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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Amtrak California Zephyr to Chicago; Roomette and Train Tour

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Hey Tubers! Daniel here..

Today... I'm on a train.

(Train Announcement)

My friend Benny and I are on a three day

cross-country Amtrak train trip

.. from Emeryville, CA to Chicago, IL

It's a three day trip which is supposed to be 52 hours

This train is the Amtrak Zephyr

What we have here is the "roomette sleeper"

You can ride coach, which is like a bus seat

You can do a roomette sleeper, or a family sleeper

Or you can do a private sleeper, which costs a whole lot of money

It's "nice and cozy" is one way to put it

But it's comfortable enough, and I thought I'd make a video for you guys...

Just to give you an idea of the scale...

And otherwise just kinda give you a sense of what it's like to be on a train for three days

I can really only show you the roomette

because that's what we have...

It is nice and cozy and it's definitely livable

We've gone through the first night

And we managed to get some sleep..

But as your're about to see, it's more like a small bunk than an actual room

So, let me show you some stuff..

There's a little tray that pops up here, which folds down

These two parts open up

This is actually large enough to put a laptop on

or whatever else you want..

You can have a bite to eat here...

and actually there's a faint checkerboard pattern here

So if you want to play chess or checkers, you can ask the attendant for pieces

They also have lots of board games and cards and card games, stuff like that

One of the things I was having trouble with was getting an idea of the scale

of these rooms from some of the other Youtube videos I watched

I'm going to do my best to give you a sense of how big it is

I've got a wide angle lens to help out with that

Basically what you have here is two opposing seats

that are about the width of a loveseat

This roomette is for two people

Now these bottom two chairs...

they actually fold down into a bunk...

and I'm going to show you that here in a minute

And then up above these chairs...

You've got another bunk which folds down...

If you can see that there...

There's a handle right here. You lift up and pull down.

and so... if you can kind of imagine...

This is going to turn into two bunk beds, basically. ..

with a pretty small amount of room to maneuver around in.

In fact this right here...

These are the two steps that you use..

to crawl up to the top bunk.

There's a couple different control panels here.

You can turn lights on and off. There's a couple vents you can adjust.

There's a way to call the attendant.

same thing over here...

Each individual cabin has its own temperature control.

We've had mixed results with this temperature control panel.

Whether or not the train is moving...

seems to have a fairly large impact on how warm in gets in side here.

We've got ours cranked all the way down.

and the air comes in through this vent, right here

There are a number of places to stow away little bags, and stuff like that.

but really there's not anywhere in this roomette that's large enough

to put a normal carry on bag that you would carry on an airplane

got some hooks up there for backpacks

one over here as well...

There's another small shelf space here...

little trash can underneath

but again, these are the steps...

to the upper bunk

so, you won't be putting a lot off stuff on there

Luckily there's a little storage compartment downstairs where we keep our luggage...

and I'll show you that as well.

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just give you an idea the year ocean is like them train here


to the cars


as far as I can tell there are two engines at the prime

there is a a staff car where

the crew claims present-day then there are either two or three coach Carter

you say to you there is a

there's the lounge car with the observation deck and then there's the

diner car

there are three sleeper

Carmen and I think thats

it except for the very last one which is actually

some kinda vintage but

sleeper car 'em

way other Graham bad guys to Windows

probably built so time the forties com

I'll try to get picture that that's it

that's the entrapped contracts effort

where Adam Rochester Grand Junction

made yeah rendering cooking and running

somewhere between work but whatever hours 1/2 hours late

yeah fight now yeah unfortunately

contract is the Korea's Lee late

to their destinations although it didn't help that someone drove up their car and

van damme

on the rails I'm and me conductor had to emergency stop

the train and I suppose being

narrowly averted a major rights a

that happened at all day so I was on

awake what happened but I didn't remember waking up at one point because

slowing down

that's what you think about track betting

like it no one expected

gonna relax

meeting much people splintering

tiny hours

who's the papers your papers like that thank you


passionately para

calloused card

stuff is awesome

and who's the worst one I

well others come basement dwelling laying

dude kayak think with your mouth yeah

so far we got here cancels laptop

on the same as a it 100 percent I'm his own laptop

in the lounge taking a bus to the table yeah and at one point he was like it


Tsou and these cuts and I can see is monitored

and he's got to mobile phones a mobile hotspot

and he's been wearing the same clothes

for the whole time causes kinda like favorite 30

dislike it total mass and up

the one-time it with them you like almost

you know he is like is for a quick payday left

yeltsin say anything you know and I Soulja the day

to the company

being to talk to people

yeah it was like really and just that one person was just kinda like

has work in high-tech and that set this thing up tight

it's the only thing he said I yeah

and a kinda seems like maybe he does too that

at a lower than I and then i win ask 'em

if I could borrow a USB to USB mini cable

and and he didn't even let me and like

ask questions like no don't have it no can help

you know and that's what i dooo it and I will have a good look like

just miles miles miles

gore sewing Union

this is a go watch past

Denver ministers getting kinda boring at like the other caller

the rockies the Colorado River love the stuff

the highlight of the trip say even more so than the Sierra Nevadas

I'm I guess for me is more

impressive for the Rockies because Tom

I do at me trips through the Sierra Nevadas admit

never runs being able to see

like the canyons rivers

people on the river thank you mister

noon oh yeah the passengers I miss that

yeah now just want to sit back enjoy some the sights sounds

the train




term them

I'm Juan










beached from him

whatcha got that train

behind us political arena might huband

other lil the could this car yeah yeah

just guy says mid-forty's

home not go kalimba

just turn yes at it is the one who loves the lovable more you watch film

her civilians who is early and unum

think it's gonna happen no path









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