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Hi, today I am going to show you how to

use Camptasia Studio 8 for free and legit.

You dont need to download any

kind of programs to do it.

First just download the Camptasia Studio 8.

Now launch Camptasia.

You will get this message saying:

We were unable to validate your software key

and could not register your copy

of Campta sia Studio. You may still use Camptasia

Studio throughout your trial period.".


Next, turn off your internet connection or wifi.

As you can see I am using a

Registration Code generator to

generate me a random code.

The code doesnt matter at all,

thats why I left some in the description.

Now in Camptasia go toHelpand

click onEnter software key...“.

Now enter any type of name and paste the code.

A window will pop up saying:

Were having trouble contacting our servers,

but you may still use Camptasia Studio while we

attempt to validate your key.“.

And thats it, you can use the software

however you want for free!

Thanks for watching!

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