Practice English Speaking&Listening with: In Plain Sight (2019) Trailer for Festival

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Radio Personality: Good morning

it's 7:30 and time for your local news

done every half hour, right here on the morning show.

Our top story

Local real estate agent, Christine Simmons

is still missing

She was last seen leaving work on Monday


just stopping by seeing how you're keeping up you're not going back to work

already are you? ya, they keep telling me there isn't much more

I can do just any patient so I just thought it might help me to take my mind

off of things

you and Theresa have been good friends to us.

people are talking thinking maybe it has something to do with it it got worse

even up till the police brought me down for more questioning I just you know you

don't think I

hey, they'll find her. I know it.

[building music]

If there's anything you need don't hesitate to ask me okay I mean that's what good

neighbors do for each other right

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