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eating together invitation and planning

first you must choose a meal to share

breakfast is eaten in the morning lunch

in the afternoon and dinner in the

evening the steps for planning a menu

are relatively the same for all three

when planning a meal it is also

important to try and come up with

something you will all enjoy here are

some questions commonly used when asking

someone to cook a meal and have dinner

would you like to come over to my house

and have dinner with me

maybe we could cook dinner together what

time should we plan on getting together

do you have any suggestions on what we

could make we should probably make a

grocery list do you want to go to the

grocery store together what store would

you prefer if we could go together do

you want me to drive

should we pick up any wine or beer to

drink dinner

maybe we can split the grocery bill

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways you could respond sure I

would love to come over for dinner I

really love to cook and it might give us

some time to catch up with one another

that sounds great

I am free tonight so I can definitely

make it

cooking dinner together sounds fun I

think that is a good idea maybe we can

share recipes how does five o'clock

sound I get off of work at 5:00 I can go

straight home to grab a few things and

meet you around 6:00 I have this new

recipe I have been dying to try do you

like Italian food

I am not too picky I have some steak and

chicken we can use yes we should

probably make a list I don't want to

forget anything I am pretty sure I will

remember everything we need but if you

want to jot a few things down that is

okay with me

sure we can go to the grocery store

together let's see what we both have at

home to cook and maybe we can skip the

grocery I usually shop at Albertson's

I don't have a preference where we go

if it's okay I can just meet you there

sure you can drive if you don't mind I

do not drink alcohol but maybe we could

grab some Cola sure wine sounds good

with dinner I prefer white wine

I think splitting the bill is a good

idea no big deal I can buy the groceries

this time and if we do this again you

can treat cooking together

cooking the meal together is a fun time

to talk share recipes and work together

here are some questions commonly used

when cooking a meal together

friends on which job to do do you mind

heating up some water on the stove do

you have any different ways to prepare

this meal

would you like something to drink while

we are cooking do you mind setting up

the table for us can you turn the oven

on to 360 degrees if you are asked any

of these questions here are ways that

you could respond no I really don't have

a preference yes I would like to prepare

the salad

no problem I will heat up the water now

sure I can heat it up do you mind it


I have a way to prepare this that my mom

taught me I don't really have any other

waves let's just do what the recipe says

sure can I have a glass of water

no thanks I might just wait until dinner

sure I can set the table I have never

set the table before do you have a

particular way of doing it yes I can

turn on the oven no problem

this is also a good time to talk about

other subjects while sharing interests

and learning more about each other if

questions like these come up just answer

them the best you can everyone will have

different opinions and answers about

each of these personal topics what is

your favorite TV show do you have a

favorite book do you have any brothers

or sisters where were you born do you

have any hobbies so how is work going

eating and cleanup here are some

questions commonly used while eating and

then cleaning up afterwards do you mind

if we pray before we eat

I love your recipe for the chicken where

did you get it

can you pass me the salt

would you like some dessert can you help

me clear the table do you want to take

home any leftovers if you are asked any

of these questions here are ways that

you could respond I normally do not pray

but you can if you want

that sounds good I will let you pray if

that is okay

I found the recipe in a cookbook I have

my mom gave me the recipe a few years


sure here you go

yes I can

dessert sounds awesome

no thank you I am too full to have


yes let me help you clear the table sure

I will just put the dishes on the sink

sure I will take home some leftovers

no thanks you can just save it so you

can have something for tomorrow

here is a list of a few other statements

you can say after eating

thank you for a wonderful dinner

thank you for your help thank you that

was delicious I sure am full

thank you for inviting me

thanks for accepting my invitation to

come over

we should do this again sometime

grocery shopping preparation preparation

is the time for decision-making you will

need to decide on making a list of what

to buy where to take coupons and the

possibility of planning meals just to

name a few here are some questions

commonly used when preparing to grocery


should we make a list before we go

should we check the newspaper for


should we plan out our meals for the


should we check in the fridge for

anything that has expired

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond yes

I think making a list would save us time

once we are there I have been making a

list to this week as I noticed we needed

things take a look and see if anything

needs to be added

I will get Sunday's newspaper to look

for coupons that's okay

they usually have coupons at the store

we can use

I think planning our meals would be

smart that way we know exactly what we


I don't think we need to plan our meals

let's just make a list of things we need

and we can cook whatever we have yes we

should check the dates on what we have

that way if anything is expired we can

replace it I think most of what we have

is okay we don't need to check the

expiration dates planning some of the

important decisions in the planning

process are where to go when would be a

good time to go and who is going to go

should we go to Costco for some of the

bigger items we need should we go at a

certain time so it's not so crowded

should we go to the Fresh Market or to

our regular supermarket should we go and

take the kids or one of us stay home

with them should we take our own grocery

bags if you are asked any of these

questions here are ways you could

respond let's go to Costco some other

day it would take too long sure I think

we can find most of what we need there I

like to go to the grocery at night there

always seems to be less people I prefer

to go in the morning so I can get it

over with I think we should go to both

we can get the vegetables and fruits we

need at the Fresh Market let's go to the

regular grocery we do not have time for

both if we go to Fred Meijer the kids

can go to the kids play area that way we

can shop without any distractions it

might be too much to take the whole

family I can just go if you do not mind

staying home with the kids I think we

should take our own recyclable bags it's

good for the earth we can just

to use what they have there

that's the grocery while at the grocery

you could be asked by workers a variety

of questions

do you need any help finding anything

would you like a sample do you have any


do you have your grocery card

would you like paper or plastic bags

would you like any help out to your car

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond

yes can you please tell me where I can

find your produce section

no thanks I know where to find what I


what kinds of samples do you have

from the samples you offered me where

can I find them in the store

no I do not have any coupons

yes I do have coupons let me get them

I do not have a grocery card what is


I do have a grocery cart here it is

a lot of grocery stores offer a plastic

card you can present when checking out

that can offer special prices and points

for how much you spend these points can

sometimes be used for special promotions

and sales you can usually apply for one

at the register

I would like paper bags please

I brought my own bags to use here you go

no thanks I don't need any help today

yes I would like some help taking my

groceries out to the car

you two may have questions while at the

grocery below are a few examples of

things that you might ask

can you tell me what aisle the

frozen-food is in

can you help me reach that

what is the difference between can I

please have a pound of the oven roasted

chicken breast

do you have any more of this in the

backroom pet care pets are the animals

that we take care of here are some

questions commonly used when discussing

what kind of pet to consider

do you like cats or dogs do we have time

for training do you have a house or an

apartment is this going to be a family

pet would you consider getting a pet

from a shelter is there any other

animals you are considering are you


are you comfortable grooming a cat or a

dog what kind of food should you feed it

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond

we'd like cats and dogs but we're

looking more for a dog

my wife is allergic to cats so we prefer

a dog we both work full-time so finding

time for training may be tough

I really want to be committed so I'll

take my dog to training classes we live

in a small apartment so maybe a cat or a

very small dog would be best we have a

house with a yard so we have lots of

room for any sized dog yes we have

children so we need a pet that can get

along with small kids this is just me so

my house is pretty quiet we are not sure

about cats or dogs but we are really

interested in a fish my kids really want

to hamster but my husband and I are not

too sure yet

I run every day so having a dog that

could run with me would be great we go

on walks occasionally but are not really

active I am not too comfortable grooming

animals so I would probably take it

somewhere for nail trims and baths yes I

am familiar with brushing and nail

cutting but we would have to take it

somewhere to get bathed

I think we should just ask our

veterinarian I hear that a raw diet is

best maybe we can look up information on

it bringing home a pet one of the most

important things to do before bringing

home a pet is to plan out everything a

few things you need to consider our food

shelter space and the overall safety of

the animal

what kind of food do we need to get

should we get a crate to keep it in

should we get any toys

if we get a crate where should we put it

do we need to put things out of reach of

the animal

do we need a collar where should we feed


if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond the

breeders gave me information on how much

to feed I read in a book we are supposed

to feed it twice a day I heard a crate

is good with helping to house train

yes I think we should get a crate I

don't want it pooping all over

I think we should get some squeaky toys

I say we ask someone at the store what

they recommend I think we should keep

the crate in our bedroom I think we

should keep the crate in the garage

since she is a puppy we should

definitely pick up anything around the

house she can chew yes we need to put

away anything we don't want it to chew


yes we need a collar and leash so we can

take it on walks I think we should get a

collar with sparkly diamonds on it we

should feed it in the kitchen

we should feed it in its cage taking

care of the pet

knowing how to take care of your pet is

an important part of having a good

experience and also making sure your pet

is healthy and happy here are some

questions commonly used asking about pet


how often should we walk it should we

brush its teeth

how much should we feed it

how often do we need to clean the cage

how often do we need to change the water

how often should we brush it if you are

asked any of these questions here are

ways that you could respond I have never

done a nail trim

yes I used to trim your dog's nails when

I was growing up

we should walk her every day the vet

said it is healthy for her

I think we should walk her as much as we

can it's good exercise for us too

I will ask the vet if we should brush

its teeth


yes I read it's good to keep their teeth

clean the breeder said to feed her one

cup two times a day

I am not sure how much to feed her let's

look on the food package

we need to clean the cage once a week

we should just change it once it starts

to smell we need to change the water

once a week

we will just clean it once in a while

we should brush her daily we only need

to brush her once in a while childcare

here are some questions you can use when

looking into an in-house daycare how

long have you been running a daycare are

you licensed what hours are you

available what if I am late picking up

or dropping off how much do you charge

do you have some references are you

certified in child CPR what is the ratio

of children to teachers how do you

discipline a child do you have the

children nap how many and what are the

ages of the children you're currently

looking after are the children separated

by age group

what is your curriculum by asking these

and other questions that may pertain to

your individual circumstances you will

learn a lot about whether or not this

daycare will work for you below are some

questions that you might be asked with

looking into an in-house daycare has

your child ever been to a daycare before

your child have any allergies does your

child have any special needs what is

your child's feeding schedule

what is your child's nap schedule how do

you discipline at home if you are asked

any of these questions just answer them

to the best of your knowledge providing

good information about your child

can help with the transition bank and

money here are some questions commonly

used when discussing which banks to

consider is this important that they

offer Internet and telephone banking how

important is location and accessibility

will you need a safety deposit box is

free checking important to you are free

withdrawals from an ATM important is the

reputation of the Bank important to you

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond yes

Internet and telephone banking is

important I work late hours and have a

hard time going during their normal

business hours not really I do not feel

comfortable doing money transactions on

the Internet

location is really important I like to

visit my bank on a regular basis

location is not that important since I

do most of my banking online I will not

need a safety deposit box I have some

valuables that I do not feel comfortable

having at my home so yes I will need a

safety deposit box

of course free checking is important I

do not want to be charged for writing

checks free checking is not really

important I do not write checks

free withdrawals are very important I

use the ATM machines all the time I

prefer not to use the ATM card so it's

not that important to me the bank's

reputation is important to me I want to

feel comfortable with where my money is

I thought all banks were the same it

does not matter to me managing your


managing your money is an important

factor in building a savings and making

sure that your money is accounted for

and spent wisely


how often should I check my savings

checking balance

when I withdraw money should I write it

down should I come up with a budget

should I pay bills online or send

payments in the mail

should I have a direct deposit from my


what if I notice anything unusual on my

bank statements these questions may be

asked individually and may vary

depending on your circumstances and

needs investing here are some possible

questions to ask when talking about

investments can you tell me about bonds

can you give me more info on stocks and

the stock market

can you give me information on mutual


how long has this company been in


what am i investing in

how risky is the investment

when can I access my money

are there any fees

male here are some questions commonly

used when discussing the preparation of

letters and packages where do I put my

name and address on the letter

I am sending how do I know if I need to

put more than one stamp on the card I am

sending what should I put with the item

I am shipping to make sure it doesn't

break how heavy can the objects be that

I am sending here are some possible

answers to the questions above regarding

the preparation of letters packages

you always put your name or the sender's

name and address in the top left corner

of the package letter

this is in case it cannot be delivered

and needs to be returned to you it will

be returned to the address you have

provided I would either take the letter

to the post office and ask them or look

on the postal website to look at weight

regulations when sending out letters you

can use newspaper or purchase packing

material from the store to place in what

you are sending you may also want to

write on the outside of the package that

what is inside is fragile this will

inform whoever is handling it to be

careful and handle gently

you can send objects of various weights

but you will be charged upon how much it

weighs when shipping it meaning the more

it weighs the more it will cost you to

ship sending mail

after preparing the items needed to be

mailed shipped one must now decide in

which manner to send it

here are some questions commonly used

when discussing sending a package or


can I just put this card in my own

mailbox for the mailman to pick up if I

am sending something breakable should I

inform the post-office

how fast will my letter package get to

the person I am sending it to

why should I want to send a package

through another company other than the

post office how much will it cost

to send this how do I know if I need

more than one stamp on this letter

is there a way I can be notified once my

package is delivered if you are asked

any of these questions here are ways you

could respond

yes if your letter is stamped and

addressed you can just put it in your

mailbox and the postman will take it to

the post office

our mailbox has a different place to put

outgoing mail you may want to look at


to see if you have one

yes I would inform the post office they

usually ask if what you are sending is

fragile or breakable but you can also

write on the outside of the box fragile

I would definitely let them know so they

do not break anything

there are lots of options when sending

something the price may vary depending

on the weight of the package and how you

want to send it I would just check with

the post office you can choose anything

from Next Day Delivery to regular

delivery which could take days checking

with your post office or looking online

is always a good way to get information

using a company like FedEx or UPS

you can usually guarantee a faster

delivery but they are a bit more

expensive the post office can weigh the

package for you and let you know how

much it will cost to ship your item I

have a scale at home I used to weigh

packages then I look online to see how

much it will cost

I think it depends on the weight take it

to the post office just send it with one

stamp if it is too heavy they will send

it back to you yes the post office can

email you a confirmation of delivery

they can send you a tracking number so

you can look online to check on the

delivery of what you are sending

receiving mail

here are some questions commonly used

when receiving mail what happens if I am

not home and something is delivered to

me do I need to sign for a package when

it comes if I am out of town can I put a

hold on my mail what if I receive a

package that is not addressed to me if

you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond


if you are not home the postman will

leave you a note they may try and

deliver it another day or you might have

to go to your post office to pick it up

sometimes they will just leave the

package on your front doorstep if you

live in an apartment

they might just leave it at the rental


not all packages need to be signed for

if you need to sign for a package and

are not home they will not leave it yes

you can put your mail on hold by filling

out a form at your post office yes you

can actually do it online just check the

post office website I am Not sure maybe

you should call your post office

I think they can but you have to inform

the post-office beforehand that you will

allow it

I would take a package not address to me

to the post-office and let them know if

it was addressed to a neighbor I would

just take it to their house house care

here are some questions commonly used

when talking about taking care of your

house from the inside how often should I

change the batteries in the smoke

detectors how often should I change the

air filter in the furnace should I clean

the house myself or look into hiring a

cleaning company what should I use to

clean my carpets what color

should I use to paint the inside should

I have one for trash and one for

recycling how should i decorate if you

are asked any of these questions here

are ways that you could respond some

smoke detectors will beep loudly to let

you know when the batteries are low I

would change the batteries every six

months to be safe you should change your

filter every six months or so I am Not

sure I just take it out and look at it

if it's dirty I replace it

make time during the week to clean it

helps keep a clean environment and you

can feel good about having a clean house

if you have the money I would hire a

cleaning company they do a good job and

you can just relax more

for small stains I just used spot

cleaner I purchased from the store

otherwise I rent a cleaner and do it

myself I usually hire a carpet cleaning

company they do a better job that I can

do for myself

I would go to a home-improvement store

and look at that paint colors you could

get some magazines and look for ideas

you should always recycle so I would

have two cans one for trash and one for

recycling you can just have one it's

less of a hassle you could hire an

interior decorator to help you decorate

house care outside here are some

questions commonly used when talking

about taking care of your house on the

outside how often should I mow the grass

what should I do to get rid of the weeds

when should I plant flowers how do I

clean my outside windows

how do I get rid of moles

what do I do about beehives

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond

you should mow your grass once a week

I just moved mine when it gets really


I would go to Home Depot and ask someone

for recommendations

it depends on what kinds of weeds you

have some are worse than others

you should plant flowers in the spring I

would always wait until it gets warm to

plant flowers that way they will last

all summer I would use a ladder and

clean my outside windows myself

I would see if you can hire someone your

windows are really high and you could

get hurt


they sell pallets you can put in mo

holes to help get rid of them

I would call a pest control company and

ask them for recommendations I would not

mess with the beehives call for someone

to come and get rid of it

I would buy a big killer spray from the

store and just spray it

phones here are some questions commonly

used when talking about cell phones with

all the cell phone companies out there

how do I decide who to go with should I

ever consider a prepaid cell phone

I have never texted before would you

recommend getting a phone I can text


how important are all the applications

you can get for your phone should I

purchase a phone that is Bluetooth

compatible what kinds of plans are there

to buy should I buy a warranty should I

consider a family plan and purchase

phones for them

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you can respond

I would go do some research and compare

companies that way you can try and get

the best deal I would go off

recommendations from friends see who

they are with and who they like I would

maybe consider getting a prepaid phone

if you were buying one for your kids you

can put a certain amount of money on it

that they can't go over so that way you

can keep them from charging up the bill

I have never used a prepaid phone I

don't see why you just don't get a

regular one yes

texting is great and it's a fun way to

talk and keep in touch most phones you

can text with I would look for one with

a bigger keypad so it's easier to use

applications are fun some phones have

free ones and others you can buy I use

applications on my phone all the time I

have one for music one for games and one

I use as a GPS Bluetooth is a wireless

earpiece used for hands-free talking I

would highly recommend getting one yes I

would make sure it is Bluetooth

compatible in some states is illegal to

talk while driving but if you're using a

Bluetooth it's ok every company has

different plans I would just ask when I

go there to look at phones

I would get a plan with free

long-distance and free texting I always

buy a warranty that way if you break

your phone they will just replace it

I think warranties are a waste of money

if my phone breaks I just buy a new one

I would first look into the prices for

family plans if you're interested

family plans are great your whole family

can get to their own phones and it's a

good way to keep in touch with busy

teenagers home phones here are some

questions commonly used when talking

about home phones

what company should I use from my home


should I get wireless phones from my

home is there a way to check my messages

while I am away can I forward a call

coming to my home phone to my cell phone

should I purchase a video home phone

how important is conference calling its

caller-id important if you asked any of

these questions here are ways that you

could respond

I would check around with your neighbors

and see who they use I would check for

any specials to see who is offering the

lowest price you do not have to get

Wireless but they are a lot more

convenient to use definitely go with

wireless do they even make non-wireless

anymore I would make sure you buy a

phone that allows you to check your

messages well away that way you can get

back to someone faster

I never use that feature if someone

wants to reach me that bad they can just

call my cell

you can Ford a call to your home to your

cell just make sure the home phone you

buy will allow you to do it I tried that

before and it's too complicated video

home phones are great I use mine to talk

to my family in California it's nice to

be able to see them as you talk I don't

use video home phones I just use my

computer to video chat

conference calling is great to use for

work but not really practical for the

home I never use conference calling at

home we just use 3-way calling caller ID

lets you know who is calling you that

way you can screen your calls I use

caller ID so I don't have to talk to all

of the telemarketers computers here are

some questions commonly used when

talking about computers

I am interested in buying a computer do

you have any recommendations should

memory of the computer be an important

factor when making my choice I am

unfamiliar with computers can I get help

setting it up should I get a laptop or a

PC what do you plan on using the

computer for if you are asked any of

these questions here are ways that you

could respond it depends on what your

going to need it for I would do a little

more research to learn more about them

I would go to the store and tell them

your needs and interests and they can

help you with which computer would be

best for you

if you're going to be saving a lot of

information or media I would get a

computer with a lot of memory

memory is always important I would get a

computer with more now so you don't have

to upgrade later most places that sell

computers offer help with setting it up

and other troubleshooting areas

they are pretty simple to set up I would

just use the directions it comes with

laptops are more mobile so if you're on

the go a lot I would recommend a laptop

I would go with a home PC for now it

will be accessible for your whole family

to use

I am using the computer mostly for

storing all my photos and music I have a

home business so I will be using it for

a variety of things Internet

here are some questions commonly used

when talking about the internet should I

get some sort of virus protection from

my computer how do I get virus

protection from my computer

can I download music over the Internet

is it safe to shop over the Internet

why is my internet running so slow if

you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond I

would definitely get some sort of virus

protection you do not want your computer

to crash yeah I would my computer got a

virus one time and it cost me $100 to

get it fixed there are a few good ones

out there I will come over and help you

download them I know a few online they

cost money but are worth it you can

there are a few sites to use for

downloading music

downloading music is great you can find

just about anything but you do have to

pay for them make sure you are shopping

on a reputable site otherwise I would be

careful I don't feel comfortable using

my credit card over the computer you can

check with your provider to see if there

are any problems maybe you need a faster

connection for what you are doing email

here are some questions commonly used

when talking about email

how do I set up an email account

how do I send people emails how will I

know when I get one can I send photos

through email how do I know if they get

my email can I attach a file to the

email can I send an email to more than

one person

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond

after you decide which email system to

use just follow the instructions they

provide check with your provider to see

if they provide an email account first

you need to get their email address just

type it in and then write a message to

them I can come over and help you it is

easier for me to show you in person

you can set your email up to prompt to

you when you get an email I just check

my email often to find out yes you can

send photos through email read your

manual I am sure it will tell you how to

do it you can set your email up so you

get the notification when they receive

an email you sent

I usually just talk to them or see if

they send something back to me same as

sending photos I would check your manual

to see how to do it yes you can attach

files just look for the attach files

button yes you can send an email to as

many people as you want just CC them in

the email and you can send it to more

than one person

driving a car

there are some questions commonly used

when preparing to get your license where

do I get my study material where is a

good place to practice my driving

should I learn on an automatic or a

stick shift

does someone need to be with me when I

am practicing is the driving test


well my driver's license be good in

other states what happens if I fail my


if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond

you will need to call your local DMV to

set up an appointment to take your test

DMV stands for Department of Motor


call a DMV to set up a date you can get

your study material at the DMV you may

want to call the DMV and see if they

offer the study material online practice

in a safe place with no one around maybe

an empty parking lot would be a good

place I would recommend learning on a

stick shift that way driving an

automatic will be easy

I prefer learning on an automatic it's

just easier yes you need to have a

license driver with you while practicing

you first need to get a learner's permit

before practicing to drive if you study

for the driving test you should be okay

I did okay on the written test but had a

bit of trouble on the driving test you

can drive from state to state with a

legal driver's license from where you

live yes it is good when driving to

other states but if you move to another

state the laws may be different and you

will need to get a license for that

state if you fail the test you can take

it at another time stay positive you're

going to do just fine

driving once you have obtained a legal

driver's license you should know the

laws and regulations regarding where you

live here are some questions

do I need to have car insurance can I

talk on my phone when driving

what if I get caught speeding

what are the carpool lanes for

what if I have car trouble

what if I get into a wreck

if I have my license in one state can I

Drive in another state

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond

some states require car insurance make

sure you find out before driving if you

do not have car insurance and hit

someone you are responsible to pay for

the damages

in some states talking on the phone

while driving is illegal

check your laws first

always use a Bluetooth device so you can

concentrate on the road

if you get caught speeding just calmly

do what the police officer asks you you

will most likely get a ticket and have

to pay a fine

carpool lanes are for cars with two

people or more inside carpool lanes are

for motorcycles and cars with lots of

people if you have car trouble you can

use a cell phone to call for help

some people use a service called AAA it

stands for American automotive

Association you can become a member by

joining and paying a yearly fee you can

wave down someone to help you or just

wait for help you should wait for the

police to come and help handle things

you should get each other's insurance

and personal information

yes you can drive from state to state

with your license

if you move permanently to another state

you will need to get a driver's license

for that state

car here are some questions commonly

used when purchasing a car

how can I check what a car is worth can

I check if the car has been in any major

wrecks in the past

should I consider financing does the car

have a warranty can i ago she eight

price should I buy used or new if you

are asked any of these questions here

are ways that you could respond there

are different ways to check a common

place is called the Kelley Blue Book

the Kelly Blue Book is a trusted prices

values and reviews of cars you might be

able to look up prices on the Internet

you can ask for a history on the car

from the salesman to check if there are

any past accidents there are websites or

you can look up the history of a car

just search for them almost all car

companies offer financing I would try

and pay cash but if you can't afford the

entire car you may need to finance all

cars have some sort of warranty check

with the car dealership warranties are

good in case you need anything fixed

just know how much you can spend and

only spend that much you can try and

negotiate if you're comfortable with it

used or new depends on you and what you

need you can usually spend less money

buying a used car just make sure it is

in good shape car maintenance proper

maintenance on your car can help assure

it will run smoothly and last you a long

time here are some questions commonly

used when talking about the maintenance

of your car how often should I change

the oil in my car should I rotate the


what type of

should I put in it should I get to


should I keep it outside or in my garage

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond

normally you should change your oil

every 3,000 miles yes change your oil

when it gets low rotating your tires

will make them last longer rotating your

tires will keep them in good condition

and keep you safe

most cars use unleaded gas I would check

your car manual you don't want to put

the wrong gas in your car it can ruin it

tune ups keep your car running smoothly

tune ups are good and you may find

something that needs replaced that you

would normally not know about if you

have a garage I would use it it will

keep your car safe from the weather if

you don't have a garage just keep it in

your driveway

selling a car here are some questions

commonly used when selling a car

how should I advertise my car to sell

should I fix any issues with my car

before selling it should I research how

much it is worth

before selling it will I get more if I

trade it in should I be firm on the

price I am asking if you are asked any

of these questions here are ways that

you could respond there are many ways to

advertise you can use the newspaper the

internet or even put a sign in it that

says for sale

I would advertise in a local car selling

buying magazine a lot of people will see

it there you can fix any issues if you

want it might up the value of the car

when you sell it

I would just be honest and inform people

it has something wrong with it

definitely research how much it is worth

that way you can be sure to sell it for

the right price I would just sell it for

what you owe on it if you already own it

then I might look up how much it is

worth I would try to trade it in if you

are buying a new car I would try and

sell it you will probably get more money

for it once you find out how much it is

worth some people press cars and a

higher price to try and make money I

would ask for more than it is worth then

you can lower the price and still get

what you want

dental care here are some questions

commonly used when picking a dentist I

am nervous about going to the dentist do

you have any recommendations for one

should I go to a dentist that I saw an

advertisement for are there any dentists

just for children how do I make an

appointment if I have never been to this

dentist before do I need to have dental

insurance if you are asked any of these

questions here are ways that you could


my dentist is really nice I think it

would be a good experience for you

my dentist will let you come in and just

talk at first that way you can get

comfortable with each other sure you can

try a dentist you are unfamiliar with go

for it if you do not like him you can

always go somewhere else

there are dentists that specialize just

in children I would look on the Internet

my dentist will see children or adults

and is great with both I would just call

and tell them you are a new patient and

you would like to schedule an


you could always stop by and make an


most places require dental insurance I

don't think you need insurance but you

will need to pay for things upfront


dentist checkups here are some questions

commonly used when asking about checkups

how often should I go in for check-ups

do they clean your teeth at checkups

will they take x-rays at my checkup

can I ask questions if I have any

concerns do I really need checkups

well I have to get any fillings if you

are asked any of these questions here

are ways that you could respond normally

you should go in for a checkup

every six months

I would ask your dentist and see what

they recommend for you

my dentist cleans my teeth at my

checkups usually they do it feels good

when they are done

sometimes they take x-rays to check your


I think they only take x-rays if they

have not seen you before

yes this is a time to ask questions if

you have them ask all the questions you

want they will try and help you checkups

help keep your mouth clean and healthy

checkups are a good way to find any

problems before they begin to hurt if

you have any cavities then you will have

to get a filling

fillings are not normally part of a

checkup problems with your teeth if you

are having any pain or problems with

your teeth

you should go see a dentist as soon as

possible if you wait you may make things

worse below are some things you can tell

the dentist you are experiencing

I have a really bad toothache my teeth

are really sensitive when I eat or drink

things that are hot or cold my gums

bleed when I brush my teeth I think I

may have cracked my tooth it hurts when

I bite down the answers to all of these

depend on you and your dentist just make

sure you call and make an appointment if

any of these occur

pediatric care

here are some questions commonly used

when choosing a doctor do you have a

recommendation for a pediatric doctor

can the hospital my child was born at

recommend any can I visit the doctor's

office before going you there are there

reviews on pediatric doctors do I just

call to make an appointment will I need

to go to certain doctors because of

insurance what if I do not have any

insurance if you are asked any of these

questions here are ways that you could

respond we have one we have used for

years I will give you her name and

number I know of a couple really good

ones I will call you with their

information sure they can usually

provide you with a list sometimes they

can give you names and numbers of

doctors associated with their Hospital

you should be able to visit before your

appointment I would call and ask them

first each office can be different

sometimes you can find reviews on the

internet I would just go off of

recommendations just call and tell them

you are a new patient you can call or

just stop in if you stopped in you can

see the office first hand

most insurance companies have a network

of doctors associated with them yes I

would get a list of doctors from my

insurance company you do not need

insurance but you will have to pay for

everything yourself

I would check some places require that

you have medical insurance appointment

questions commonly asked when making an

appointment how is your child doing do

you have any concerns is he or she

eating okay is he or she responding to

noise or their name how are the child's

bowel movements is he or she saying any


if you are asked any of these questions

just answer to your best knowledge and

be honest they are all important

information for the doctor to know and

see how your child is doing school kids

here are some questions commonly used

when picking a school

are the public schools in this area good

to the public schools in our area have

full-day kindergarten getting to school

when talking about getting to school you

are simply talking about the act of how

your child will get to the school they

are attending here are some questions

commonly used when talking about ways to

get to school is there a bus stop near

our house

can I Drive my kids to school can my

kids walk to school

what if we miss the bus in the morning

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways you could respond or

answers you might hear there is a bus

stop right around the corner from our

neighborhood there are no bus stops

close to our neighborhood we need to

drive to the bus stop yes you can drive

your kids to school not sure you may

want to check with the school kids can

walk to school if they live within a

closed distance from the school children

walking to school need to be accompanied

by an adult if you miss the bus

it is your responsibility to drive your

child to school if you miss the bus

maybe you can catch a ride from a

neighbor or a friend after school here

are some questions commonly used when

talking about what happens after school

does your child need after-school care

will your child to be riding the bus

home do you want to have playdates after

school with our children do you want to

enroll your child in sports

will your child have to finish homework

before playing

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond yes

both my wife and I work so we need help

after school I am a stay-at-home mom so

I don't change any after-school care yes

my child will be riding the bus home no

I will be picking up my child after

school sure a playdate would be fun for

the kids

playdates are great let's plan some she

does not get much homework in this grade

yes we usually have our kids finish

their homework before playing

birthday my birthday this year is on a

Monday should I have the party on a

Saturday instead

should we have a surprise birthday party

who do i invite

what's the best way to send out


should we have people RSVP RSVP means

please respond

you are asking people to let you know if

they are attending beforehand so you can

plan ahead should we reserve a room for

the party where should we get a cake if

you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond I

would have the party on Saturday

when more people might be able to come

it doesn't really matter have it

whenever you like he does not like

surprises so I would just do a regular

party a surprise party would be fun just

make sure he does not find out I would

just invite family since it's a small

party you could invite friends and

family make it a big party this year you

could just pass out invites when you see

the people I would mail them since it is

a surprise party

I would have people RSVP so you will

know how many people are coming having

people RSVP lets you plan the party

easier I would reserve a room so no one

else is using it

they require a reservation so they can

plan ahead for your party

we should get a cake at the bakery

we should get an ice cream cake from the

ice cream store set up here are some

questions commonly used when setting up

for a party should we reserved a room

should we get there early to decorate

should we buy decorations

should we have the party catered if you

are asked any of these questions here

are ways that you could respond if we

reserved a room we can have them

decorate for us let's just have the

party here at home to save money yes if

we get there early we can decorate and

be done with it

not really

we can decorate anytime yes we should go

out and buy lots of decorations we can

just use stuff we have around here we

can just make a couple signs having it

catered would be great then we do not

have to cook catering is too expensive

let's just cook ourselves the party

here are some questions commonly used

when setting up for a party when is he

going to open presents when are we going

to have cake how did you find the

caterers should we yell surprise when he

walks in are we going to play any games

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond he

will open presents after we eat I think

he will open presents after we eat some

cake we will have some cake later on I

am Not sure did you they get a cake

I found the caterers on the internet my

neighbour recommends the caterer yes we

should all hide then when he walks in we

jump out and yell surprise

don't yell too loud

you might scare grandpa I think we're

going to do some karaoke they have some

games scheduled for later on

vacations vacations are when you want a

break here are some questions commonly

used when planning a vacation how far in

advance should I ask for vacation time

how do I find out if I need a passport

how do I get a passport how do I find

out about fun places to visit how far in

advance should I book a place to stay

should I use a travel agency should I

contact family or friends to make sure

we can visit

should we go to an all-inclusive resort

all-inclusive means you pay ahead of

time for your rooms food and beverages

sometimes it helps to cut down on costs

what if we do not speak the language of

the place we are going to what if we

need to rent a car if you are asked any

of these questions here are ways that

you could respond I would ask for

vacation time months in advance if you

can the earlier you ask the better

chance you have of getting the time off

once you decide where you are going I

would call the airport and ask them if

you travel outside the United States you

will need a passport

you can apply for a passport and a local

government agency

check online for more information

you could go to the bookstore and to

look at travel books or brochures I

would get online and do some research on

places you are interested in

it depends on where you are going I

would call and ask them how far in

advance they take reservations I would

call them as soon as you decide on where

to go you can sometimes get good deals

and information from a travel agency I

would just do it yourself you can find

out all the information online yes I

would contact them to make sure they are

available when you visit if you can

visit when they have time off you will

be able to do more together an

all-inclusive resort would be nice so

everything is already paid for

I would rather just stay at a hotel and

pay for things as we do them

you can buy a book to bring along to

help translate you could study a bit

before you go to learn a few new words

I would call ahead of time and reserve a

car from a car rental agency

I would check with the place you're

staying to see if they have car rentals

on vacation here are some questions

commonly used when on a vacation should

we do any sightseeing on vacation what

places should we visit what if we do not

speak the language of the country we are

in how do we know good places to eat how

do we book any excursions

if you are asked any of these questions

here are ways that you could respond

it is always fun to visit historical

places when on vacation depends on what

you like to do sightseeing can be a fun

way to discover new places you can

always ask the hotel for recommendations

on what to see you can read in a

historical travel book for fun things to

do and see

try and find someone to help answer your

questions at your hotel

bring along a language book to look up

words so you can communicate better

a good idea is to ask who the locals

where to eat they can give you good

advice on places you might normally not

to go I would ask the staff at the hotel

sometimes you can book excursions with

the staff at the hotel you can book them

beforehand through your travel agency

family and friends here are some

questions you can ask when talking about

family how are your parents doing

are your parents healthy and well

do you still live with your parents do

you live near any family members where

do your in-laws live do you see your

family frequently do you ever have

family reunions you can respond to these

types of questions in multiple ways here

are some examples

my parents are doing well my father is

getting old but otherwise healthy

my mother has been complaining about

chest pains I hope it isn't anything

serious yeah I live with my parents it

saves me some rent money just for

another year until I get back on my feet

no I moved out several years ago I have

my own apartment now my in-laws are in

Ohio I grew up in Florida so my in-laws

are there we moved to California five

years ago my family lives in the area so

I usually see them once a month my

family lives pretty far away so I only

see them a couple times a year we have a

family reunion every five years

no but I wish we could we used to but

everyone is too busy these days so we

haven't had one in a while now talking

about friends here are some questions

you can ask when talking about friends

how long have you guys been friends how

long have you known each other

did you grow up together did you go to

school together so how did you meet here

are some examples you can use to respond

to these types of questions we've been

friends since elementary school

I think it's been like 20 years

we grew up together our parents lived

pretty close so we were basically


we went to the same school since the

fifth grade

we met in middle school and started

going to the same school from the

seventh grade we started going to the

same school at the University of

Washington we met at church when we were

young we have been close friends since

we met in high school in our English

class pregnancy and birth here are some

questions you may be asked if you are

pregnant if you feel comfortable

answering you can but pregnancy is

personal so it is okay to not answer

questions especially asked by strangers

far along are you are you having a boy

or girl do you have names picked out is

this your first child

what hospital are you delivering it

what are some things that you need

here are some ways you can answer six

months I am in the eighth monk

I am having a boy I am having another

boy if this is your second boy we are

having a girl we thought a lot about

names but we haven't decided on one yet

we don't know if it is a boy or girl so

we haven't decided on a name if it is a


we picked mark and if it is a girl

we decided on Jennifer

this is our fifth child no we have two

other children

we are going to Bellevue Hospital we

will be delivering at over Lake Hospital

thank you for offering but we don't need

anything right now I think we have

everything we need but I'll let you know

if I need something thank you

pregnancy checkups here are some

questions you might ask at a checkup I

am having a bit of back pain and new

recommendations how is my baby doing

what should I be eating is there

anything I should not be eating can I

fly on the airplane is it okay to

exercise can I still take my medication

here are some questions your doctor

might ask you during your checkup

how are things going are you getting any

sleep are you in any pain

how is your appetite

do you want to know the sex of your baby

here are some ways you can answer

providing as much information will allow

the doctor to help you

I'm having in lots of morning sickness

and I can't hold anything down I feel

tired all the time I get a lot of

heartburn it is very uncomfortable and I

can't eat well I am hungry all the time

I am eating so much is it okay to eat so

much birth the time has come for the

baby to be born here are some questions

that might be asked to the mother or

doctor at the hospital did your water

break how far along are your

contractions are you in any pain do you

need to call any family

do you need an epidural can I get you


when it's time to have a baby here are

some sentences you might need doctor I

think my water broke I will need to come

into the hospital immediately

my contractions are five minutes apart I

am having contractions every 10 minutes

I have severe cramps can I call my

mother what are the side effects of

having an epidural I would like to get

an epidural does it hurt to get an

epidural neighbors introductions here

are a few statements you can use when

meeting a neighbor hello my name is jack

this is my wife Suzie I live next door

to you I live downstairs from you these

statements are all good ways of letting

someone know something simple about you

here are some questions you can ask when

speaking to a neighbor what is your name

how long have you lived in the

neighborhood what do you do for work do

you have

children where are you from hi how are

you doing

you may be asked the same questions from

a neighbor if this happens just answer

them the best you can

these questions are a good way to

initiate a conversation and a way to

find out more about one another

organizing time here are some questions

commonly used when organizing your time

what is the best tool to organize time

or appointments should I use monthly or

a weekly planner should I carry my daily

planner with me daily planner a daily

planner will help you schedule your time

wisely when dealing with a busy life

full of events using a daily planner can

help organize meetings lunch plans and

other responsibilities throughout your

day daily planners come in all shapes

and sizes from writing things down to

using an electric planner lots of

options are available here are some

questions commonly used when using a

daily planner how do I know what to use

as a daily planner

if I used an electronic planner should I

set two reminders what if I have more

things to do than the time to do it

what if I need to cancel something what

if I need to make an appointment if I

have someone at work who plans for me

should I still keep a planner habits and

health how can I stop smoking how can I

cut down on drinking how can I reduce my

eating I should stop smoking I think I

drink too much I have to watch what I

eat I have a bad habit of interrupting

people when they speak I have a habit of

smoking when I drink why are most habits

that for you I wish I had a habit of

eating vegetables health here are some

questions and statements commonly used

when talking about health how do I find

a good gym what vitamin supplements do

you use how often do you go to the

doctor's to get a regular checkup

now that I am getting older I wonder

what I have to do to stay healthy I need

to find a good way to exercise without

putting too much pressure on my knees

you may also find yourself asking some

of these questions have you ever been on

a successful diet have you ever tried

yoga have you ever used a personal


do you belong to a gym

how do I find information on diet what

is some healthy food should I use a

weight loss system or company sleeping

in dreams here are some questions about

sleep you might say

I wish I could sleep more but I have too

much to do

I usually sleep six hours a day I'd have

a hard time falling asleep and also a

hard time waking up

when I lay down to sleep I am usually

asleep in a matter of minutes

I wake up automatically at 6 a.m. every


I am having a hard time sleeping I got a

new bed yesterday my husband snores a

lot I am not getting a lot of sleep with

our new baby at home my neighbor's dog

keeps waking us up at night the storm

last night kept me from getting a good

night's sleep dreams dreams are very

interesting and can be a topic of

discussion in many situations here are

some sentences to start some of these

discussions I had a really bad nightmare

last night I kept having the same dreams

over and over I had a great dream last

night and I really didn't want to wake

up I rarely have dreams that I remember

I had this weird dream where I was

flying through the mall what do you

think it means I have a recurring dream

where I am walking through the woods in

a green costume do you know what it

means I had a dog when I was young and I

often dream about him when dealing with

children they can get nightmares if they

watch a scary television show you can

use some of these sentence to talk to

your children or to talk to other people

about this problem

you can't watch that show because you'll

have a bad dream

you know you'll get nightmares if you

watch something scary

are you sure you want to watch that show

it might be a little scary

my son kept me up all night because he

couldn't fall asleep after watching a


I shouldn't let him see anything like

that anymore

the daycare had a movie day and although

it was a children's movie my kid had


even babies have dreams one day my

one-year-old daughter woke up screaming

pointing to the bed

haircut and massages here are some

questions commonly used when choosing a


I like your haircut where did you go to

get it cuts will I need an appointment

what other things do they offer there do

they sell hair products how much do they

charge how far in advance should I book

an appointment booking an appointment

once you have chosen a salon now it is

time to book an appointment simply

calling them on the phone will do

sometimes by checking on the internet or

simply by calling you can check on

prices and other options like what kind

of massages they offer

where are you looking to get your hair

done did you need to get your hair

colored when did you want to try and

come in did you want to book a pedicure

did you want to book a massage

do you prefer male or female for your

massage what type of massage do you like

at the salon

once you have booked your appointment

and have arrived at the salon you will

need to communicate what you want first

they might ask you some of these

questions how would you like your


what are we doing for you today

what can I do for you today

what did you want to do with your hair

did you want your nails done

what color nail polish would you like

are you in for a haircut or a perm

did you want to color your hair today so

what color were you thinking for your

hair today to make sure you get what you

want it is important to be clear on your

expectations use some of these sentences

to express what you want

I only want a trim

can you cut about two inches off the

length I want one inch off the top and

on the sides blend it in can you layer

my hair I would like a straight perm


can you color my hair to be brown

I would like my nails done please a

pedicure with red nail polish please

books and magazines here are some

questions you might ask while at a

bookstore what are some of the best

sellers what are some new releases where

can I find books by a particular author

where is the children's section do you

have books on animals

do you offer membership for customers

does this magazine have monthly or

yearly subscription can I get a

subscription sent to my business can I

reserve a book you can also make many

statements about books to your friends I

just finished reading a book on money

management it was very informative

I love reading if I am not out I'm

usually in my room

reading a book my favorite types of

books are autobiographies the new

fiction bestseller was fun you have to

read it

buying books as a present is not

appreciated by the kid but the parents

usually love love I really like getting

books as a gift

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