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- [Host] We are sorted, a group of mates

who have your back when it comes to

all things food.

We spent the last months making our

recipe book, CBA 2.

A load of rebellious shortcuts and

hacks to get food into your mouth

quicker and/or easier.

And we thought we'd collate some those tips

and share them with you here

because sometimes you just can't be arsed to cook.


- To celebrate the release of our new cookbook, CBA 2,

I've come up with a food challenge

that is related to the first chapter, CBA to Wait.

And you know who can't be asked to

wait in the kitchen, it's Barry.

- Yeah!

- [James] He doesn't have a huge attention span.

Do you, mate?

- Well that's harsh.

- You're going to be making a quick udon puttanesca.

(electronic music plays)

(camera shutters)

- Puttanesca?

- Yeah.

- Doesn't sound quick or simple.

- But it will be.

I cooked this in 8 1/2 minutes earlier.

I'd like you to cook it a little bit faster than that.

I am going to guide you around the kitchen

and I'm going to give you a few tips, tricks, hacks

that I used to get it that quick.

- So just for clarity, we haven't got anything

preboiling or preheating.

- Nothing is on right now.

There is nothing on.

- One thing I will point out just for normal people,

ingredients are weighed out.

- [James] Things are measured out yes, fair.

- That's always a cheat but-.

- [James] True.

- Come on.

So I've got to be so efficient, so swift.


- 'Kay you ready?

- Yep.

- [James] Three, two, one, go.

(buzzer buzzes)

Turn the kettle on.

- Pro tip number one is boil a kettle

as soon as you start but always get something preheating

before we actually start doing any chopping

so that when you come to use it, it's ready.

- Okay do that all the time, next.

- [James] Grab one mixing bowl.

- [Barry] Yep.

- [James] Okay so what you're going to put in

is the anchovies, the olive oil, tomato purée, and the sugar

and you're going to grate in all of the garlic cloves.

The garlic cloves, the garlic cloves.

So you're just going to grate them straight into the bowl.

- [Barry] They've got skin on, they've got skin on.

- [James] Trust me, grate them straight into the bowl.

- [Barry] You're wrong.

- [James] Don't argue with me.

Pro tip number two is stock up

and that means kind of enhancing your stock up

a little bit from the basics to a few extra ingredients.

So anchovies is one of those.

Anchovies are great for getting depth into your food.

So think of anchovies as more umami than fishy flavour.

Prot tip three is get yourself a fine grater,

you can do everything with it.

You can grate garlic without peeling it,

you can grate citrus, you can grate Parmesan,

it's a good all arounder.

- It really does.

- [James] You're taking a little bit of time here mate.

- [Barry] Sorry.

- [James] I'll be honest with you.

- [Barry] You were chatting my bad.

- [James] Give it a quick mix,

use that spoon that you've got already.

Straight in the microwave for five minutes.

- [Barry] Microwave!


- [James] You've got three minutes so far.

- [Barry] 'Kay go.

- [James] Right another bowl.

Udon noodles into that bowl,

boiling water over your udon noodles.

Whoa that literally just boiled as you picked it up.

- [Barry] I know.

- [James] Our next pro tip is use speedy substitutes.

You can substitute pasta for noodles

'cause they're essentially the same thing.

And also you can get straight to wok noodles

which are perfect if you are really, really in a rush.

They're not cooking from dried

you can just pour boiling water over them

and they're ready in four minutes.

- That's amazing I could use that for

carbonaras, bologneses, stir fries.

It's essentially just water and flour.

- Not bad right.

- [Barry] That's genius.

- [James] I know.

Right the microwave is timing that.

- (gasps) That is smart.

- [James] Put those to the side.

- [Barry] Okay, keep on going.

Look at me I'm learning and panicking at the same time.

(vibrant saxophone)

- [James] You're gonna get your parsley and your olives.

They're going in the mini chopper.

- [Barry] Oh I love this thing!

Check, check, check, check, chem 'em out. ♪

- [James] Another pro tip if you've already

stocked your kitchen up with chopping board, knives,

sauce pans, the next purchase

is a mini chopper.

Because it's really good for making

all your sauces.

You can make mayo with it, you can make pesto with it,

you can chop stuff with it.

It's really useful and super cheap.

- Yeah great tip I use mine for making

pastes, sauces, and purées, it's brilliant.

- [James] So it's not essential but it's really

nice to have a mini chopper.

It let's you get loads of flavour in.

Yep, get that out.

Hot they're going to be hot.

- It's a bit burned.

Really hot.

It's not burnt it's flavour.

(Barry yells)

- [James] Yep really hot.

- No way.

- [James] Tongs, noodles, in.

- [Barry] Do I have to drain it first?

- [James] Nope nope nope nope.

- [Barry] Should have pulled the bowl closer.

- [James] You should've yeah.

But we're doing okay.

That's looking pretty good.

He's wasted a few seconds there.

The next pro tip is to save your pasta water

because it is amazing for adding to your dish.

To kind of loosen the sauce a little bit

but the starchiness of it makes it silky, silky smooth.

And it's seasoned already.

And then another pro tip is to use tongs

to transfer your pasta to the dish

rather than draining the water through a colander

'cause some of that water is going to come over

with the pasta, it's loosening your sauce already.

Okay get the other stuff in there,

get the olives and parsley in there.

- [Barry] Okay yeah.

- [James] Ooh come on come on.

Mix it all around.

Come on mate come on, we're gonna do this.

Grab a plate.

- [Barry] That's not it.

- [James] Put it on there.

Come on.

- Do a twirl.

- [James] Nice twirl.

Half of it half of it, just a portion.

Nice sauce.

You're taking a lot of time.

- Sorry.

- [James] Parmesan, Parmesan then you're done.

Parmesan then you're done, come on, come on.

- [Barry] And stop the clock, done.

(buzzer sounds)

I didn't really think twice about what I was making

but look at that shot.

That's a proper dish.

- [James] Did it feel quite quick?

- That's actually blown my mind a little bit.

'Cause I make a lot of pasta dishes at home.

In fact it's probably the one thing I make the most.

And every pasta dish takes a minimum, minimum

20 minutes with the boiling of the pasta

and then getting the kind of topping ready.

- [James] I think you're going to make this again.

- Going to be using udon noodles a lot.

- So shall we see if we've sacrificed any flavour.

I think you'll be making this again, I do.

- What was my time?

- Well let's give it a little taste first

and then we'll see if you've made it.

(upbeat techno music)

(bell dinging)

- You did it in exactly 8:28.

How did I do?

- You did it,

in 8:21.

- Go team!

- We both win because I guided you.

- I'll take that it's so impressive.

- That was good right.

- That dish looks as good if not better

than any pasta dish I've made.

And it took less than half the time.

By the way my time is very impressive

and it means nothing if it doesn't taste decent.

- [James] True.


- Cheers.

Mmm oh, okay, okay.

Straight away smacks you with proper flavour.

You won't cut any corners there at all.

It's sweet, it's tangy, and the anchovies

give that umami taste that makes it a proper pasta dish.

- I wouldn't even question this

if I got given it.

I'd have thought you spent hours on it.

- That is incredible.

I can't get my head around how quick that was.

- You're cheating it because you've got the anchovies,

you've kind of got the Parmesan

which is giving extra saltiness and flavour alongside that,

and then you've also got the tomato purée

which is already like really concentrated.

- [Barry] It's almost ragu like.

That little trick by bunging those simple ingredients,

into a bowl, into the microwave.

And that is your sauce.

It's genius.

Don't get me wrong, I love these udons

it's just an unfamiliar texture

because I'm expecting a pasta bite.

This has a bounce to it.

- We've compared it to pasta but it's not quite pasta.

It's a great substitute for pasta.

- [Barry] I didn't use a hob, I didn't use knife at all.

- Yep and there's no oven, there's like no heat

apart from the microwave.

And that's something that I really like about this dish.

Because you're throwing a load of really good ingredients

into a bowl and the microwave is just doing it's work.

And the anchovies dissolve into the sauce.

- Wait they've gone.

- Yeah they've gone.

The tomato purée kind of like start concentrating even more.

The olive oil gets into it and it all just kind of

amalgamates together.

- The microwave has a bad reputation

and it's completely unfair

'cause what it's done there is genius.

- You can use a microwave really cleverly.

- The microwave did all the hard work.

- So what was your favourite tip?

- The tip I'm going to steal

and apply to nearly every dish I make,

'cause I make a lot of Italian food

the grating of garlic.

- Yes.

- Why've we not done that before?

That's just a wicked hack.

- Over to you, let us know your hacks, tips, and tricks

for when you just can't be arsed to wait.

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(electronic music ends)

- I've sent Jamie a little challenge,

now one of the chapters in the book

is called CBA 2 chop and in that is a

selection of recipes that don't use a knife.

So in this challenge he's not allowed to use a knife.

- (speaking indistinctly)

- [James] Yeah I think so.

- I can smell it.

- If you could hurry up a little bit

that would be good.

- You know I love big flavours

so any shortcuts to get big flavours

in little time I'm a massive fan of.

- [Host] And now for a blooper.

- And if you did like this recipe,

you'll love our latest club book

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Cheesy enough?

I said it.

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