Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Jagannath! Can we see you? Even if we are not "Hindus"?

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Where are we right now Sudevi?

we are in front of the temple

we just payed our obeisances

to the Chakra

it is said, when you make obeisances

to the Chakra

it is like you do obeisances to Jagannath personally

Jagannath Puri is the mood of

big opulence

one is worshiping Krishna with big opulence

but also in the mood of

but especially in the mood of

in mood of separation

and we

can see this very good

because we cannot enter the temple

because we have a white skin

we are in front of the famous

Jagannath temple in Puri

and we cannot enter

behind us, daily

thousands of Hindus are entering

this big and beautiful Mandir

for Jagannath Baladeva and Subadra

But why can we not enter the temple?

We are here in front of the famous Jagannath temple

in Jagannath Puri

behind us, daily

thousands of Hindus are going

enter the temple to get Darshan

of the wonderful Jagannath deities

but the rules of the temple are

that not everyone is allowed to enter

only Hindus are allowed

and everyone who is not Hindu

like western devotees



everyone who is not looking like a Hindu

is not allowed in the temple

Srila Prabhupada once

was invited to a talk

and during this talk

Prabhupada made a very clear point

that they should open this temple for everyone

because Jagannath

is the Lord of the universe

Jaga means Universe

Natha means Lord

Jagannath means" Lord of the Universe"

he is the Lord of all planets

and he is the Lord of

this earth

and the Lord of all living beings

he is not only Lord

of Puri

he is not Puri Nath

he is not Orissa Nath

he is not Hindu Nath

no he is Jagannath

he is the Lord of everyone

and therefore they should

open the gate for


this was Srila Prabhupadas point

our fate

the fate of me and my family

are shared by many western devotees

but also

devotees of Chaitanyas times

could not enter the temple

for example Haridas Thakur

Srila Rupa Gosvami

Sanatan Gosvami

they where born in a Muslim family

they could also not enter the temple


Jagannath is very merciful

he comes to the devotees

who are not in a Hindu body

he comes in form of his Maha Prasadam

he is coming in the form of

Patita Pavana

in the entrance

there is a very big Jagannath

we can pay our obeisances here.

we can pray to him

him we can see


he is so merciful that once a year

he comes out of the temple

and performs a big Ratha Yatra festival

during this time

non Hindus

can see Jagannath

Jagannath Puri is in the mood

of separation

and longing

and when we meditate about this

then it is

actually also a blessing for us

that we cannot enter

it is easier to get in the mood

of separation

that we not only

we are not just standing in front of the door

we can pray to Krishna that one day

he gives his Dharsan

we can pray for that

to get Dharsan

of Krishna in Vrindavan

Jagannath Puri is also the gate to Vrindavan

the mood of separation

through this gate and

the pastimes of Gauranga

we can enter

Goloka Vrindavan

can we buy deities?

how do you deal with your grief?

that you cannot enter the temple?

(ice cream)

The Description of Jagannath! Can we see you? Even if we are not "Hindus"?