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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chevy Traverse Dual-Color LED Strobe Lights Install by Wicked Warnings

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How are you doing and thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one

source for construction and safety LED emergency strobe lighting and equipment

for cars, vans, trucks, buses, SUVs, and nice new Chevrolet's like what you see right

here. What you're looking at is a combination of a few of our products on

this Traverse. This is a couple year old Traverse, it's actually not brand-new. And

what we have on the roof there is our Whelen Mini Bar in a 16-inch size and in

the grille, we're running our Razor LED in the amber-white color. Now you can set

that grille light to flash only amber, only white, or as you see, amber and white both.

You can also set those lights in the grille to alternate color if you

prefer. For this build, I synchronized the color together because that was the look

that I wanted to go after on this particular build. As you can see, we've

also got a skip pattern on the roof on the Whelen Mini Bar. That way, it adjusts

and changes pattern to keep the attention-grabbing

of that mini bar mounted on the roof. There's a little off-axis shot. You can

see just how well those Razor LEDs in the grille do off-axis. That's a very

potent grille light containing nine amber and nine white LEDs. Very effective. Comes

with a 90-degree bracket, as well as a flush mount bracket.

It also contains the popular flood mode which we did not activate on this build.

You can see here how we have roof-mounted that Whelen Mini Bar. Now this is one of our older

mini bars. It has an amber lens. The newer style is all clear lens, amber LED and as

you can see, very nice and low-profile. We've mounted that mini bar permanently

to the roof and ran the wiring inside on this vehicle. So it's an absolute

trouble-free product. No more magnets and no more cigarette lighter cords getting

slammed in the door or trying to route them through the door gasket.

We've mounted that permanently to the roof to avoid any of the wiring through the doors.

You can see here how we've used the

included brackets that come with that Razor LED to mount right there in the grille.

There's a little better shot there of how we mounted that light right in the

grille. If you have this year, similar Traverse, you can do the identical

install. Alrighty, out back as you can see, we also have featured our Thin-X in an

LIN amber-white configuration. You can see we are utilizing both colors but

that light also will allow you to flash only amber, only white, or combination of

amber and white, as what we're displaying here. You get all three functions out of

our Thin-X LIN, as well as our Razor LED and you can clearly see that light

bar on the roof, as well as the Thin-X. Now we chose to put the Thin-X where we

did because there is absolutely no way to mount any hideaway strobe inside that

outer lens and the tailgate hatch of this vehicle is quite often open during

their course of work. So mounting anything into the rear window that would

point upward when the hatch was open would be useless and mounting anything

in the rear hatch lights would also be useless because as I said, that rear

hatch is open quite often in this vehicle's daily usage. So let me show you

what we did. So as you can see in the back there, obviously some surveying

equipment and such and as I said- pardon that earthquake, as I said, this vehicle is

open quite often so we have mounted two more of our Thin-X LIN in the bottom of

the hatch and we've synchronized all four of these lights to do the amber and

white configuration together. We split pattern the light because long distance

warning isn't exactly needed for this particular vehicle. It's more about high

and wide warning and by synchronizing all of the colors on a slightly more

relaxed pattern, which what we set it on is a double flash alternation.

So the camera might not pick it up but you can see it flashes two

times on each side and then alternates color and with all four lights

synchronized together, from far away this will be a very bold amber-white amber-white

display. And of course, we have integrated the popular flood mode on

these rear lights because they do work, as I said, quite often out of the back of

this vehicle. So it was requested to have that flood mode and as you can see, the

hatch clearly blocking that roof light. So that was the reasoning for adding

those lights into the bottom of the hatch panel, so when it's raised, we now

have two Thin-X that are actually higher and farther apart in width than the roof

bar was. So this should do a very good job of rear warning while the guys are

getting equipment in and out of the back of this and their daily tasks. I know

you're itching and dyin to see how bright the flood light is, so let me show you.

Alrighty, what you're seeing is the shop lit up only by the flood light of

this vehicle. I'm gonna go ahead and turn it off.

I'mma turn it back on.

That is only the four Thin-X LIN. So that is how much light those four lights will put out.

Easily enough to illuminate, I would average about a four-car garage and as

you can see, the camera self-correcting there for the brightness. I also misspoke

earlier. My own mistake. We did incorporate the flood on the front. I had

simply forgot. As you can see here, that's the amount of light that the front

Razors are putting off and as you can see here, there's no camera tricks, that

is in fact the Razor. As you can see, just the two white Razors. That's what's

illuminating that. I'm not running the fog lights or trying to do any kind of

trickery on you. And that's the beam pattern on the wall on the garage door.

Kind of close but that's what it looks like. Inside this vehicle, I wanted to do

something just a little bit more unique because there really isn't very much on

the dashboard area. As you can see, not too many places to drill a hole, put a

switch. I was kind of thinking perhaps here or maybe along here but

this particular vehicle has this roof right here and I just put my switches

right in here. That one's for the flashing, as you can see. This one's for

the flood, as you can see. Only the roof light continues to flash. The roof light

has no flood. We just used our 3/4 flush mount switch right there. Put a simple

label on it because again it is a fleet vehicle so it will be driven by many. So

thanks again for watching. If you made it to this far into the video, post a

comment, let me know you did. Let me know you're alive out there and you're still

watching. I appreciate it and thanks again for turning into Wicked Warnings.

Be sure to check your description of the vehicle for all links to all these

products, so you can buy them individually and also buy them as a

parts kit. That is a parts kit to build your vehicle the same exact way. Thanks

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