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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DROPPED her iPHONE!

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- Not cool!

- She's gonna freak out, she loves her phone!

- I don't like you, Stephen. - You just slammed.

- I hate you so much right now.

- Hi, it's SOTY family.

All right guys, so we are super duper stressed

in this family right now.

We are leaving on vacation tomorrow.

We are going on a cruise with the entire family.

We're gonna be gone for twelve days,

and we are not prepared.

We wait till the last minute, you know,

that's just how we roll.

We have this going on.

We have backpacks packed.

And the kids' suitcases are done.

But we still have so many things on our to do list

that we haven't even done yet, and guys, it's getting late.

So, instead of doing those things,

I decided to have a prank off.

(upbeat music)

All right guys, so the idea of this video

is to prank each other in the family,

and once your prank them,

you get to leave this prank off card.

No one else knows we're doing it because, you know,

I made it up and I'm gonna pull the first prank.

And then, the idea is that the person I prank

gets to take that card and prank someone else,

and present them with the same card.

And then we can forget the stress of trying

to go on vacation because we're having

an awesome time pranking each other.


All right guys, so Steve is in the other room.

And my idea is that I'm gonna be

drinking that water right there.

And then I'm gonna mention that there's something

in my water and that it's floating around

and have him come and look at it.

He's gonna come look at it,

and I'm gonna squirt it in his face!

I need you for a second.

- [Steve] Where are you?

- I'm in the kitchen.

(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)

Are you gonna pack tonight?

- [Steve] Yeah.

- Because I need to know if.

- In the morning.

I'll pack right now. - If I'm gonna fit it in

the suitcase, and. - Not right now.

- This Marco Polo thingy, why is it doing that?

- Because, let me see your phone.

(upbeat music)

(phone dings)

- Is this stuff supposed to have speckles on it?

- Probably just nothing.

- Like purple speckles?

- Why would you drink it?

- Look!

(bottle squirting)


(upbeat music)

- I hate you so much right now.

- Pranked!

Pranked ya!

Now it's your turn.

- Not funny.


Now that I'm dry and got rid of

all that grape speckled water.

What a joke, I can't believe I fell for that.

I'm ridiculous.

Let's see what this little note says.

You've been pranked, now it is your turn

to prank someone else.

Let the prank wars begin.

Fine, you wanna do this?

I've got the perfect prank.

In our house, it's really easy to get people

to come sit in front of the camera.

So, I'm gonna have Stephen sit

in this chair right here that I'm in,

tell him he's gotta say something

for a video, you know, whatever.

And when he goes, I'm gonna pull

the chair out from underneath him

and watch him fall right on his butt.

Now, that's a prank.

It's time.

Stephen, where are you?

All right, so, we're gonna do like

a little funny doll-maker clickbait title.

You're gonna come in.

You're gonna be like, you're gonna have this paper.

Just dumb shit, whatever it really is, you know.

And you're just gonna go,


And then you're gonna say,

"The doll-maker is back."

Are you being serious about it, though?

- [Stephen] Guys,

the doll-maker's. - Make sure I got a good shot.


Ah, you're supposed to fall on your butt!



I still pranked you,

just don't tell anybody it wasn't that good.

- That was horrible!

That was, that was horrible!

- [Steve] You almost fell for it!

- I almost did but I put my hands down

first and you just slid it away.

- I went too early.

- Yeah, you went way too early.

- Whatever, you've been pranked.

- So guys, I think I'm gonna prank Taylor.

I'm gonna get her phone and download

a cracked screen app on it.

Just the hard part is actually getting her phone from her.

So, Taylor always has her phone on her.

To get it, I'm gonna go down there and say,

"We're gonna download some movies for the airplane flight

"we're going on to go on our cruise."



Mom and Dad need your phone to download

some movies for the airplane ride.

- [Taylor] Okay.

(upbeat music)

Why do you want to download movies?

- [Jamie] It's not a Siamese--

- We're doing good.

- [Jamie] It's slow.

- We just gotta hope Taylor stays down there

long enough to download this app.

You gotta get the screen that looks the most realistic.

- Okay.

- Search like cracked screen.

She's gonna freak out, she loves her phone!

That one looks really realistic.

(upbeat music)

- I found headphones, destroyed a hundred.

(phone dropping)

- Stephen!

- Oh, crap!

(upbeat music)

- [Jamie] What did you do?

- What did you do?

Did you break my phone?

It's a prank.


- Here you go!

She's like, her face at first, she's like,

"Stephen, did you break my phone?"

- Were you scared at first? - Pranked ya!

- No.

- Yes, you were! - Yeah, you were.

You were for sure scared at first.

- I don't like you Stephen. - You just slammed.

- All right guys, it's my turn to do a prank.

And I got Payton's homework and Duncan.

I'm gonna copy off of Payton's homework

and then my prank is gonna be Duncan ate her homework.

So, first we need to make a copy

so that we don't actually ruin her homework,

because then that would be not good, not good at all.

(upbeat music)


Why is it taking so long?

Guys, Payton's been working hours and hours on her homework.

I think she may get upset.

It's done!

It needs to get a little crinkled.


Come on Duncan, come on homework.

Let's rock.

(upbeat music)

All right, I need to place it perfectly.

I'm gonna be leaving this book opened, like.

(upbeat music)

You're not supposed to destroy this one, Duncan.

Like this.

Now Duncan, come get some paper.

Come on, come on, come get it.

(upbeat music)

I Googled the prank.

(upbeat music)

I'm just gonna.


Payton, Duncan ate your homework!


Duncan ate your homework.


(upbeat music)

(dog barking)

(upbeat music)

- What?

- [Taylor] It's your homework page!

(upbeat music)

- I don't remember doing this.

- [Girl] Aw, Duncan.

- [Payton] But what did he rip it out from?

- [Taylor] I don't know.

That one turned in?

- I have no idea.

Where's the other pieces of it?

- Duncan was playing with it around here, I think it's.

- [Jamie] Shoot.

- I remember this.


- [Jamie] Is that a piece of it?

- What?

I knew that wasn't my handwriting.

You got me but now it's on.

All right guys, so I've been pranked.

And we have to be quiet because Jordyn

never been pranked yet.

She doesn't know about this,

so I have to find out something.

- All right guys, so Payton and I have been talking

about a prank that she can pull on Jordyn,

and I came up with a really good one, 'kay?

What if we call Jordan inside the office and you told her,

and I'll be sitting right there,

that we got an email saying that

JoJo canceled her concert to Utah.

- Okay.

- Would that work?

All right guys, so I just grabbed a screenshot

of JoJo's concert and I wrote in big red letters canceled

so I can help Payton out with her prank.

All right Payton, do you see that?

Canceled, 'kay.

Go get Jordyn and say,

"Jordan, Mom has something to show you real fast!"

- Jordyn!

- Yeah?

- I opened up my email.

(upbeat music)

- Aw.

Why is it canceled?

- [Steve] What does it say?

- [Payton] Canceled.

- [Steve] What's canceled?

- [Payton] Canceled on the computer.

JoJo Siwa tickets, canceled.

(upbeat music)

- I don't know why.

(upbeat music)

It was an email that was sent.

(upbeat music)

Are you okay?



- Pranked ya!

It's okay Jordyn, it's fake.

You still get to go!

[Jamie] Guess what Jordyn?

Pranked ya!

This is fake.

We made it, it was fake.

It's not canceled.


- [Taylor] What happened?

- [Mom] We pranked Jordyn.

- [Payton] Look, canceled.

- [Jamie] But it's not really canceled.

- [Steve] Are you excited it's not canceled?

- [Jamie] Yay, you get to go to the concert still!

Here you go, Jordyn.

- [Girl] Can I have one of those?

- Not cool!

- All right guys, it's the next day.

- Yes.

- Jordyn is ready for her prank.

This is what she said she wanted to do, so we're up.

Mom's still asleep because she was up till like four

in the morning getting you guys ready for this cruise.

- Yeah, 'cause we're leaving today.

- She's exhausted.

But we're gonna go in and Jordyn's gonna run in really fast,

I'm gonna stand in the corner, and she's gonna run in going,

"Mom, Mom, Mom!

"We're late for the cruise, you forgot to wake up!"

And see if she can get her to panic.

- Okay.

- Can you do it? - Yeah.

- This might be the best prank done so far.

- Yeah. - Besides my prank.

Okay, it's better than my prank.


- Yes. - Let's do it.

(upbeat music)

- Mom, Mom, Mom!

We're late for the cruise, you slept in!

- Why are you yelling?

- [Taylor] I don't really know if I.

- What?

- We missed the cruise.

We missed the flight, you've been sleeping in.

[Steve] Jamie, you've been sleeping in,

we're supposed to be there at eight, let's go.

- Where's my phone?

- Here, look. - Are we?

(upbeat music)

- Pranked ya!

- [Steve] She hadn't done her prank yet, Mom!

(upbeat music)

No, but seriously, we gotta go.

Jamie. - We have to go!

- [Steve] Jamie!

Jamie, we gotta go!

- Mom!

- All right guys, thank you for watching today's video.

We are leaving now, we're going out of town.

Thank you for watching our prank off.

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- And we'll see you guys at the cruise.


(upbeat music)

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