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ZENDAYA: It's special, like, the show is really special.

So, to kind of see it turn into what it turned into

it just, I don't know...

not to get all sad and stuff, but...


Well I just knew the moment that I read the script,

it was so immersive. I called my mom and I said,

"This is exactly what I want to play."


The fact that labels are sort of left out

of the story is one of my favorite elements.


There's so many characters to relate to

and identities to follow.

You will fall so hard

ZENDAYA: After I watched the pilot I was like,

"Yo, like, it's brilliant." I was terrified to watch it,

like I-- probably, like the rest of our cast,

had a mild panic attack but I enjoyed it so much,

and I was so proud of what we were doing.

DIRECTOR: Great, cut it.

ALEXA DEMIE: It's really cool to be able to work with Sam,

being really specific with shots and direction.

♪ 'Bout to make a big deal Uproar

And I'm in for the kill La Roux

What's amazing about Sam is that he listens to us

and what we went through, and writes true to that.

So there's a lot of flavor, a lot of creative freedom

that we experience on set.

From Sam, to every producer,

to every castmate, every crew person.

You just feel the love.

-Oh shit, I dropped my glasses. -(CHUCKLES)

And we just honestly had a lot of fun.

Working with Z, and Alexa, and Maude,

and everybody a part of this, I've created this new family.

It just has been an absolute dream.

ALGEE SMITH: We've been carnival chillin', you know what I'm sayin'?

Big popcorn eatin', you feel what I'm sayin'?

-ZENDAYA: (CHUCKLES) I'm cold. -WOMAN: Oh my gosh, little feet!

It's some of the best time of my life.

It felt like we'd known each other for like ten years.

-(CHUCKLES) Why is this funny? -It's not funny.

We just bought a house, this is our view.

Maddy and Nate kind of stayed with us

-throughout the process. -(CHUCKLES)

It made all of the traumatic work that we had to do better.

It felt really good.

Wish you Wish you'd come home

ZENDAYA: Our last day of shooting was such

a weird bundle of emotions.

Everybody was so happy and excited to be there.

DIRECTOR: Here we go, let's roll.

ZENDAYA: But then it was also like (SIGHS)

everything's coming to an end.

Like, it's our last day.


I'm like, "No, no, like I'm good.

Like, we'll see each other and it's fine,

like I'm not gonna get emotional."

You're still so close Yet so far

DIRECTOR: That is a season one Euphoria wrap.

I still don't know my name

ZENDAYA: It's just become very special to me, not only in like,

a work sense but in a personal sense, you know?

And I would die or stay

HUNTER SCHAFER: A lot of love is in this project.

I think it's really exciting to like,

see where it can go.

Still don't know my name


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