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- [Narrator] We are Sorted, a group of

mates from London exploring the

newest and best in the world of food whilst

trying to have a few laughs along the way.

We've got chefs, we've got normals,

and a whole world of stuff for you to

explore, but everything we do starts with you.

- Hello, my name's Ben and this is Barry

- This week, not one, not two, but three

different fish tacos.

- Hello everyone, in front of us is the

most excellent of days, we have lots of

fish tacos, they vary in time, effort,

ingredients, and we're going to talk about

which one is worth doing, and we're

going to start with you.

- Yes, a speedy mackerel taco, or taco.

For me a taco, it has to be speedy, and

boy, this one is fast, blink and you're

going to miss it. Let's get started.

To make my tacos, I'm going to be using a

beautiful oily mackerel, and some corn tortillas,

my crema is being made up of sour cream,

double cream, and a lime, and my

salsa; pineapple, coriander, half a

white cabbage, red chili, and of course,

one of these.

For my crema, sour cream, double cream, and

a lime into a bowl, and mix it up.

And don't forget to season.

We're now moving onto my salsa, I'm

taking half a pineapple and chopping that up,

chili, coriander, and half a white cabbage, I'm

sticking it into this. This makes what is

already a speedy salsa into a speedier and

easier salsa, by using one bowl and two blades.

We're now going to swap in the thin slicing

disk, so we can slice it into the same bowl.

Add some seasoning, and mix it up.

Now to move onto my fish, and I'm

using mackerel, which I think is massively

underrated, it's not only delicious and

oily, but also one of the of the most beautiful

fish you could lay your eyes on.

I'm going to stick these filets onto a

baking tray, and then blow torch them, now

don't worry if you haven't got a blowtorch, you

can do the same thing under a grill.

All we're doing is blackening the skin, which

brings out the oiliness of the fish,

hence why you can see it catch alight every now

and then. This will cook the fish right through,

and bring out the best of it's flavors.

All I have to do now is warm up my

corn tortillas, I'm good to construct.

- Ahhhh!

- Speedy and summery

- Pretty good, pretty good

- But, what if you took a fish taco, and

made it vegan. So you get rid of the fish.

So yeah technically it's not a fish taco, but

if you're looking for a fish taco and you

don't want fish or dairy in your taco,

this is a delicious taco.

I'm absolutely going to town with these, so

there's quite a lot to do, but I'm hoping that

they're going to hold up in comparison to the

other two. Here are my ingredients.

For my aubergine filling: two aubergines,

plain flour, corn flour, salt, sesame seeds,

chili flakes, nori sheets, and sparkling water.

I'm going to make a banging pickle to cut through

all that delicious fried fat, by pickling a

red cabbage in some cider vinegar, and some sugar.

For my creamy vegan white sauce, some herbs,

mustard, vinegar and some vegan mayonnaise.

And to serve, flour tortillas, and a

shredded lettuce. So yeah a fair old bit to

do, but to make things a little easier, I'm

using one of these.

First I'm going to make a pickle, got to

start that early because it's gotta cool down in

the fridge to pickle,

equal quantities of water and vinegar in a

pan, with some salt and some sugar, going to

bring that up to a boil, and let it simmer for a

minute, meanwhile I'm going to shred my

red cabbage into thin slices using a food processor,

and then all that delicious red cabbage goes in

with your vinegar mix, make sure it's all nice and

covered, and then that simmers away and again for

another two minutes.

Swap out the thin slicing disk for a thick one,

I'm going to slice up an entire lime, which I've

never done before.


Look at that.

The lime, cabbage, and all the liquid goes into a

bowl, give it a stir, I'm leaving that to

cool down while I crack on with all the

other stuff. going to quickly knock up my

vegan white sauce, vegan mayonnaise, adding in

some American mustard, and cider vinegar,

same as we used before, oregano, celery salt and

onion granules. Stir it up.

So in order to hold up against the other two

fish tacos, I want to try and emulate the

fishy flavor that you would get without

using fish, so in a spice grinder I'm

using nori sheets, chili flakes, and

toasted sesame seeds, to create that

lovely delicious umaminess.

I'm going to slice my aubergines into

chunks about this size, and then they get

tossed into my delicious powder.

So the reason I've used the spice grinder is

because it's humanly impossible to get the

nori that fine, and look at that, you get a

beautiful even fine coating over the whole of your

aub. Nearly there, we're going to make a batter now

using corn flour, plain flour, salt, and

enough sparkling water to get a

consistently like this.


And then the aubs go into the batter.

Just going to give these a flip, make sure that

they're frying all over,

and finally I'm fishing my aubergine out the

oil, and putting it on some kitchen towel to drain.

going to get a nice bit of color on my tortilla by

chucking it in a dry flat pan.

Let's construct!

Some of those limes,

and cabbage, and finally a drizzle of the sauce.

- Ohhhhhhh

- I like that, pickled cabbage,

baja style, but not classic if we

come over here we have the classic fish taco.

For this final taco, we are using fish,

white fish, cod, and that's going to be in a

delicious batter with mustard and

oregano flavors, we're going to serve it with a

white sauce, a pico de gallo, which is

tomato, coriander, jalapeno, onion and

lime, and best of all we're going to make our

own tacos.

That's plain flour, salt, olive oil and

some water, and to do all the hard work of the

taco making, I'll use one of these.

And that's where we going to begin.

Plain flour, with a little bit of baking powder,

salt and olive oil, into our bowl of our

stand mixer and with the dough hook we're

going to begin to knead it together, then

add in the cold water, and knead for about

5 minutes until you've got a really

soft elastic dough.

One of the most delicious things about this

recipe is the classic baja style, the

fish goujons are cooked in lard,

so whereas the first one was the

oily mackerel, it needed no oil,

Mike's was vegetable oil, this is

lard, heat it up in a pan.

While the dough kneads away for 5 minutes, that

gives you time to dice up some tomatoes, take out the

middles, and dice them nice and fine, and then

add to it finely diced onion, coriander,

jalapeno and juice for lime. Season up, and

that's pico de gallo.

The dough should be really really soft,

like that, and that's because it's been

well kneaded, and it's got a fair amount of

oil in it in comparison to the water, roll them

into small balls, about that size,

and leave them on a flour tray.

The white sauce is one that we were taught by a

guy called Ricky in LA, he has a fish taco van,

this is the classic sour cream, whole milk,

mayonnaise, mustard. The batter for the fish is

also really simple, dry ingredients in first:

plain flour, baking powder, salt, and then

add in the water. Once you've got a

batter, we're going to finish it off with mayonnaise,

just a tablespoon, and some dried oregano.

The fish I'm going for is cod loin, with

something quite meaty, we're going to cut it

into goujon or finger length pieces.

Once are those rested, it's nice and soft,

do two things; one, preheat a dry flat pan on the

hob to cook them, and number two attach the

lasagna roller onto your machine, and then,

at a relatively low speed, you've got control,

pass it through at one point, turn it through

90 degrees and pass it through again,

and then another 45 degrees and go again,

basically you want to roll it out, but try and

keep it round.

Once they're nice and thin, and I have gone to

about the thickness of number 5 out of 9 on the

pasta roller, then they go into a really hot

pan, they should only need 30, 45 seconds on

each side, if it's super hot.

Once your lard is up to 180 degrees Celsius,

then season your fish, dust in flour,

dip in the batter, and fry it until golden crisp.

- Wowwwww

- Right well, we need to start by eating them,

so let's get stuck in.

Mackas first,

- Mackas.

Couldn't get the crisp skin.

- Cheers lads,

- Cheers,

- chin.

- Macka tacos.

Oh, that sauce is amazing.

- Not everyone likes mackerel, because it is

that kind of oily fish, for me with that

pineapple, that is brilliant.

- So how long did that take you to make?

- About 10 minutes.

- 10 minutes, that's pretty good,

if you've got a craving for a taco.

Right, I'll talk about something that's

not only not bad, it's not...


And it's not fishy, so try my vegan aubergine.

Cheers, cheers.

- I know.

- That's a bit special, wahh.

- You do not miss the fish, I mean it's not,

- Not at all.

- Well, the weird thing is, 75% of tacos probably

don't have fish in the first place, it's

only because we've called this fish taco that

this stands out, but with the seaweed and the

baja style batter, but almost more tempora like,

because it's just sparkling water and flours,

it's really crispy.

- I'll tell you one thing, it was effort, it

did not take 10 minutes.

- How, how how many?

- I reckon, for me, start to finish it

took about half an hour, that's fair isn't it.

Come on then. I've been waiting for

three hours for this.

Cor, cheers, olay.

- That's what I hoped it would be,

and it is exactly that.

- It's very rare that I go to the

effort of getting lard just to fry something, but

that is the classic way it's done baja style, and

it adds so much.

- Wow!

- Look at that cross section!

- What happened to, what have you been,

what's he been doing to you?

- Now the most effort in all of that was the

tortilla, what do we think, homemade?

- That's a homemade tortilla? Mate well done,

and I could nail about four of those, easy,

without even breathing. How long did it take you?

- End to end, just over an hour?

- I've got a craving for a taco.

- Yep

- Grab and go

- Boom

- Fulfilled

- 10 minutes

- Mid week meal

- Oh

- You could do that, half an hour.

- Yeah

- Get back home, I can imagine myself

making that, that is, that is a proper treat,

that's I've got to guess round.

- I love the aubergine, because it was

completely different, and I was not expecting it

to be able to stand up to the other two, and I

really believe it did. Aubergine was my favorite,

the vegan one.

- I think the vegan one was the cleverest, the

one I would do, my go to would be the mackerel

- Really?

- Blow torch the mackerel, I'm a big fan of

mackerel, it's another good use for it,

rather than the same things I always cook with it,

that was clever, that was delicious,

that one there with the mackerel is my go to.

- It's useful.

- Aubergine is my favorite, and it goes to

show, the best fish taco out there

- Doesn't have any fish in it.

What do you guys think, uh keep your

comments coming, also keep suggesting the

thing that we should make and compare next,

because it all comes from you, and we

love doing this, it's a really good day for us,

so thank you very much.

- We'd love to know which of those you're

most likely to make at home, you're

probably going to have to cook them to

work that out, the links are down below.

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Check it out if you're interested,

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- My bottoms fallen out.

- How did you do that?

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