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hey guys welcome back to til vacuum do us part. I get asked all the time how do

I have so much energy, how do I stay motivated so today's video is for you.

I'm giving you morning hacks I swear by these I think this is what gets my day

going and how I just stay motivated all day long. So if you're new here I would

love for you to subscribe and join my channel, but let's get straight into

today's video. Okay my first hack is get out of bed almost immediately the longer

you're in there the harder it's gonna be to get up and you're just lazy for the

day so wake up and get up and I go straight into my office slash Beauty

room and I'd like to start my day by making a to-do list so I know if I have

any appointments if Savannah has any appointments just so I'm not like

running light last-minute to something so I like to go ahead and get that list

done fairly early in the day sometimes I even do this the night before but I feel

like it just works best if I do it the morning up

okay if your question is like I'm not a big list person I don't enjoy making

them get a pin you love to write with and a notepad you enjoy writing on I

don't love tons of color so I love my black marker and my very simple notepad

I enjoy writing on it so that keeps me motivated to do that every day now I'm

gonna head straight into my bathroom and brush my teeth and start getting ready

for the day

it's very important to start off your morning with positivity because you're

setting the tone for the rest of the day when I get in the shower I like to

listen to some sermons on YouTube you could listen to a podcast audiobook just

a music you enjoy anything that makes your heart and soul happy because you're

just setting that tone and you want the day to be happy so you're gonna start

off happy taking a shower and getting ready every day is like a game-changer

for me when I stay in pajamas and my hair makeups not done I don't do much

I'm lazy it makes me want to go back to bed so I've learned just taking a shower

helps wakes me up it helps me to feel fresh getting my makeup on it doesn't

have to be full face like me you can just put a little bit on even if it's

just like a tinted moisturizer and chapstick just taking that extra step

will just make you feel more motivated because you feel better about yourself

and so I feel like that's a very important tip that you don't need to

skip so to go along with getting ready I also do my hair everyday

now I will say most days I don't have to do much I wash it only one or two times

a week and then once I curl it I don't have to touch my hair for about three or

four days this currently I had to go ahead and curl it but I had washed it

the day before so I just rub a little dry shampoo in it I curl it today but

then the rest of the days I just wake up brush it put some hairspray in it and

I'm good to go and it makes me feel so much better

once I'm ready for the day I head back into my bedroom

most people say to wake up and make your bed immediately I'm just not in the mood

when I first wake up I think it's because I don't drink coffee so I like

to go ahead and go get ready and dressed and then after that I come back in here

I make my bed I think that is something you need to do every single day by

making your bed you're pretty much telling yourself you can't get back in

it and there's nothing like getting into a made bed if you're not trying this

hack I try it out see what you think I was raised everyday to wake up make

your bed so it's just like born and bred in me but it really does just get me up

and motivated I love walking past my room and the bed being made it just

looks like nice and clean plus it just keeps me like I said from crawling back

in cuz the days I don't make it I tend to go back in there and lay down okay

another important hack is open up your windows or your blinds let that sunlight

in it's gonna help wake you up it's gonna help you be less lazy if it's dark

you just want to lay down and cuddle so definitely open up the windows let

the Sun Shine in and you will feel so much better one of the most important

hacks is eating a good breakfast and I want to thank daily harvest for

sponsoring today's video they deliver thoughtfully source chef's crafted foods

to your door all built on fruit and vegetables and ready to go in minutes we

have been loving this healthy option for breakfast I have to admit I either skip

it or when I want to reach for something it's something sugary or sweet and

that's just not the best way to start the day

so daily harvest has been such a huge super blessing in our family

not to mention Savannah loves it and we're sneaking into so many vegetables

and things that are good for her so let me tell you how it works you start off

by pulling out of the container from the freezer I'm gonna do this cinnamon and

banana because it's not a delicious and I love that it has all the ingredients

listed on the back so I find that super helpful you're just gonna go ahead and

tear off the top and then you can see all the amazing ingredients inside I

thought I already looked so good and then you're gonna take your liquid of

choice and fill it up 3/4 full you can put this on your stovetop but I

chose to go ahead and do it in my microwave because you guys know me I

like to keep it simple when I'm in the kitchen so I'm gonna just pour all those

ingredients into a bowl that's microwave safe and then I'm gonna stick it in

there for three to six minutes but be sure to stop and stir halfway through

just to make sure everything's cooking through well once it comes out of the

microwave it looks delicious it made my kitchen smell amazing and

then you can go ahead and just transfer it back into the cup that it comes in so

then you can just take that with you on the go I do have a promo code for you

guys you can use the code vacuum to get twenty five dollars off your first box

now I'm gonna show you the smoothies this has been a family favorite we have

been loving smoothies all you do it's the same process you pull it out of the

freezer and then pull off the little plastic top and then once again you can

see inside the beautiful ingredients and then you're gonna take your milk and

fill it up to the top of this before you blend it this is just such a simple and

easy way to start off your day with a good breakfast because making a big

breakfast is just hard to do now you're gonna see me just pour all the

ingredients into our blender and then I'm gonna blend it so easy Savannah has

been loving these and I love seeing the ingredients that's going in her and she

doesn't even taste them I'm a super picky eater and drinker and I don't even

taste it so I'm fooling both of us so daily harvest has been such a blessing

now that it's finished I'm gonna go ahead and just pour it back into the cup

that it came in and what's really neat is the lid that it comes with actually

has a spot for a straw so all I have to do is put it in there put the lid on add

a straw and I'm good to go I can take this in the car I can use it around the

house while I'm cleaning it's just such a easy convenient way to have breakfast

these are so delicious I could drink one every single day I share it with

Savannah so I feel like the serving size is great so I just want to thank a daily

harvest first sponsoring today's video again don't forget I'm gonna have their

link down below in my description box and you can use a vacuum to get $25 off

your first box

another morning hack that I like to do every single morning is to unload my

dishwasher I typically run it at night if it's full if you don't have an empty

dishwasher to put your dishes into they are gonna fill up in your sink all day

long and then you're gonna cook dinner and it's gonna get even fuller I've

learned if I'll just unload my dishwasher in the morning and then every

time we have a dirty dish it can go right back into the dishwasher and my

scene stays nice and clean and empty so this one that this little hack has been

a game changer for me and just my morning routine around the house so the

idea of making this all work where you don't have any major cleaning to do in

the morning is my evening routine a little bit more I do a little bit of a

deeper clean so I wake up to a fresh and clean house so I'm not just waking up to

like a dirty house and I have to vacuum and mop and all of that I try to make it

very simple so I have a few things on my morning list that aren't overwhelming

but I can tackle and get done so I just feel like you have to figure out what's

most important to you that you can get done the evening before and what you're

willing to wait until the next morning and once you get these little mini

routines put in place they don't take you that long but then you're the flow

and function of your house will start to work out so much better

okay I wanted to let you guys know that yesterday I posted my hundred a que give

away during my cleaning video first off thank you so much for getting me to this

goal it has just been so amazing and I'm giving back in a big way you do not want

to miss that video you definitely want to enter so definitely click on that

video when you finish watching today's

okay now I'm just gonna go ahead and dry out my sink and wipe down my countertops

you can see I just keep grabbing those smoothies I think smoothies are so easy

and convenient you get so much ingredients and you but it's just like a

little cup that you can carry around so like I said I'm just gonna go ahead and

wipe down my countertops I've had food on them you know people have had

breakfast in here so I'd like to just make sure there's no crumbs or anything

on them

I know you guys always think my island looks so clean I think it's the granite

top it just hides crumbs and dirt so well but it actually gets really sticky

I'll be running my cloth over it you can like fill that or you'll fill the crumbs

with your hand we eat up here a lot and then Savina does a lot of her crafts up

here so there's even like dried on glue and glitter so I do wipe that down

really often since it's like multi-purpose we eat and do other things

another major hack is do one load of laundry a day and get that started in

the morning then I like to switch it over kind of in

the afternoon and then I fold it before I go to bed and when I stay on this

system my life is so much easier but if I skip one day I end up skipping like

four days and then I have a huge pile of laundry I have to stay home for an

entire day to get it done so I've just learned if I can start upload every

single morning life is just a little more simple let me know down below in

the comment section if you guys do a load of laundry every day or you just

like pick one or two days a week where you just do a ton of laundry I do have

one more hack left I want to show you but don't click off because at the very

end I'm gonna tell you kind of a list that I research of things not to do in

the morning so don't miss out on that but my last hack is to get some exercise

I'm not a huge workout person so if you're gonna workout you could do that

before your shower I like to take walks and long walks around my neighborhood so

I'm gonna go ahead and put my shoes on and then as you can see Savannah totally

stole my drink for me but it makes me happy that she's drinking it and we're

just gonna go get some Sun and some energy out and this just makes my

mornings so much better and when you put all these hacks together that's what

gives me all my motivation for the rest of the day

okay guys that is it for my morning routine and cleaning routine and morning

hacks definitely let me know down below in the comment section if it's anything

you do or things that I didn't mention that you do and definitely everybody

else check those out because there's always great ideas people always have

the best ideas on here I did want to share with you I did some research on

stuff not to do in the morning and I thought it would be fun to share because

these are probably ones that we've all done in the past but don't hit the

snooze button that was a really big one and do not watch TV in the morning I

think that one is huge I used to be so guilty of that and then you start this

bin watching and before you know it's one o'clock and you're like still Alma's

and haven't done anything for the day we're just fine some days there's always

days to relax but on most days do not do that another big one that I thought was

funny was don't check your bank account or like your checking account I guess

that's a very depressing way to start the day now if you're not in debt and

have money saved it's probably okay to go ahead and do that but it's not that

is a bad way to start the day um don't drink coffee before water so definitely

grab a cup of water and then have your cup of coffee a little bit later and

then one thing that it said not to do was to start your day with a to-do list

but you guys saw in today's video I did that for me it works because I am more

stressed not knowing what the day brings versus seeing my to-do list but

definitely just make these adjustments for you nobody's gonna be perfect so

definitely just figure out what works for you what motivates you what stresses

you out and just kind of get a morning routine together for 2020 and you will

have such a better year I want to thank a daily harvest for sponsoring today's

video and I will see you guys in the next one bye