Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Driver X Allister Brimble - A melodious 2020!

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Hello Drivers!

2020 is about to end and it means its the time to remember the good things that happened

this crazy year.

At least in the Driver universe, there isn't so much bad to discuss and we will start this

series of videos with the awesome remastered soundtracks of the Driver PS1 games leading

to even more community involvement in the form of a brand new theme for The Driver Syndicate.

At the end of January 2020, Allister Brimble uploaded on his Youtube channel a preview

of his upcoming remastered of the DRIVER 2 original soundtracks.

If you dont know him yet, Allister Brimble is the composer of the DRIVER 1 and 2 soundtracks

so this project attracted very quickly the interest of the Driver community.

It didnt take more for me to contact him and after a little email exchange, Brimble

was already kind enough to let us use both the original and remastered versions in The

Driver Syndicate free of charge after providing them in high audio quality.

The only request was to avoid getting the files too easily as Allister was releasing

the tracks on bandcamp in parallel.

Soapy did a great work to obfuscate the audio files and thats why sometimes your antivirus

will think The Driver Syndicate is a malware since its too well protected.

Soapy is also responsible for the key art covers of the release albums on bandcamp,

hes really a one man army!

In regards to the remastered tracks themselves, they sound very good with some new additions

and transitions while still keeping what made us liking them in the first place with higher

quality instruments.

But more than that, our discussion revolved around the possibility to collaborate even

more by commissioning Allister Brimble for a brand new track in 2020: the main theme

of The Driver Syndicate!

Certainly the first ever successful fundraising Driver related, the theme was crow funded

by the community in a few days and it took a little more than that for Brimble to deliver

us a great track which can be hear right when you launch the game!

Brimble was also kind enough to help me with the video reveal I posted on my channel by

making a audio cameo in it!

You can listen for free the tracks on Spotify and you can also buy them on Bandcamp to support

Allister Brimble.

You can also use the files in your Youtube video but be aware that Tunecore will claim

it which is not a problem because your video will still be watchable by everyone and it

only means that the ads will give a very small amount of money to Allister Brimble so thats

also a way to show him support!

On my end I really liked the way this project came about with Brimble being very responsive

and helpful in the creation process - something that we are not always used to when we talk

to the people who worked on the Driver games and I was also very pleased to see the Driver

community crowfunding a brand new track from the original composer of the Driver PS1 games

20 years later!

If you participated in the crowdfunding, you can be proud to be a part of the main theme

of this great game and if you haven't been so lucky maybe we'll do another crowdfunding

later for something Driver related, who knows

Thanks for watching!

You can tell me in the comments your favorite remastered tracks from Brimble as well as

your thoughts on The Driver Syndicate main theme.

In the upcoming days I will upload another Driver Rewind video resulting of a big collaboration

with many content creators such as Snoopii, ViperRacing, Olanov, WheelspinGaming, Mineanddrive

and RacingFreak so stay tuned!

As you can see, Im now using a greenscreen received at Christmas and Im also planning

to get a new camera to deliver even more content in 2021 and it would not be possible without

your great support whether by watching my videos and liking them or by joining the Red

River and supporting financially the channel with the Youtube membership.

My current Red Rivers are, freshcontact, Nirosins, Tank09_YT, EmmetMcLaughlin

and Paul Lanois.

Big thanks to them for their support and see you soon Drivers!

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