Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Wreck League": Goat Simulator Edition

Difficulty: 0

Conan here, reminding you all

to check out our new Esports show "Wreck League,"

where we force professional gamers

to compete in video games that are quite absurd.

Hosted by comedians Orlando Leyba and Forrest Shaw,

this week's episode pits pro gamers,

MissesMae and StoneMountain64, you can tell I'm a fan,

against each other in the brutal

and unforgiving world of "Goat Simulator."

That's right, we're forcing these two pro gamers

to see who can be better

at controlling a fake video game goat.

Anyway, I think we finally reached the peak

of sports entertainment.

"Wreck League" airs this Friday night at midnight

as part of the TBS show "Super Punch."

Can't wait to see how many cars get licked

by a simulated goat.

Check it out.

Round two, (intense music)

find Conan O'Brien and headbutt him.

The first one of you to do that will win round two.

Where would Conan be?

I think that I'm within the vicinity of Sir Conan here.

Conan, where are you at? Where are you at, my guy?

Oh wait. What the, oh! (goat screeching)

This studio is mine. You gotta bring me on the show.

I won't make this big of a mess,

but no promises either.

(crowd cheering)

The Description of "Wreck League": Goat Simulator Edition