Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GUESS THAT MOVIE CHALLENGE: SUPERHEROES! (ft FBE Staff)

Difficulty: 0

- First time competing in one of the Guess Thats.

- They want brother versus brother.

- That big rat gave me nightmares as a kid.

(hitting bell) - No!

(laughing) I was so close!

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

- (FBE) Today we have a challenge for you.

- Ooh. - Challenge... accepted.

- (FBE) We're gonna play you select audio moment from a movie.

- Oh boy.

- (FBE) And the first person to buzz in

with the title of the film correctly gets a point.

- Congratulations on your win.

- (FBE) And all the movies today you'll be listening to

are from superhero and comic book movies.

- Oh. - (chuckling)

- I don't watch superhero movies.

- Yes! (claps)

I love supers in general.

I like comic books. I like comic book movies.

That is my forte.

- (FBE) We're gonna play you one second at a time

up to 15 seconds. - Um, I think I'm feeling a lot better now

that we've reduced it to superhero movies.

- We've never done a Staff Reacts together. So...

- And we've never really argued on anything.

- Yeah.

This might be the start of a rift in the working relationship.

- What are you doing to us?

- As kids, we were BIG, big into Marvel comics.

- I loved the comics so much,

we played the Dungeons and Dragons role-play version

of Marvel superheroes, the TSR games.

And first time competing in one of the Guess Thats.

- Yeah. We've not been against each other.

People have been wanting it.

- And we haven't-- - They want brother versus brother!

♪ (competitive music) ♪ - (announcer) Fight!

- (FBE) All right, here comes the first second

of the first movie.

(man chuckles) - What?

(hitting bell)

- Uh... Guardians of the Galaxy?

(buzzer) - (FBE) Incorrect.

- That was only one second.

You can't even get anything from that. - (laughs)

(man chuckles)

(hitting bell)

- I'm gonna go with Spider-Man!

(buzzer) Yeah, I know.

(hitting bell) - Give me Batman Begins.


- (chuckling)

(chuckling loudly) - He's embarrassing.

- Uhhh... (hitting bell)

- The Dark Knight.

(ding) - (FBE) Correct!

- Oh-ohhh! - Seriously?

(hitting bell) - That is The Dark Knight.

(ding) - Damn.

(hitting bell)

- Dark Knight. (ding)

Uh-huh. Ha. Ha.

And I thought my jokes were bad.

- I have a small idea, but I don't know yet.

I need another second.

- (FBE) All right, here's two seconds.

- (man chuckles) And I th--

(hitting bell) - Oh. Uh... uh...

The Dark Knight. (ding)

- (man chuckles) And I th-- (hitting bell)

- The Dark Knight?

(ding) Is it really?

- Oh, you gotta be kidding me. - Yes!!!

(hitting bell) - I know what it is.

- Uh... - I know what it is! No!!

- The Dark Knight. (ding)

(relieved) Okay. Whew.

- Never seen the movie.

- (gasps quietly) - Never seen it.

- Oh my god. - (chuckles)

- (FBE) Here's your next movie.

- (man) I... - (snickering) Jazzercise.

- (man) I...

- Oh gosh. - Absolutely no idea.

- ♪ (vocalizing ditty) ♪ (hitting bell)

- Guardians of the Galaxy? (buzzer)

- It sounds like Zoolander. But that's not a superhero movie.

- I like how it has little '80s music in it.

- Yeah.

- '80s music in it. Oh.

That might be a clue.

(hitting bell)

- That was Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, wasn't it?


That big rat gave me nightmares as a kid.

I remember watching it again later and thinking,

"He's not that scary."

- (man) I have alwa--

- What? (chuckles) (hitting bell)

- Iron Man. (buzzer)

(hitting bell)

- Uh, Ninja Turtles. (ding)

- Is that the one with Megan Fox in it? - Oh, no.

- No? - No.

- No? - Oh, no. It's the better one.

(hitting bell) - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

(ding) - Ooh!

- (raspily) That was Splinter.

- (man) I have alwa--

- I don't know! - See? It sounds like old.

It sounds old and '80s.

(hitting bell) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?



HOW DID I DO THAT? - What the heck?

(hitting bell) - I'm just gonna go with a random guess

and say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

(ding) - I swear to God.


I was thinking '80s.

Like, they have that weird little techno music.

- (FBE) We're gonna jump up to seven seconds now.

- (man) I have always liked...

♪ ('80s pop music) ♪


- (scoffing quietly)

We need to go to, like-- (hitting bell)

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

(ding) (FBE clapping)

- Okay! - That's what it is.

Cowabunga, dude!

- This is good. I like that we're one to one.

- One to one. Brother versus brother!

- (robot) What seems to be the tr--

- Hmmm. - No. Nothing.

- (robot) What seems to be the tr-- (hitting bell)

- Deadpool! (buzzer)

(hitting bell) - Iron Man?


- Hmm. - Thought it sounded like--

It could've been J.A.R.V.I.S.

- Annoying robot.

- I think I've seen this one. - Wait.

(hitting bell)

- Is it Iron Man?


- It's not Iron Man. - There's robots in that movie.

(hitting bell)

- Big Hero 6.

(ding) Ohhh.

(ding) - (flinches)

- Big Hero 6. (ding)

- No!!! - I love Baymax!

- (robot) What seems to be the trouble? - (boy) Oh.

- It sounds very robotic.

- (robot) What seems to be the trouble? - (boy) Oh.

- This gives us zero clues.

- Uh... (hitting bell)

- I was gonna say Big Hero 6. (ding)

Because I thought of the, um...

the big-- the big guy.

(hitting bell) - Is it Big Hero 6?


- Oh. - I finally got one!!

- (FBE) We're gonna move you up to 13 seconds.

- (boy) Oh, I just stubbed my toe a little. I'm fine.

- (robot) On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?

- (boy) A 0?

I'm okay, really. Thanks.

- Okay. It is like a futuristic robot thing.

(hitting bell) Terminator.


(hitting bell) - Oh.

Is it Big Hero 6? (ding)

- YES! - Oh.

- It's cartoon. I love cartoons.

- I give up. I don't know. - I don't know, yeah.

- (FBE) If there are no guesses, then this was Big Hero 6.

- I never saw it. - Yeah, I never saw it.

- Now that the game has changed and cartoons are involved,

my hat is on. Let's do it.

- (man) In my world, it me--

(hitting bell) - Doctor Strange!


- (man) In my world, it me--

(hitting bell)

Thor. (buzzer)

- I'm just starting to piece together different plots

of different superhero movies where that could make any sense.

- Something about "my world." So it's intergalactic probably.

(hitting bell) - Are you kidding me?

Superman, Man of Steel. (ding)

(hitting bell) - Man of Steel?


- YEAH! - Oh, really?

- I'm wondering if we're about to get "In my world, hope..."

Then all of a sudden, it's just, "AAAUGH!"

He's going to attack right after this.

- Oh, like he's gonna turn and go. - Like, when it's about to--

Something's about to happen.

- (man) In my world, it means hope.

(hitting bell)

- Man of Steel. (ding)

- (man) In my world, it means hope.

(hitting bell)

- Is it Superman? (buzzer)

Superman comes from a different world.

(hitting bell) - Uh... Man of Steel.

(ding) I got one!

(hitting bell)

- Superman? (buzzer)

Well, go ahead, Raf. Take a guess at another Superman movie.

(hitting bell) - Well, I can't-- oh.

Man of Steel.

(ding) What?

I've never realized how hard it is to remember

all the little names of the superhero movies.

- (man) In my world, it means hope.

- Oh my god.

(growls) - Whose world?

(hitting bell) (startled) Wuh!

- Superman. (buzzer)

Damn it! No, Austin! - Alyssa.

Alyssa, I'm so sorry.

- (crying) - I'm so sorry, okay?

- I shouldn't have said anything!

(hitting bell)

- Man of Steel. - (muttering) Damn it.

(ding) - Yes!

Oh my god, the pressure.

- Oh, yeah. - This is going to permanently end

any friendship we've ever had, yeah. - Yeah.

We'll never talk again. - Yeah, no, it's over after this.

- (FBE) Here's the first second of your last movie.

- (man) Told you, I don't want to join your...

(hitting bell)

- Iron Man. (buzzer)

(hitting bell)

- Watchmen? (buzzer)

- (man) Told you, I don't want to join your...

(hitting bell) - That is the first Avengers.


- Oh. (hitting bell)

Uh, The Avengers. (buzzer)

- Captain America: Civil War. (buzzer)

(hitting bell) - What?

- Um... is that X-Men...

Futures Past? (buzzer)

- I know who's talking.

(hitting bell)

Is it Iron Man? (buzzer)

- It is ya boy RDJ.

(hitting bell) - No!

(laughing) I was so close!

- Was that Captain America 2? (buzzer)

- I'm gonna guess Iron Man.

(buzzer) Okay.

- Okay. I know what it is.

- (man) Told you, I don't want to join

your super-secret boy band.

(hitting bell)

- Deadpool. (buzzer)

- "Boy band." "Boy band." "Boy band." That sounds familiar.

- (man) Told you, I don't want to join

your super-secret boy band.

- Which... other... one... is... he... in?

(hitting bell) - Iron Man 2?


- Ha-ha. - Oh, come on. Not--

- It took me a while to realize that there was--

right, there's other Iron Man movies.

- Why did he have to be in all of the superhero movies?

(hitting bell)

- Iron Man 2?

(ding) Yeah.

(hitting bell) - Iron Man 2?


Ah. - Okay.

(hitting bell)

- Iron Man 2. (ding)

That's what's up.

- Come on. - That's what's up!

- Robert Downey Jr. is in every single freakin'--

- He's in every single one.

(hitting bell)

- Iron Man 2. (ding)

- YES! - NO!

What the heck, man?! - (laughing)

- (man) Told you, I don't want to join

your super-secret boy band.

- (man chuckles) No, no, no. See, I remember--

(hitting bell) - Avengers.


(hitting bell) - Iron Man 2?

(ding) (laughs)

- I said Iron Man. What the [bleep]?

- They're different movies, for sure. - Oh. (mutters)

- (FBE) Sid, you won!

- (clapping)

- Congrats.

- Thanks. - You deserve it.

- Yeah!

- Maybe subconsciously in the back of my mind,

I have some superpower of my own to guess these.

- Oh, for Christ's sake.

- (FBE) You guys tied!

- This is a historic moment for me. I tied. Never tied before.

- ♪ Oh yeah, oh yeah ♪ - So now I don't know how to feel.

'Cause I didn't lose, which feels worse.

(chuckles) - Chat him all day.

We tied. We tied.

- You are the winner of Fine Bowl I.

- Fine Bowl I. - There will be a Fine Bowl II.

And I vow... - Oh no.

- ...I will never lose to Rafi again!

♪ (competitive music) ♪

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- ♪ (vocalizing heroic theme) ♪

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