you know, everything's voice activated these days.

- What, I thought you was supposed

to be making me a disguise?

- [Computer Voice] Voice recognized,

disguise program initiated.

- Cool, hey computer, make me a German truck.

- [Computer Voice] Request acknowledged.

- Check it out, I'm wearing Mater-hosen.

Make me a monster truck. - Request acknowledged.

- What the? (laughing)

I vant to siphon your gas.

Now make me a taco truck. - Request acknowledged.

(horn blares music)

- A funny car. - Request acknowledged.

(engine revs loudly)

- The idea is to keep a low profile, Mater.

- So I just go in, pretend to be this truck.

- And leave the rest to us.

- Now hold still, first I have to

do the final fitting on your disguise.

(electronic alarm buzzes)

Oh dear, that's no good, hmm.

(mechanical whirring)

- Hey what are you doing?

- The disguise won't calibrate effectively

without a smooth surface to graft onto.

- Oh, for a second there I thought you was trying

to fix my dents. - Yes, I was.

- Well then no, thank you.

I don't get them dents buffed, pulled, filled,

or painted by nobody, they's way too valuable.

- Your dents are valuable, really?

- I come by each one of 'em

with my best friend, Lightning McQueen.

I don't fix these, I wanna remember these dents forever.

- So you were being serious in Paris?

McQueen isn't just part of your cover?

- Friendships can be dangerous in our line of work, Mater.

- But my line of work is towing and salvage.

- Right, and Miss Shiftwell's is designing iPhone apps.

- No I meant for real. - No, no, it's okay.

Say no more, I'll work around the dent.

- In the meantime, (whirring and clanking)

you look a little light on weapons.

- [Lightning] Guido tires, Fillmore fuel.

- Okay, I'm here, what's going on?

(brakes squeal)

- No not me, her.

- What? - What is she doing back here?

- Come on guys, get her set up, quickly!

- Okay, hot tires. - Wait, what's happening?

- Hey Ramone, you got your paints?

- You know I do.

- [Cruz] Guys, what are you doing?

- Man I don't understand it.

McQueen's just setting there, something's gotta be wrong.

- Mister McQueen?

- Today's the day Cruz,

you're getting your shot. - What?

- I started this race and you're gonna finish.

- What, she'll damage the brand?

She's just a trainer.

- No, she's a racer, just took me a while to see it.

- That can't be legal.

- The rules only say the number has to be out there,

doesn't say who has to wear it.

- No you can't do that. - Hey,

did I ever tell you how much I love your mud flaps?

- Out of my way, bumpkin.

- I got my fishing flaps, got my church flaps,

going out to eat flaps.

(suspenseful music)

- [Lightning] Come on guys,

we gotta get her out there, let's go!

- Tires, check! - Fuel, check!

- Ramone? (aerosol hissing)

- Best I could do in the time frame boss.

(engine revving) - Yeah, that'll work.

- Why are you doing this?

You said it yourself, this might be your last chance.

- Which makes it my last chance

to give you your first chance, Cruz.

And this time I want you to take it.

- She's gotta beat that pace car out.

- No, no, no, no, you can't do that.

- Now or never.

- What do you say?

(engine roars)

- Whoa, hey 35 mile per hour pit speed.

- [Cruz] I knew that.

(upbeat music)

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