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(upbeat music)

- My name is Amina Almas, I'm 21-years-old

and I'm from London.

I always have a YouTube channel where I just blog.

- Hey I'm Emi I work at Let's Feed Japan as a designer.

I currently live in Tokyo for about 20 years now.

- I don't consciously think about what I eat,

I do know I snack a lot.

- Hopefully this week I get to show you guys

what a 20-something-year-old eats during the week.

- Lets go, lets start.

(upbeat music)

- Usually I have work today

but my family and I are going to some Japanese hot springs.

The cicadas are so loud.

But before we do that,

I am going to our local bakery

and getting us some bread.

So, I'm eating (speaks in foreign language)

bread stuffed with curry.

- We're at the park,

I don't know if you can see the park.

There's an ice cream on every corner.

Having a big family picnic for lunch

and we have a bunch of food here.

We have fajitas, burritos, fruit, crisp, chocolate,

just a bunch of things.

(train running)

- [Emi] This is my lunch.

It's a bento (speaks in foreign language),

just a variety of things.

- [Amina] Is it normal to have dinner at 10 PM?

I don't actually know but it's rice

with a little bit of salad and some cold water

because it's like 30 degrees in London right now.

- [Emi] It's pretty common when you go

to a resort with hot springs

to have this elaborate meal for dinner.

Pretty much a 10 course meal but miniature size.

For a main dish we had Shabu shabu,

where you have raw meat

and swish it around in hot broth until it's cooked.

(dramatic music)

We were served this elaborate

traditional Japanese breakfast.

We have some fish, rice, egg custard and some warm tofu.

- I didn't have breakfast this morning.

So for lunch, it's fish burger chips.

So, basically in the UK

this specific fast food chain restaurant

isn't [Indistinct] so I have to get a fish burger.

Uploading a video

and eating marshmallows mixed with caramel

and then white chocolate.

But it's just so good.

So I've decided that I need to stop being unhealthy

and I've got water, grapes

and I'm just plenty watering.

- I'm back in my apartment just snacking on these.

They have like little cute koala prints on them.

- My dinner is a wrap and salad and juice.

I tried to be slightly healthy cauliflower,

potato and broccoli.

This does not look appetizing at all.

- [Eli] Tonight, I am making

a type of spaghetti dish that's called napolitan.

And it's basically tomato sauce, onion, green pepper,

bacon or sausage, simple spaghetti dish

for a quiet evening.

(upbeat music)

For breakfast, just a bowl of rice with natto,

which is fermented soy beans,

sounds gross but it is delicious.

- Just had breakfast

just beans on toast with chocolate milk.

I don't think it's normal

to have chocolate milk with everything.

I just don't drink tea.

Beans on toast, British stereotype, very true,

tea with everything, British stereotype, very true.

- I'm going to be making goya champuru.

This vegetable with tofu, eggs and some bacon.

- [Amina] The pink holes are kind of a vibe.

- Welcome to my crib.


- [Amina] She's having a burger with chips.

She's got poached eggs.

She's got french toast.

- [Woman] No tell them I've got avocado.

- Oh and avocado, sorry. - Thanks.

(upbeat music)

- Oh my god thank you. - Thank you.

- [Emi] Today's dinner is nikujaga

which literally translates to meat, potatoes.

All right, (foreign language)

- For dinner we just had roast chicken.

In the UK that's a single worst dinner.

We didn't have that

but it's just a thing to have chicken on Sundays.

So we just had it with chips.

Yes, it's the second time I'm having chips today.

And now I'm just having an ice cream because desert.

- I'm eating this ichigo daifuku right now.

I was grocery shopping

and on my way back I saw the store

that was selling dango and daifuku

and like other Japanese sweets,

it's really good.


(upbeat music)

- It is seven o'clock I'm just eating cereal,

nothing special.

(dramatic music)

Most big supermarkets, you can go in,

you can get a drink, crisps or a snack

and a sandwich or pasta pot for three pounds.

So that's what I'm getting for lunch.

(slow instrumental music)

- Okay, so I just finished my morning meetings.

I was thinking about takoyaki the whole time.

So I'm just gonna go and buy some

because that's what I'm craving.

- [Amina] I've got a chocolate chip, no, it's not.

It's a cookie dough, sundae with fudge pieces.

What have you got?

- Belgian ruffle chocolate chip, (laughs)

with whole fudge and almond sprinkles.

- [Eli] Okay, Monday night dinner, kept it pretty simple.

This is called sanshoku-don.

I use meat, beans and egg and underneath is some rice.

I'm just accompanying it with some miso soup and green tea.

- [Amina] Okay so today's dinner is just water and pasta

with potatoes, lamb meat and coleslaw.

(dramatic music)

- [Emi] Not so much of a breakfast, I wasn't super hungry

Just some English Breakfast tea.

- Breakfast is one toast with butter

because I'm not hungry.

That is the right amount of toast

just saying any darker than this.

- [Emi] You know it's summer in Japan

when you have to shout over these loud cicadas.

My lunch today, bought this at the convenience store,

ebi tendon, deep fried shrimp with some rice.

Gonna enjoy it with these bugs.

- Another day another meal deal of course.

Crisps, orange juice, a pasta pot

and a chocolate bar.

That is lunch.

- Yes.

I've ordered myself some Korean fried chicken,


Oh, so good.

- Okay, so basically throughout the UK

there's this thing called Eat Up to Help Out

and it's a government scheme

where basically restaurants are 50% off everything,

their food, for every Monday, Tuesday

and Wednesday for the whole month.

Just to kick start the economy

because Corona really ruined the economy.

Yes, I'm just waiting for my pizza that was 50% off.

(dramatic music)

- [Eli] Hey, I have made the executive decision

to go out and buy ice cream, no regrets.

(upbeat music)

Today I'm just making this simple smoothy

from frozen mangoes, frozen pineapple,

drinkable yogurt and orange juice.

- I'm literally gonna be late for work

if I miss the bus that's in five minutes

and I'm eating a banana.

- [Eli] I have a meeting that starts in a couple of minutes

so I'm really gonna rush.

So I ran to the convenience store

and bought myself some rice bowls, salmon,

red beans, sour plum with oiled kelp.

- I'm going to go to a different supermarket today

and show you guys the meal deal there.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich, crisps, banana

and a strawberry smoothie.

- [Eli] Okay, tonight's dinner is another pasta dish.

Mentaiko pasta, which is spicy fish eggs

and sea weed on top.

- For dinner we're doing the government 50% off thing again.

We're just making use of it.

I'm going to a burger place.

I think I'm gonna get a normal beef burger 50%, 50%.

(upbeat music)

- For breakfast today, I'm having a fruit jelly cup,

pretty self explanatory.

Just so we're clear,

it's definitely called jelly, not jello.

What is jello?

- My bus is in eight minutes, nine minutes

so I'm having a banana.

If I'm early, I'll go and get some pastry.

Oh, you're in the video.

(upbeat music)

I just got a pasta pot, fruit and a smoothie for lunch.

And my head scarf's is falling off.

(upbeat music)

- [Eli] We have shogayaki here.

Of course I have to have my rice,

miso soup and burdock salad.

I'm gonna eat this before it gets cold.

(train running)

(dramatic music)

- This is not healthy

but I promise you my dinner was healthy.

(upbeat music)

So the week's over.

I hope it's not too different

to what other British people eat.

- Hope you enjoyed the video.

I know I did, 'cause I ate a lot of food.

I'm eating right now, it's melting.

- It was quite a typical week of food.

Thanks for watching.

- Ah, gotta finish this ice cream.

(upbeat music)

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