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Dad..Just for once..

Guardian : She didn't go far like this before

She would just go with the flow,

playing together or not, or she would play with other toys too

Momo / Frisbee-Addict doggo


I'm dying to play right now

(Pretending not seeing)

(Pretending not hearing)

Guardian : I thought we triggered her obsession over a frisbee

since we couldn't play with her more

after she gave birth

Three months ago

Momo gave birth to five siblings

Since her delivery, she lost so many hairs

and got more into Frisbee game

If I can't play Frisbee,

my puppies are not worthy for me

Move away bro

Guardian : You can say that she's gone crazy

She doesn't nurse her pups


She's asking to play Frisbee, not looking after her pups

I've nursed them for 3 months

Now they are old enuff to grow on their own~


Before she goes crazy even more




Don't think it's going to end now

Yup, correct ^^

(Somebody help me)

At that time, at home,



Hide well

(You better hide well..)


A hot mess both inside and outside

(Somebody help me22)

Who called me?

Animal Behaviorist : Alright, I'm going to throw a frisbee

As usual



Animal Behaviorist : Momo doesn't know what she's doing right now

You need to set a fixed start and end when playing Frisbee

Mom only knew the start,

not the end

That's why it's become a never-ending Frisbee game

Animal Behaviorist : Set how many times you'd throw the frisbee. If it's 10, keep it to 10

After ten, take a break, and throw ten more, and repeat

Playing with rules

Animal Behaviorist : You have to keep it stable!

Make your body and the frisbee in the straight line

Also learned how to throw the frisbee

in the right way


Higher Farther

Excited Excited

It's 10 and it's over!

Okay, let's wrap up


And father,

Don't worry about my pups

Animal Behaviorist : Momo paying no interest in her pups is not true

She just steps back from them

That's why her pups are fast in understanding and have a good sense of balance

What they also have is a good concentration on anything they do

Thanks to the mother Momo's independent parenting style,

Her pups' physical abilities

are superior to other peers

It's all thanks to my parenting style!

Guardian : We've learned so many things

that would be a great help in raising my dogs

We shall bloom from now on

☆★Extra scenes available★☆

(Sa.. Save me)

They need to grow faster.. only then they wouldn't jump into there..

After giving birth,

she's entered the stage where her scalp hairs turn dead and fall out

she's lost so man hairs these days..

Shaking off

those many hairs that easily

My babes,

do quality things only..♥

Maybe because the air is clean

Falling into.. asleep..!

-The end-

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