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In a journey to everywhere

Between cities and nations

In the presence of the Wise Remembrance

The Lord of all hearts Has unified us... Has unified us all.

And for the sake of memorizing the book

We have knocked every door

and we shall continue this path, before things come to an end

When memorizing the noble Quran, you should dedicate your time and effort for this goal

And this is one of the fundamental principles for the memorization of the book of Allah Almighty

Once you start, never say " I have no time".

Never work on it one day, then skip many other days.

Never make you daily memorization practice be secondary.

Quran is a great deal, don't just give it the excessive of your time

Many use the excuse of having no time. But I am sure that we do have time, but we only fool ourselves, thinking we have no time to memorize the book of Allah Almighty

Let me give you this very simple example.

Consider someone who always says: " I am busy, I have work, children, grandchildren, my private business etc."

What if that person gets sick! What if they get diabetes or heart condition - May Allah protect us.

Let's say the doctor advised this person that it is critical that he/she dedicates some of their time to walking

At least an hour of walking to prevent the escalation of their health issue

Because health is a priority, and because that person loves their health and wellbeing, he/she will find an hour for that

Even if he/she is so busy, they will Make that time

Similar is the Quran, you love it so much. You want to memorize it because you know exactly how much reward Allah prepared for those who hold it

Give it time!

Even if you don't have time, Make the time for memorizing this book of Allah

Abu Salih is an old man. One day he wished to memorize the Quran, but he had no time.

But he felt that this was so important for him that he could not just abandon the idea

He deeply felt the importance of memorizing it

Do you know what hour he chose for it?

The half an hour drive to work, and the other half an hour returning back from work.

How? He hired a driver, and decided to take the back seat.

On the way to work he memorizes a page or half a page

And on the way back he revises and memorizes a bit more.

He continued this way until he finished memorizing the Quean, why? Because he took it as a priority

The book of Allah is indeed great, so give it priority and time. For that Allah has shown you how much of a great reward awaits you once you memorize this noble Quran.


In Egypt, I met a young man who lost his sight at the age of four.

After much encouragement from his parents, he took the path of memorizing the noble Quran, until he finished all of it

I learned from Muadh that hard work would never go in vain

Today we had a very long journey, and very tiring one.

However, reaching this place was worth all the time and efforts we put for it.

We are now in the Eastern province, in Jazeeratul-Sa'adah (the island of happiness)

- How are you Shiekh Muadh? - Praise is to Allah - I hope you are doing well my beloved

- In this Island of Happiness, I feel so happy that I am sitting with you - Praise is to Allah!

Shiekh Muadh, I want to hear your story with the Quran.

You started at the age of 6.

How was the beginning?

Yes that was my beginning, and was a hard journey for me.

But I took it knowing that at the end it will be a fortune in this dunyah, and the hereafter by the will of Allah.

I hope the Quran would be my interceder.

This is why my parents endured so much patience with me, and I also had to withstand hardships

I never took it lightly to take him every morning to the school, even if he was tired.

Then from school we would go to the circle of Quran studying.

Then we head home. We revise, and memorize the 1/4 that the teacher has given him

And for him I had an extra assignment of 2 juzz's daily.

I gave him the choice to either finish them after Dawn prayer, or at the end of the day time.

He would come to me at times and say: " Mum, I am tired"

I would tell him " Let's start with the Quran, and your tiredness will be gone by the will of Allah"

We found the Scholar Mulana Jamal Saied Deeb

And he is based in Al-Zakazeek city

We explained to him the situation of our son, and he was so welcoming, may Allah reward him.

The distance to him was about 10-12 km

- I heard that you go to your teacher by the motorcycle! - Yes - With you father...

So tell us which road did you take?

We used to go through the Eastern Province, until we reach a place called "The Bus Garage"

- Yeah - yes.. the Bus Garage!

How far is that from your area?

If you are taking the motorcycle, it would take about 3/4th of an hour

- Almost an hour! - Yes

I have always felt proud to have him riding over my back.

I had a front glass protection in the motorcycle

So because I did not memorize the Quran,

I used to write the 1/4th that Muadh has as assignment and stick the paper in front of me

We never wasted that time. Muadh used to read for me, and I correct him while we are on the way

In many instances, we used to get turned back

If Muadh makes the even a small mistake in a recitation rule or vowel signs, the sheikh would turn him back to repeat

Is it true sheikh Muadh that when you used to go to your teacher with a revision assignment, a juzz for example

- ... is it true if you make a mistake.... - Oh yeah! - By the way, shiekh Muadh used to take a traveling journey to his teacher

it is not that the shiekh lives nearby or comes to this house

But he has to travel...

Can you believe that I used to go to my sheikh during the first half of Quran... guess how many times!

- How many? - 3 days

- 3 days every week? - Yes 3, only!

I used to beg him so much

At first, he gave me only 2 days.

But I kept begging him so much to make them three

And he used to stop me to reflect on very heavy and powerful meanings

He wouldn't mind sometimes to give me one verse, only!

Only one!

- Only one verse! - Only one

- But it was a long distance for only one verse! - By Allah, he used to do it!

- And in some days, I did not even play - But I heard you play so much, right sheikh?

All praise is to Allah, He gave me a great blessing and took my eye sight

Glory is to Him. I truly praise Him for this bless

- Even in my prayer, I never ask Him to give it back to me! - You don't wish to?

- Say, why? - Why?

Hopping that this will be my proof in the Day of Judgment when I meet Him

So that He would ease my sufferance.

I will stand before Him

And I know I will be scared and shaking.

He will ask me of what I did with the Quran.

I hope he will ease it on me, He gives His mercy to whoever He wills.

He already blessed me much with the Quran so that ever if I want to go somewhere..

I go alone!

Only me!

I need no one

But my father fears that I go alone!

It crossed my mind at that moment, the large number of my Muslim fellows, who are seeing, but yet got too lazy to memorize the Quran

Oh Allah, what will be their proof on that day?

-Praise is to Allah in all situations - Shiekh Muadh, I heard that you have an important principle of Ibn-ul-Qayim

- Yes! - What is it?

Ibn-ul-Qayim may Allah have mercy on him said:

" Allah would never close a door for a slave by His wisdom, unless He opens another two, with His mercy"

- So you never feel sad when among your friends that you've lost your sight - Never ever!

- When young.... - Many would feel down. - When I was young I used to feel so frustrated, I wouldn't deny that

- Sometimes I even felt angry - Yes

But when I grew up I stopped being angry about it and thanks to Allah, I accepted it as the decree of Allah

Yes! Our prophet may peace and blessings be upon him said:

"Whoever Allah tests with his two beloved (i.e. the sight of his eyes), and he/she patiently endured that, Allah would compensate him/her with the Jannah"

- We ask Allah that we inherit the Jannah of Firdous - Ameen oh Allah!

" My worries have escaped, and a stressed heart has been relieved"

"When I recited you, all the sorrow flied away"

" Oh Quran, you are like a sealed scent"

" My breaths never comforted me without the smell of it"

It is very important when you memorize the Quran, to use only one Mus'haf (book)!

So don't memorize a juzz using one print, then change the print afterwards

There are many prints of the Quran, and the annotation of each type is very different

You might wonder why I am asking you to use only one print

At the end of the day, they are all Quran

But never do that! When a memorizer looks into the Quran book, he/she prints the image of it in their head and never forgets the location of the verses.

For example, now that I have memorized the Quran from this print, I know that in surat Fusilat, the verse "Indeed those who have said Allah is our lord then they straightened, indeed angels would descend upon them..."

I know that this verse is located on the top left side of this page.

When I read " And those who do not worship any Gods along with Allah, and do not kill the soul that Allah has made sacred except with justice..."-the verse of suratul-Furqan.

I know it is located in a similar place.

"Indeed, for the righteous is attainment..." of Suratul-Naba' is on the top right corner of the page.

I picture all the Quran according to this print

In other prints, the locations of these verses would be completely different

This variation would confuse you and make your memorization difficult.

So this is one of the tips that will help you memorize the book of Allah Almighty

Another tip is that I particularly recommend you to read from the Mushaf of Al-Madinah, printed by the institute of King Fahad. It comes in green and blue versions

I recommend it because it has high-quality and clear scripts

Secondly, each of its pages starts with the beginning of a verse and ends with the end of a verse, something you would not find in most other prints

It is also organized so that each 20 pages make exactly one juzz.

So if you want to finish a juzz, you know you exactly have 20 pages to go.

This will also make it easier for you to memorize the book of Allah Almighty

So, make sure you use one print when memorizing the book of Allah Almighty

[ The school of the Great Green Mosque- Turkey]

In our company is a hafidh, a distinguished one, a graduate of this centre, the centre of the Green Mosque.

Shiekh Wali, may Allah preserve him!

Shiekh Wali, what is your story with the Quran, and how did it start?

I started memorizing the Quran at the age of 8 and I finished it at the age of 10

I mentioned to you that I have a distinguished example of a hafidh, not just a hafidh

He memorized the Quran, knowing the number of pages!

Don't give him a verse, just give him the page number and he will tell you!

Before we start let's say " That's Allah's will, no power except by Allah"

So let's start

The page number is


" And We sent not before you, [O Muhammad], except men to whom We revealed [the message], so ask the people of the message if you do not know."

Let's ask another Question.

I ask Allah Almighty to bless what you memorized

the page number is 401

In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the Most Gracious

" And when Our messengers came to Abraham with the good tidings, they said, "Indeed, we will destroy the people of that Lot's city. Indeed, its people have been wrongdoers.""

Sheikh Wali, how could you reach to this level of perfection?

This is not easy at all ! Even me that I memorized the Quran, I can never tell the verses by page numbers like you do!

When I first started memorizing the Quran, I used to look to the page number so its image remained in my mind

Later on, my teachers told me that this is a great blessing that very few are capable of

I ever knew before that this was a unique thing I had.

The page number is 451

" And when they had both submitted and he put him down upon his forehead,"

" We called to him, "O Abraham,""

" " You have fulfilled the vision." Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good."

Allah the Great has said the truth

" Lovers in Jannah, their greeting is Peace!"

" Memorizers who has been honored by the words of Lord of all creations"

" They recite in the late nights, and through the days"

" Oh Allah, make them with the Ambassador nobles of angels"

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