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What's up everybody? This is Serif the Broker.

Right now, we are in Badat Street.

Let's walk a little bit and mention aboutBadat Street.

Badat Street is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, in Kadky.

Why we arestarting today our tour on the Badat Street?

Because we will go to Mina Towers which isten minute away from here by car.

I would like to start here because this is thenicest place that you can enjoy while you ownan apartment in Mina Towers.

On the Badat Street,

Iknow I've been in Champs Elyses. It's so similar because it's wide, wide space for walking, very nice shopssuch as Vakko is the best Turkish design brand.

There is Rolex here, Benetton, Zara, Massimo Dutti, whatever you can see on the shopping malls, you find them on this streets plus, a la carte and nicerestaurants on the streets and the patisseries are here.

We are on the early hours of theday. People started to walk here.

While you seearound that there is upper scale of population living in this location and the traffic neverdisturbs you because so wide space ofenjoying the Badat Street.

On the other hand,

it's not only Badat Street. If you are comingin the mornings, you can come to the seaside ofthis district to walk around on the grass, swim inthe sea.

So, this location has the multiple options to enjoy Badat Street.

So, while walking, wewill reach our car and we will drive to Mina Towers.

By the way, after eid holiday, it is very hard to go back to work.

Nine days, we all Turkey enjoy the holiday.

I see the calmness of the city right now.

Rightafter the holiday.

Maybe, you remember on my video ''top 10 restaurants''.

My top restaurantis located in Badat Street in Bostanc, Tavac Recep Usta.

If you have time while you are traveling Turkey,Istanbul, you should visit that place as well.

Badat Street, Suadiye, seaside.

Clean air, people are running, cycling roads...Everybody is coming while there is socialdistancing in this district.

Enjoy the seaside of Kadky.

What I see there, there are sunbeds and a beachon the Suadiye that people are swimming.

Here, there's small yachtmarina here for the small boats

The thing here, all the houses has islands view.

Yesterday, we did a meeting with the team that soon we will go to islands to have a tour and showyou around there.

Let's walk.

And enjoy like people.

Literally in five minutes, we came from Badat Street by driving to Mina Towers.

It's only 2.7 kilometer to drive to this location and all around us already developed with the shops and you can easily walk.

We seen around it's not only drivingarea that you can easily walk from here to Badat Street maybe in 15 minutes.

So, this is MinaTowers.

There are six blocks.

Each of them has 23 floors and each block has 250 apartments and intotal,

There are 1500 apartments in this project.

All project will be delivered on 2023 on June.

Iwill walk up to show you around the project here

All around has greenery area under theprojects. They have the walking areas as well.

Some of the apartments on ground floor has gardens and under the blocks, there are shops. So, youwill have your own shopping area underyour blocks

and on the top of each block, it has a private swimming pool of that block so each 250 apartments...

...will use this top floor swimming pools, sunbedareas, some cafeteria and the view of the islands...

...of Istanbul.

And there are parkingsand greenery over here as well.

The project is consisting from one bedroom tofour bedroom options.

A starting price of $125,000

and today we will see a sample apartment of179 meters square gross, 120 meter squarenet size and the price starting from $300.000.

Let's go and see the sample apartment.

179 meters square sample apartment.

Threebedrooms of Mina Towers.

It's welcoming us, of course, the still door here.

It's brand Kale.

And you see the corridor there and it's anothercorridor inside the apartment with the clock rooms right hand side.

And after this area,there's a space for the washing machine.

It's a good idea to put here for therest of the apartment isolation of the sound of washing machine.

And these floorings are ceramic.Same ceramic is directly taking us to the kitchen.

Three bedroom of this apartment has a separatedkitchen.

They designed here, this side for the cooking spaces.

Countertop is marble and Siemens white goods here.

And on this side, they designed small breakfast nook here.

Andright and left hand side, there are more cupboards and there's an exit to the balcony from kitchen.

And from kitchen we are passing to the living room.

Living room doesn't have any door.

It's a kind ofplace open space area between the kitchen and the bedrooms.

There is a good space of living room herearound 40 meters square I can say

and apartment has a good ceiling over here.

Almost three metersand the air conditioning is coming with the flat.

On this apartment, they settled a big size eightseat dining table and this area is for the television and the daily use.

I think it is a goodsize living room for a three bedroom apartment.

What i like about nina towers they designed livable apartments from one bedrooms to threebedrooms, all sample apartments has a big spaces.

And here there are two guest rooms or childrenroom over here.

And these two bedrooms are using this common bathroom.

Same ceramics on thefloorings dark color and the top ceramics are lighter colored they used.

I see good qualitysystems they used here.

There's a shower.

And from this space, here is the master bedroom.Master bedroom, of course, has master bathroom butalso walk-in closet space which is a verynice door in front of that with a mirror.

And good size for your goods to put in thisroom

and here, we have the bathroom.

Big space bathroom here.

Dark color ceramics and light colorceramics on top big mirrors, big shower here.

Good design bedroom and all day lightsare coming even we are on the ground floor level and in this project, over ninth floor you can see the sea and islands.

Lastly, last thing is the best thing of thisapartment.

We are passing the balcony from the living room.


wow wow wow.

This is 20meters square balcony.

Kinda another living room for your apartment.

Imagine that you areover 10th floor of this building and you are enjoying your apartment with this large sizebalcony.

And I would like to end my video with my tea. I will be drinking.

So, Mina Towers, for myopinion, on the asian side,

it's a great investment and great place that you can live because it'svery close to Badat Street.

On the other hand,

another five ten minutes away, Akasya ShoppingMall.

Emaar Square is very close here.

And another thing, from 10-15 minutes away, two years later finance center will be coming very close to you.

In my opinion, if you would like to make aninvestment, it can be for citizenship purpose

or only pure investment purpose,

this project isright place and it is the right time right now

because of the early stage prices.

as I mentioned one bedrooms are starting from $125.000

but if you are watching this video after 2-3 years,

I'm sure

you will not find these prices in this project.

And three bedrooms is reallygood place for holiday purpose.

You can invest + enjoy Istanbul, Turkey with this apartment.

I will finish the video by drinking Turkish tea.

Thank you for watching.

See you onthe next episode.

The Broker is out!

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