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The best moment in my career.

From Borusse to Borusse


During your time, who was the best Dortmunder in your eyes?

Well, I played with Mario Götze, and we had a good team.

Also with Kagawa when he was at his peak, but Mario Götze was very strong for the team in 2010.

Who was or is your best friend at BVB?

RomanRoman Weidenfeller. Im a big friend of Roman because he helped me a lot when I was in Dortmund,

and Im happy because it can be hard for South American people in another country,

and Ive always stayed in touch with him, and with Shinji Kagawa.

We met up in Dortmund three years ago, and Im happy because I had lots of friends in Dortmund.

Do you still follow BVB games, and have you been back to the stadium?

Im a Dortmund fan! Ive always watched their games, Champions League and Bundesliga.

Ive always said that when Dortmund play, Ill watch it onlineI watch everything.

Im very happy because right now Dortmund are doing well, on the pitch and financially.

Thats great, because the first years I was there were a bit difficult,

and then we won two titles, Dortmund got better and better and better, and we bought lots of good players.

Im a long way from Dortmund, but Im very happy.

Do you miss the weather in Dortmund?

Well, its difficult when youre training in Dortmund, but it was OK for me.

I also played in Russia, where its very, very cold,

but when youre doing well, like we were at Dortmund, you dont have any problems with the weather.

Whos your absolute favourite player at the moment?

Sancho. Ive always said hes a good playerhes quick, he scores goals too,

and in football its not easy to be that quick and score that many goals, but its important.

Hopefully he keeps it up, well see what happens in the Champions Leaguehopefully Dortmund win it!

How happy are you that you are now playing in the BVB Legends team?

Yes, Im happy because I have lots of friends here.

I played with Tinga and Dedé, but Id never played with Koller, and Ive met him today.

We make up a good team, and we need more Legends games.

I also played lots of games with Zidan, and its important for Dortmund that were here.

It shows that we did well in Dortmund.

How would you describe your time at BVB in one word?

The best moment in my career.

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