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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Gordon Demos How To Make Tarte Tatin | Season 10 Ep. 7 | MASTERCHEF

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Tonight you'll have 60 minutes to cook

a caramelized tart Tatin.

The secret is the pastry and the fruits.

You've got apples, pineapples, peaches.

Take it any direction you wish.

But the step you've got to follow,

first thing, the short crust.

Flour, sugar, salt, OK, and your butter.

Make sure your butter's nice and firm.

The most important thing in the short crust

is to make sure it's robust.

Any of you ever made a tart Tatin before?

I made one for a Christmas party at work.


Make this dough nice and pliable.

Let that rest now.

Now, the caramel.

Take a cast iron pan.

Place that butter into the pan.

From there, fingers, push that down.

Lightly sprinkle the sugar.

And that's the base of your caramel.

You got the butter.

You got the sugar.

Some cinnamon sticks, some star anise, and then

a beautiful vanilla pod.

Now, the pears.

Place the round part into the butter at a 90-degree angle,

and the point comes up, all the way around.

Look at that there.

We put that on.

We'll start seeing that sugar and that butter melt.

But you need to be super careful here.

Caramel, as you know, we're going to take to 380 degrees.

We're not burning it, but we're getting

it really nice and dark.

Take this caramel too far, and it's bitter.

I have no clue how I'm going to do all this stuff

as smoothly as he's doing it.

Now, for the pastry.

The secret here is to make sure we do

not roll this pastry too thin.

You're looking for about 3/4 of a centimeter thick.

Then we can see the color, right?

It's nice and dark.

Smells incredible.

You take that off the gas.

You go onto the board.

Super careful.

We lift up, and we go over the pan quickly.


Then you lift up the pear and tuck the pastry in.

Up and twist.

Lift up and tuck in.

Super important.

One, two, three.

If we don't pierce that pastry, you're going to steam

it underneath and it'll be raw.

Into the oven she goes.

18 to 20 minutes at 375.

WUTA: I'm so grateful I'm up here, because this is

one of the challenges that either makes a chef

or breaks a chef.

I've never even seen this dessert before.

Now, creme anglaise.

What is cream anglaise?

It's custard.

To start off, bring your cream and your milk to the boil.

As that's boiling, whisk in the yolks.

[inaudible] sugar, and we whisk.

Now, I'm doing a vanilla basic custard.

What I want to see tonight is some creativity.

You can go any route.

In she goes.

One third.

Quick whisk.

And then from there, back in.

This way you got to be super careful.

We turn the gas down.

Non-stop stirring.

As you start to see thickening, you take that off.

I'm feeling nervous it's a classic French dessert.

So how do I put an Indian twist on it?


Back on.

380 degrees caramel.

Please be careful.

Plate on top.

Firm hand on, and twist.

There we have our beautiful Tatin.

Oh, wow.




GORDON RAMSAY: But guess what?

We're not done yet.

Lights down, please.

Cognac in.

We're going to flamb the tart Tatin [inaudible]..





Oh my gosh.


It smells so good.

And then, finally, a beautiful sprinkling of powdered

sugar across the caramelized pastry.


GORDON RAMSAY: That is how a true master chef delivers

a caramelized tart Tatin.




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