Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tennent's Wellpark | Boy Bands

Difficulty: 0

Here Paul


Starting a boyband is exactly the same as getting an orgy on the go, eh?

What dya mean, Bobby?

Well that must be embarrassing as anything to ask one of yer pals.

Ah suppose...

Here, you want to start a boyband guys?’

Anybody want to get a sex party on the swing?’

That must be so embarrassing to bring up.

And then youve got the logistics of just getting the whole thing organised.

What clothes do I wear?

Where do I stand?

Whos coming in first?

Ah dunno. Ah think thats embarrassing as anything a question to ask your pals.

Yeah man but if you cant ask your pals that, who can you ask?

Alright then, lets dae it!

What, start a boyband?



Starting a boyband

ThatsThats what I was on about, Paul.

Starting a boyband

Hooooooow is Shirley?

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