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I never felt like I was

seen by, especially my peers, as quote unquote cool.

It's more like you think of it as there's this thing

that you've become that people that know you for, right.

>> Right. >> But you're still awkward with girls.

You're still awkward with all the things that go back to your human experience.

I'm mean you're still, how do I say something interesting?

And I mean just all the things that I think are just human,

that doesn't really change.

And if anything your listeners it's like,

if you feel uncool or you remember what it was like to feel awkward or

have a bad haircut or, trust me, you're not alone.

Maybe that's sad actually but it's true.

I mean I think you still second guess yourself on all kinds of those little


>> Growing up I could never speak to boys.

Well cuz partially growing up I kinda looked like a boy.

>> I find that hard to believe, I'm not, I need-

>> I've got the pictures.

This was not what the gentleman were looking for.

I had my sweater vest.

>> Man, you could have been an early Hanson.

You really could be, early Hanson days, the sweater vest days.

>> Well I was told I look like a Hanson brother, the hair.

>> No, you're much prettier than we are.

>> [LAUGH] Well thank you.

But no, I was definitely I was a huge Hanson fan growing up.

I remember I had the VHS, the Tulsa, Tokyo Middle of Nowhere.

>> Yeah.

>> I had that and I was younger and I would watch it all the time,

it was my favorite thing to watch.

And I loved watching it and

I loved listening to a man from Milwaukee cuz y'all performed it on that VHS.

And my mother recorded over it on accident.

>> No.

>> But she didn't tell me she recorded over it cuz she didn't have the heart

to tell me, so she told me it got lost.

And I stayed in my room and cried for three days.

[LAUGH] >> Wow

>> And then she finally did tell me,

she finally had to tell me that she accidentally recorded over it which made

it even worse.

Mind you I'm young and I had the shirt, I had the shirt,

I had the cassettes, I had everything, the I was the diehard.

>> You had it all.

>> Yeah, and I had the biggest crush on you guys and it was just so

funny cuz I would always remember, this is so dorky,

I used to remember, God, I don't even know if I wanna tell this story.

So when you go to bed at night you say your prayers, right.

>> Mm-hm.

>> [LAUGH] Well I remember my grandma found a t-shirt, a Hanson t-shirt,

and she was sending it down to Florida cuz I was living in Florida at the time.

And I used to pray that I would be able to go to a concert and meet you guys.

That was my whole thing, I'd be like- >> My gosh

>> Please let me meet Hanson.

That was literally my prayers growing up.

>> In your nightly prayer.

>> [LAUGH] My nightly prayers.

So that was me at my most looking like a Hanson brother,

wishing to meet the Hanson brothers.

That was like, that was so, that was me.

That was me growing up.


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