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At the starting point to find the treasure!

- It inverts, it inverts! - Oh thats true, 4,3

1 day and 22 hours!

You have to go there in order to continue with the step 2

The forest step!

Welcome In the second episode!

- Were now in the middle of the forest! - Thats a real one!

The forest and there are animal sounds everywhere

I just hope this step will go al fine!

This step is really hard!

Your mission inside this forest and between these trees

will be difficult!

- The map - Had to be from the beginning!

- (Saud), this place is creepy, look at these trees! - Watch out!

In the desert step, the first one, my brothers managed to localise the forest

Were now in the middle of the forest

And my brothers will find the first letter right in front of you!

Go and discover the first letter!

Lets go, Okay

Welcome in the second step of the treasure hunt challenge!

The forest is full of dangers!!

Be careful, because theres no going back!

So, what is up?

The place is so dangerous!

What if there will be some wild animals or ..

- I dont know, you want the treasure so - Bro, the forest is huge in the map, really huge!


Are you kidding?

Okay, so theres a symbol and a drawing behind the letter!

- This is a tree, look! - Yes, its a tree!

Lets go, the forest is creepy, guys!

Honestly, I feel nervous, bro!

Lets go, guys!

- The beginning and the place is really hard! - Come on bro, whats this?

- Look, its full of tree is here, okay? - Let me see the yellow one!

(Saad), each one goes in a direction, looks like theres something on a tree!

(Dahum), look, he probably didnt put this sticker!

I go from here, you from there and him from there!

You see those trees? What if we should move them and maybe something will fall down?

- No, It should be a sticker - Listen, this sticker

- What does it have to do with it? - I think thats it!

But lets shake the trees, maybe theres something up there!

Listen, I guess it should be only around a short distance!

(Dahum), from there

They are excited!

I go to the front guys okay?

(Dahum), keep an eye for yellow color, a sticker or anything

Ill go to the front!

- 1,2,3 come on guys! - Lets go!

(Dahum) is over there in the middle of the jungle, searching.

Come on friends!

My brothers are still on the search in the middle of this jungle!

This forest is a bit creepy, but

Will they find the stuff

Where is (Dahum), he disappeared!


Oh, where did you go?

- Im searching! - Okay okay!

Will they ..

But where is (Abdullah)?

(Abdullah)? (Abdullah)?

(Abdullah) in the middle of the jungle over there

- I think you will give up! - Forget about it!

The forest is a very hard step!

(Abdullah), come and see!

Oh, (Dahum)!

Come here, come here!

I knew it, its the same symbol!

Oh, they found the right tree!

- Lets go - Oh, a letter!

- Lets see whats written in the letter! - BismiAllah!

Follow the path of the bright light

- What does it mean, bright light? - Think!

Show me the letter, let the subscribers see!

- Whats the bright light? - The bright light!

Look, its the same We got here!

Looks like well need it .. look, anything we find, we put it in the backpack!

Trust me, please!

Come on guys!

The forest is waiting for you!

Isnt the the one that was here? It looks like it fell from somewhere!

Dont touch it, dont touch it!

Dont touch it, dont touch it!

- Is this a hint or something? - Hold on, it says follow.. follow guys!

Oh, lets go friends!

- (Saad), from here, bro! - Bro, it says the bright light path!

What if they mean the sun?

Look, here theres Sun, but not there!

Its not related, its not related!

Come here, look theres another one here!

Lets go friends!

(Dahum), look, its either left of right!

In my opinion, its right! Lets take it right!

Should we collect this one or what? - Look, the stick is pointed on the right!

- I think it should be right! - Oh, thats right!

Pick the correct choice, friends!

Lets go!

- Right or left? - Lets go right, lets go right!

RIght? Are you sure? Im not responsible for this!

If its not the one, We go back!

Slowly, slowly, we dont wanna lose our path!

- No, here, here - Its over!

- (Dahum), look around here .. - Around it, around it guys, look around it!

The trees guys, the trees!

(Dahum), I guess it will be on a tree, just like a while ago!

(Saad), trust me this yellow sticker has a meaning!

- They all have a yellow sticker! - Search in the trees!

- I told you it was on the left! - Come on guys!

They are excited!

- Lets go! - (Saud), We are lost in here, we are lost!

- Think, where did it stop? - Here!

Alright, think then!

I told you it was the right path, I told you!

A flashlight, (Saud)!

- Keep the tools - Put it in the bag!

(Dahum), look for a letter in there!

Hurry, hurry!

They are excited!

- Theres nothing - search, search search!

Lets go, the forest is waiting for you!

(Saud), We got lost, theres nothing anymore!

- Is this the end? - (Saud), We got lost, look!

Think, what just happened?

- We found a flashlight - Think of what just happened!

The two paths?

- The second path! - Let's go!

- From here, from here! - No one throws it!

From here!

- Come on friends! - (Dahum), its from here!

- Here, continue! - To the left!

To the front, come on!

Good job,, (Dahum), finally a letter!

Oh, a compass!

- Open, the letter! - It was that easy!

Lets see the letter guys!

To the west, where belongs the torch of life

Where is the compass, where is the compass?

- Where is the - The west, the west!

Wheres the west, (Saad)?

- From here! - From here? Or from there?

This way, this way!

Lets go!

Hey, the forest is huge, we dont wanna get lost!

Think before you go, think before you go!

To the west, where belongs the

It says to the west, you dont even need the torch of life thing!

- But what is the torch of life? - (Saad), I dont want to go there and get lost!

Where are you going, friends?

It says to the west, right?

The west is this way, but if we go there well get lost!

Well go the three of us, we wont separate anymore!

Lets go friends!

Bro, anything we find has a yellow sticker, it should mean something!

Bro, theres nothing anymore, do you see anything?

I mean we may need those or something!

I want to say something, friends read the letter!

Read the letter, it means to the west, its all clear!

Bro, he gave you a sentence and a compass, come on!

Lets go and search in there, together!

They are headed to the west!

My brothers are still searching!

To the front!

There is no road anymore!

- What have I told you? - What happened guys?

(Saud), the road is over!

Its over, what does it mean, do we fall down?

Were in the middle of the jungle!

Bro, the west is this way, exactly this way!

Come on friends!

From here, from here!

Hey, theres something white in there!

Lets go guys!

A letter, a letter!

An axe!

They found a really important letter!

Oh yeah, a lighter too!

The torch of life, thats the torch of life!

Okay a lighter!

Light it up!

Hey, theres an axe, what do we do with it?

(Saad), think, think!

Think, friends!

- Look in the letter! - Theres nothing, there only the torch of life thing!

Lets go friends!

(Saad), believe me, (Saad), listen to me!

Look, theres something yellow!

Theres something yellow!

Its like a line, theres a line!

- It says light it up - Its not a town, its a piece of paper, get it!

I swear I can see the alphabet

I swear I see it, (Saud)!

Wow, its an , right?

Alright, so what do we do with the lighter then?

Bro, maybe its just another tool to put in the bag of secrets!

Trust me, theres something in here!

I dont know, (saad) so what do we light up?

- It has to do something with it, believe me! - Read the letter well, friends!

(Saud), it only says light it up, do we burn the letter?

Maybe, why not?

Think, look look!

It said go to west and we did ..

Torch of life, light it up, so what do we light up if not the paper?

Theres nothing else, or it could be this one

I swear there are alphabets here, look!

Come on friends!

Trust me, he put this for a reason, its not just a tool!

- What if we burn it? - I dont know!

Just tell us something, (Saud), come on!

You put an empty letter, and there are alphabets but they are invisible!

What did you find with that?

- An axe and a lighter! - And whats written in the letter?

- Light it up! - But, what if we burn it, what do we do then?

But its a light paper, if we light it up it will be gone!

Lighting up could sometimes be for money!

He got confused, he got confused of the sentence!

Lets go!

Just dig with me!

It says light it up, light it up

So we light it up, either this one or this one!

What if the letter is gone, what do you do?

Bro, look at these alphabets, look at them!

Lets go friends!

Oh, he decided to light the letter up!

It really doesnt light up!

(Saad), one moment, I got a question, it says light it up

- Hey hey, what about here. - I tried it, there is nothing!

But if it burns and goes away, theres a high chance We lose!

Listen to me, listen to me

One moment, listen to me!

He must have added something thats fire resistant and that shows what's written

Right or not?

- Its getting clearer, look! - Yes, see? Burn it!

Lets go friends, they are excited!

Light it up but careful, it may get burned, careful (Saad)!

(Saad), on the other sides too!

Honestly, your reasoning is starting to give its fruits!

- So thats right? - Thats right?

- I dont know! - Continue, continue!

(Saad), there other side, the other side!

(Saad), from here, trust me, from here!

Something showed, you see?

Thats right, there are two point at the top!

- Come on friends! - Look, its really starting to show!

- Oh - Something is showing!

It looks like the alphabet

- Lets go! - (Saud), look, look!

- They could find out the first alphabet! - It means what we do is right, continue!

The word is starting to show!

(Saud), there are alphabets starting to pop up!

This is the letter, guys!

The word is starting to show!

It says Under

Looks like theres another alphabet missing, (saad)!

Lets go!

Its a , so its under

Under, trust me we should dig, trust me!

- Look, theres a yellow color here! - Light it up!

- Lets go friends! - Its starting to show, look!

They are excited!

This is the hardest thing, my finger is burnt!

My brothers are still trying to read the very important letter!

Youre taking too long in this step!

- Theres wind, theres wind! - Lets go friends!

Lets go!

Its starting to pop up, really!

Oh, the word is starting to show!

Here we go, the word is showing!

- Dont burn, dont burn! - Careful, my friends!

- Lets see! - Flowers, right?

Read guys!

- Read it, (Dahum) - Under the flowers!

Each one goes a different way, and look for flowers!

There are no flowers, there are no flowers!

- We need to dig then! - I told you since the beginning, theres some digging to do!

- (Saud), the letter is really hard, honestly! - You made it and could read the letter!

- (Saud), under the flowers, under the flowers! - Lets go!

You found the half of the solution!

(Dahum), to the left, and you to the right, and Ill go this way!

No, Each one goes to a different way!

- Go there - Okay!

Lets go!

To be continued

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