Practice English Speaking&Listening with: how to create transaction and rss iviews

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I will walk you over SAP assignment 3- Advanced portal contents.

I will teach you how to create two iViews from remote sources

SAP ERP transaction iView and RSS newsfeed.

Log in to portal.

Get in to your own folder.

I have used LU003 as my login and FLU003 as my folder.

You get in your own folder and then come to your own iView.

Highlight iView by right click, and then create a new iView.

Here I have to go new>iView>iView from remote source.

I do that. I have to select system here.

Then I have to select OXF.

What I have to do is I have to search for asterisks included.

I have searched for transaction. Then I have searched for sales.

Let's search for sales and see what I come up with.

So I come back here and I search for sales. I say go.

I have to have application type transaction.

For our assignment we are interested in specific transaction, which is called AL08.

And then I will say go.

User logon come up.

What I have to do is highlight users logged on.

And then clicked on next and click on start upload.

Then I have to finish.

In this process you will see user logged on iView created.

After I created users logged on iView I have to preview

Make sure that I will allow pop-up and allow access.

Let me preview what I have created here.

This is a transaction which will allow me user logged on.

I have to allow it.

I will see user logged on system came up.

I close it.

Let me create new iView by right click new>iView>new template.

I am creating XML iView then I do next.

Put the name- Business News and ID-businessnews.

Then click on next.

Here I have to define XML source.

How do I define XML source.

I have to go to

Click on any RSS news feed such as business.

Then copy the URL appearing in the browser.

Let me open a browser and here in the new tab

I will paste that then I will click on business.

I will copy this.

I do control C.

Then I come back here

I have to do control V

Then I say next

Select RSS_To_XHTMLB option

Click next

Finish. Ok. Open the object for editing.

Once I open the object for editing, I do not have any work.

I have to go preview and see if it is working.

So I am fine.

I will close it.

Take a screen shot of these two iViews that we have created.

Make sure to take on business news and users logged on.

These are the ones you have created.

So you are here in page 6.

Now you have to create page three for the users logged on iView.

And you have to create page four for business news iView

Page three and page four.

Now I come to pages.

Right click I say new then page.

This is page three then next and default.

This is fine. I finish. I go to page.

Then I add users logged on iview.

So I right click add iView to page Delta link save

Then preview.

So it's working.

Now close it.

Now I have to create page four.

Right click then new> page and name it page four.

Page ID- pagefour.

Now click next, next, next, and finish.

Then go to content.

Right click on business news

Add iView to page delta link

Now save and close

Now I have to take screen shot of the pages which will show page 3 and page 4.

Then I have to take screenshot of open workset

Now I have to see workset folder.

Open it by right click.

Now I add

Page 3 and page 4.

Right click on page 3 add to workset delta link.

Right click on page 4 add page 4 to workset.

So you are done.

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