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(upbeat electronic music)

- So we are trying Glam Glow face masks.

- Which I've been waiting to try for a couple of years.

- Which is supposed to give our glow back

to our faces.

- Yeah.

- And clear out our pores?

- I'm very excited, because they're somewhat expensive,

so that's why I've never tried them before.

- I only recently found out about these

and realized they're all the rage, so, I'm just late.

I'm also very outside of the facial conversation.

- It's like you're getting a lot of skeletons

out of the closet.


- Are you ready to go through this?

- No.

- It's gonna be vulnerable.

- I'm not.

- I have Hollywood, California Glam Glow

ThirstyMud, Hydrating Treatment.

- Fred's a thirst bucket.


- Hollywood, California Glam Glow,

FlashMud Brightening Treatment.

- FlashMud!

- It's flash mud.

- It's a flash mud warning.

- YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment.


It's one word.

- One word.

- I have the Hollywood, California, Glam Glow SuperMud

Clearing Treatment.

- This feels very legit.

- Mine smells like a Yankee Candle.

- Mine smells kind of like a hotel lobby.

- Mine smells like orange juice.

- Smells like a massage.

- Alright, let's get these masks on our faces.

- I feel like brightening is a big thing

come winter time.

Like everyone's complaining about how dull

their skin gets.

So this looks like caramel, and I'm just gonna go in.

- Oh, it's so smooth!

- There's like little fleckies in this.

- Fleckies?

- Yeah, there's like little bits of dry thing in this.

- It's very grainy.

But to me, that means it's gonna be very exfoliating,

so I'm like, fine with it.

- As much as I like this, I feel like I've used

half of the bottle, and I've gotten half of my face.

So this is

like a one time - Yeah.

- Use type thing.

- What is this, a, debri, that I found?

- It's like there's little pieces of tree bark in this.

This is full on a stick.

- [Devin] She finds--

- This is 100% a stick in my mask.

- Ooh, it's already tingling.

- I do, oh, as soon as you said that,

the tingling kicked in.

- Whoa, mine's starting to sting.

- Whoa, there's a lot of debris in here.

- This feels so luxurious, I'm not even gonna lie.

- It smells amazing.

- I'm obsessed with watching the pores come

out of your face right now.

So, these masks are supposed to change colors

when they're done.

- I guess it's time to wait.

- I'm only gonna be able to talk for about, like,

three more minutes before it all dries up.

(upbeat electronic music)


- Okay.

So it's been 20 minutes.

- They weren't kidding about hydrating mask.

Like, I look like a greaseball.

- I can't smile, or else this whole situation

just falls apart.

I look like the moon emoji.

- I feel like I look like Emily from the Corpse Bride.

A little blue, a little bit of rigor mortis

has set in.

- So it's crazy, because I don't sweat on my face at all.

But this mask is pulling out like little pockets

of oil on my nose, especially.

- I can only assume that the little dots are like

where they've taken the oil out, like they've

extracted the oils, I'm very excited.

- Let's do this.

- Let's do it.

- I'm ready to become a little bright spot.

- According to the directions, I don't wash mine

off with water, I can, but they suggest using

a tissue to dab off the extra oils, and then just

like, massage the remaining into my face

as like a moisturizer.

- I can't even express how much better it feels

to not have this on my face.

- It kinda hurts.

It kinda feels like I'm scratching sandpaper

on my face.

- It definitely looks and feels hydrated.

- I definitely feel like a fresh new baby.

- I do feel like intensely exfoliated,

like, a new layer of skin has surfaced.

- I see your freckles more.

- I just squeezed my nose, there's still like a fair

amount of stuff in there.

My skin definitely feels like, fresh.

- I feel like they saw me.

You know, they saw me, they saw my skin type,

and they were like, hey.

We got you.

So that's why I have sort of a warm feeling inside.

- I think it really didn't pull out as much oil

as I had hoped, but it definitely gave me

like, the shine and the dewy look here and here.

- If someone wanted to give it to me as a present,

I'd do it again.

- I'd use it again.

If it was free.

- Lady tested.

I'm gonna say lady approved.

- Lady approved.

- Yeah, lady approved.


Lady clear.

- Lady dewy.

My face telegraphic.

- You're like a Lisa Frank sticker.

- Mmm, yes.

- Hey y'all, click on that that post over there

to see more videos from our channel.

- Some of our favorites are in there.

- And some we like just okay.

- But watch anyway!

- Because we love you.

- Yeah.

Because we love you.

- I'm sleepy.

(screeching of dry erase marker)

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