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Hello everyone and welcome to #AskAmanda!

Now, this vid is inspired by Sophie Everett who asked on Twitter isIs caffeine incredibly bad for me?!”

Great question a lot of people ask it - the answer isnt that complicated as long as you know

How it affects the body...

So. Without stating the obvious, caffeine is a

stimulant, and we all know what stimulants do right?

They stimulate us. It artificially increase your bodys metabolism and the effects are pretty immediate - like

those moments after morning cuppa when you go in you have your cup of tea or coffee, are awake, alert and ready to take on the

world. But the question is what is actually going on inside?

Here we need to consider three hormones: Firstly Adrenaline,

secondly Cortisol and thirdly Insulin

And this is best explained with a story.

Think of running away from a sabre toothed tiger. The shock of the tiger causes your

body to pump out adrenaline helping you to run fast.

Then the body releases the anti-stress hormone cortisol.... which converts fat into blood

sugar, which gives you enough energy to keep running away from that tiger

Next the spike in blood sugar triggers insulin which we all know converts blood sugar back

into fat. And THIS is what you will know asThe Crash….”

Now. Replace the tiger with a cup of tea or coffee, as it causes the exact same shock

to the system. The surge in energy is followed by the crash and so what do we do??? We head

head to the nearest coffee shop and get another Americano or a cuppa tea. The more caffeine you have, the

more your body thinks that old tiger is on the loose again!

Your body gets confused its exhausted, it doesnt know whether to store fat of burn fat, whether

to eat or sleep or any of those other normal functions. Its completely confused.

And, get this, because Cortisol has receptors in the abdomen, you will probably notice more

fat around the belly areathat you just cant get rid of? trust me i know the feeling..

So. The answrer. give up caffeine? Well not necessarily - because little amounts can actually help you

Id recommend : Keep it to one cup a day and while youre

at it try switching coffee with green tea. Although there is caffeine in green tea there

are also lots of antioxidants. NEVER put sugar in your coffee or tea. Because

the last thing you need is more sugar being converted into fat. Likewise avoid the creamy

concoctions at your local coffee shop, caramel frappaccinos cappamaccachino thingys., Instead just add a little bit

of FULL FAT cream/ nut milk (which i will show you how to make in another video - very easy - with

your coffee. Because (good) fat slows down the rate at which caffeine hits your system. Genius.

Caffeine is also a diuretic meaning the more you drink the more you're gonna pee so - if you are

going to drink coffee make sure you stay hydrated. I get lots of women asking me about

ask me about dark circles under their eyes and i always tell them to drink less coffee and more water.

Also i highly advise that you stay as far away from energy drinks as you would the tiger, because they are just as dangerous! They are a DISASTROUS

concoction of caffeine and sugar that puts your body through hell.

Lastly, its pretty obvious but dont have caffeine too late in the day. Itll

stop you getting a good nights sleep and next day youll be so tired that the only

thing that wakes you up will be…..yepyouve guessed it - more caffeine!!

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