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With SummerSlam less than three weeks away, we have to wonder what or

who is next for the Almighty Era.

What's going on guys, I'm Mckenzie Mitchell for

WWE Now with what you need to know before it all goes down tonight.

>> Everybody's been talking about The Almighty against Goldberg and

I get it, I can see it, the champion versus the iconic hall of famer, but

the question is when it can only be answered by The Almighty.

So I ask what is it champ, is Goldberg next?

>> I'm not even gonna dignify Goldberg's challenge with a response.

>> [NOISE] >> Two weeks ago, Goldberg rolled

back into Raw with a massive challenge for the WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

Last week The Almighty and MVP shut down the WWE Hall of Famer, but

Goldberg isn't the only superstar that came knocking for a matchup.

Lashley's old hurt business running made Cedric Alexander and

Shelton Benjamin feel that they deserve the opportunity but

Lashley stacked them up to send a dominating message.

How will Goldberg respond to the disrespectful denial tonight on Raw?

>> NIkki A.S.H ready to fly.

>> Look out Queen.

>> Way to reversal.

>> One, two, three.

>> And Charlotte Flair with the win.

>> I can admit I lost that match, but

I showed myself that I almost could have won.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> And

I have the confidence that I can beat you, Charlotte.

So next week I challenge you to a rematch.

>> Nikki A.S.H. had a storybook title victory, but

Charlotte Flair is intent on making her reign a short chapter.

As the new Raw Women's Champion celebrated with the WWE Universe last week,

the Queen came calling.

The almost superhero and Flair battled again only for

the challenger to crash the party, but the setback did little to discourage Nikki's

confidence as she immediately demanded a rematch.

With the two set for a no holds barred battle, who will be left standing tonight?

>> [NOISE] >> The fight may

be out of him after that, Corey.

>> That will liquefy your organs.

>> Styles demanding the tag from Omos.

>> Says I'm tired of the Viking Raiders, I'm tired of the taunts.

>> AJ is savoring the moment.

>> [NOISE] >> What agility.


>> And a cover.

>> And they retain the title.

>> Raw's resident Colossus has been dominating since teaming with

The Phenomenal One in the ring.

Last week they successfully defended their titles against the Viking Raiders, but

tonight Omos will go at it alone against Riddle in a one on one showdown.

Will Riddle be able to topple the giant Omos when they throw

down on the red brand?

Find out when it all goes down tonight on Monday Night Raw

at 8/7 central on the USA Network.


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