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we have some news for you guys and i hope you're sitting down because we have deliberately

intentionally decided to give up our debt-free lifestyle and go into debt this is not click bait

because we have purchased a soybean farm but this whole story started two years ago hey everybody

my name is sam and i'm angela and welcome to our channel give them a little bit of flashback what

do you mean by two years ago so back in 2019 we decided that we wanted to buy some acreage over

in tennessee and we were going to start a sheep farm yep we had it in our head for whatever reason

there were some great government farm loans we wanted to try and take advantage of so we

got several certifications went to a couple of courses had it in our heads would it be sheep

farmers and then god changed our minds he slammed that door big time we were a little bit hurt for

a while but we got over it so fast forward two years to may of this year 2021 and his brother

comes up with an idea and says look there's this huge piece of property like 40 something acres

let's go in together and split it i need like 30 something so why don't you take about eight

and a half acres and we're like whoa that's huge compared to what we have now we only have an acre

and that's eight so we went over looked at it and loved it yep so as the real estate fund happened

and going back and forth and everything ended up being my brother decided that probably wasn't the

right thing for him but we decided to continue and try our best to buy some property we fell in

love with the location because of its super close proximity to my brother and in the area that we've

always liked of tennessee so we we kind of went in with a hope and a prayer really the seller was one

that says i'm not splitting it i'm not subdividing it if you want to buy it it's 40 something acres

so knowing that we really wanted to get this property we decided to put in an offer and

give a letter to the seller and his wife saying a little bit about us and what we wanted to do with

it yeah kind of our intentions so the seller came back and said i will sell off 15 acres that's it

final offer take it or leave it and that was just crazy for us because we were only wanting to buy

eight and a half yeah and something that's nearly double so at this point we were kind of thinking

oh man this is so much more money than we ever really wanted to even try and spend or

borrow should we go for this or should we not we were trying to figure out whether or not we

were going to go with god's will or if we were trying to force what we wanted in a situation

so that was one thing that we were kind of trying to figure out another thing about it was

something that i don't remember and then the man who originally said i'm not gonna split this at

all came back and had told us here i will split it and i will give you this much and it was within

reach it was something that we had barely within reach it was like yeah okay the equivalent of

literally your entire life savings every single penny you own plus you have to sell your element

in your ford ranger so there's a little hint for you guys that watch our channel that's why every

single penny you can come up with then you can get it so we said okay and that has been about

a month ago yep and so after negotiations and everything like that we were under contract

but i guess due to covid and the high real estate market right now it was really hard

to get somebody to come and do a survey and so that took a couple of weeks and then just one

thing after another we finally got to close this past week that we now have 15 acres to ourself

what in the world we're going to do with it all right with the talking head point aside let's

go ahead and let you guys actually see a little preview sneak view of the actual property itself





so when we did the videos and stuff like that the soybeans are up to about waist tall so it

can be quite fun and kind of reminiscent of jurassic park going through when you

can't see what's on the ground around you yeah we survived thankfully we were being

safe as safe as we could absolutely be for sure no raptors going through the soybean field right

as you also saw there is woods there we have about say two and a half acres worth

of woods and there is a spring in the woods i won't say pond because it's not that big

but there is a body of water with frogs that will scare you to death when you don't expect

to have things jump around well and they like to scream when they go in there

so that tells us that it should be fairly clean water unless the frogs have three legs

but that's awesome you always love or always love to have at least some kind of water on

the property so that is great plus the woods we are so excited about for shade purposes

and play purposes of course there's also firewood there's a lot of benefits we have got to learn how

to identify trees the times we've gone over there to look and just you know what's that

tree what's that tree we realize you really don't know anything about a christmas tree

at least we don't well most i would say 95 percent of the trees in there are hardwood there's not

really many pine trees or anything like that yeah yeah which is great yes very cool this is going to

bring on a whole slew of questions and things you're wondering and things we are wondering

have been wondering for months still don't know the answer to still feel free to leave a comment

down below as we figure them out we will let you know as we know things we will also let you know

right now our current goal or mindset is one to be on that property as much as we can

two we don't want to go into debt any further than we are if we can help it we don't want to we

we feel that land loan enough so we're not about to build a mcmansion don't worry about that

um and then three we're gonna have to figure out some kind of uh

living situation or camping situation or something out there so that we can make the two hour drive

over to our property spend a day or two working and then come back home at least that's our

thoughts right now another big thing is soybeans sam angela are you gonna be soybean farmers no

we're not one of the things that we negotiated or really worked out with the seller is he is going

to harvest off all the soybeans and do what he does with it because he's a farmer and then he

said as long as he can do that he will plant us back a nice grass pasture mix i think fescue mix

so that's awesome yes we don't have to worry about somehow doing something with soybeans and we get a

smooth drilled seeded pasture in return and that's awesome all it takes is you know we need to allow

him to have access to the property until the soybeans done which is just about another month

or so from this point it's already been three months we can wait another month before we do

any kind of major stuff i mean we gotta save up money anyway so it's a win-win this allows

us to also go in and play in the woods and get them cleaned out so we can do more in it yes

hint of videos to come play in the woods i don't it sounds like work in the woods to me i don't

know it's new power tools and that type thing okay play in the woods it is hint new tools okie dokie

all right well i guess this video has probably gone on quite a while hopefully you've enjoyed

it either way we um are really really happy to finally be able to tell you guys

finally be able to get you up to date with what's been going on for the past three months

we are thankful that it has worked out and actually is going to come to fruition and

yeah the living room renovation is still going on that's that's been our way of maintaining sanity

throughout this is to still just keep doing the things we need to do so there'll still be content

kind of a mixture i guess house stuff new property stuff either way it's it's us and it's what we're

doing if you have any questions or comments please leave them below we will try and answer them if

we can and we'd love to read them and otherwise we'll see you guys next time either here or there

either way as long as we're here that matters yep that matters see you bye