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Today we listen to the story of a man who decided to find God and found Him

let's hear it

good day everyone today we'll tell a story of a young man a Persian man his

name was Roozbeh and Roozbeh was the son of a ruler of a district in the

ancient Sassanid Persia some fifteen hundred years ago. So, he had everything

he had his father's estate he had a good future in front of him he was also a

servant of the eternal fire in the fire temple of course he was a Magi which

was the revision of Sassanid Persia but Roozbeh was not satisfied with his

religion he thought he wants to find God he wants to find the right religion. He

had this burning need inside of him to find God one day his father sends him to

check on a little bit remote estate that he owns and on the way he comes across

some Christian people praying in a small church. They were not residents of the

area they were passing by so Roozbeh stays in the church listening to their

prayers and he thinks inside of him this is better than my religion

time passes until it's already late and he doesn't go back to his father

until his father sends somebody looking for him. When he's back he's

discussing with his father about religion. His father notices that he's

really considering to change his faith so he doesn't like it, he ties him up, he

puts shackles, iron shackles in his feet. Roozbeh had asked the Christian people

where they come from, they told him they're coming from Levant from Assyria

so he sends them a messenger when your convoy is coming back let me know and so

they send him the time. He breaks the shackles and joins them. When he reaches

Assyria, he asks around I want to learn the Christian religion tell me who's the

best guy to educate me. They tell him then you have to go to the bishop. He

goes to the bishop and he says I will work for you for free I will serve you,

just teach me Roozbeh stays with the bishop, he uses

the library, he reads the books, he reads the scrolls, but he was not satisfied

with the bishop; this particular bishop was not a good man. He took charity to

himself instead of giving it to the poor, but Roozbeh is patient he wants to

learn, he wants to know God. He's not deceived that one man who should be a

learned man is not a good man. He knows that the truth is absolute so even if in

the beginning of your journey you run across somebody who's not the example; if

you know that this is the path to the truth do not be deceived with the people

who should be at the right level. Now you know it's not very common that

Roozbeh would come across Christian people in Persia because Christians were

not so common in Persia, but Roozbeh really wanted to know God and when you

want to know God things would happen. When there is no way He will open

the way and so when Roozbeh finds this man he's patient the days go, and the

years go and one day the bishop is ill and he dies and they put another bishop

in his place but now this new bishop is a great man of piety is a great man of

knowledge and a great connection to God. Roozbeh is in love with the man, he

serves him with all his feelings and he learns from him but the days and the

years go and the man is now very old and he is on his deathbed. Somebody might say

"okay Roozbeh you had your education, now just go free". But I ask you a

question why when you want to have a hundred thousand, and you have it, you

want to have a million, and when you have a million, you're looking for the ten

million, and then for the billion, and when you're the richest guy in the world

you still want to be number one on the fortune one five hundred it scares you

if you go to number two! and this was Roozbeh he wouldn't settle for the masters

and not for the PhD and not for the Nobel Prize he wants to know, and when you are

in the path to God the more you know the more you know that there is more and

more and more to know. So, Roozbeh begs the Bishop, tells me please to whom

shall I go he tells him there is nobody in Assyria that I can tell you to go to

go to Mosul there is this one righteous guy I can recommend that you join him.

And in Mosul he spends years with the other guy and after some years the guy

is old and he's dying. He didn't have enough yet; he asks him tell me where

should I go and he tells him go to Nusaybin (it's now

on the border between Iraq and Turkey), and then he spends more year and when

the righteous guy of Nusaybin is on his deathbed he asks him please tell me,

he says there is one guy that I know in Amorium and Amorium is deep inside

Byzantine Empire and he goes to him. There he would buy some lamb and some

cows, to spend on himself, and he continues learning with the righteous

man of Amorian. But you know righteous people will eventually leave and this

guy now on his deathbed tells him: well Roozbeh, I don't know anybody else on

the face of the earth who is on the same thing that you and I have! You see there

are Christian people but they're worshiping the One God.

He says: so what can I do? I want to know God I want to know more? He says then

this is the time of the final prophet I know his land and I know his signs,

he's coming very soon, look for him, he's gonna be in Arabia and he's gonna

immigrate to a city where there is plenty of palm trees and it is between

two rocky planes ... and he dies. Now Roozbeh wants to go to Arabia and Arabia is

a different place to go to, it's a tough territory and it's not safe. So he waits

until a convoy passes by Amorium, he says I'll give you all my possessions I'll

give you my lamb, I'll give you my cows, but take me to Arabia to a place but has

plenty of palm trees and it's between two rocket planes. The convoy accepts the

deal it's a very good deal for them of course, they take the lamb and it's one

extra guy on the trip... but those guys were not good guys! In the

middle of the way, they enslave him, and they sell him to a Jew, in a place called

the valley of cities. The valley of cities has palm trees, but he wouldn't find the

city between the two rocky planes. Now Roozbeh is sad, but he is close to his

target, but now he's a slave. He was the son of a ruler, then a servant to a

bishop, and then now he's a slave. But the days go by, and one day another jew

visits his owner, and he buys him and he takes him with him, and guess what? when

he goes to this new city (it's called Yathrib) he finds it's full of palm trees,

and it's between two rocky planes!! Roozbeh does not believe himself!! You see

when your heart is on the path to God, He will draw the path to you in the real

world, and there is a timing for everything! Now Roozbeh is in Yathrib.

He's up on a tree on a palm tree, servicing it. He hears his owner

shouting and discussing and arguing with one fellow Jew. He says what's the fuss

in the city, and the other guy says: they're discussing and they're arguing

about the man they call a prophet who has just emigrated to Yathrib!!

Roozbeh cannot hold himself, he would fall from the tree. But he pulls his act

together! He grabs some dates. You see the righteous man of Amorian told him about

the signs of the final prophet; he said (1) he doesn't take charity, (2) he accepts

presents, and (3) he has this mark between his shoulders!

So Roozbeh goes; he finds the prophet sitting with his companions. He tells him

I brought some dates, they're for charity. The Prophet takes the dates, and offers

it to his companions, but he doesn't eat. So Roozbeh says this is one. The second

day he brings some more dates. He says this is a present! The Prophet eats and

gives his companions. He says this is the second one. And on the third day he goes

to him. He finds him walking with a shawl on his shoulders. He's looking, he wants

to know, he wants to see! and the prophet notices what this guy is doing, so he

says here you go. He sees the sign,... his he's completely out

of his mind, he throws himself on the Prophet kissing him and hugging him and

crying; He finally reached the man that he was looking for for decades of his

life now Yathreb has changed its name to Medina and Roozbeh has a new name it's

"Salman", and the Prophet tells him buy yourself from your owner. Agree with

him on an amount so that you're a free man!

and the Companions gathered the money for him and he pays off the Jew and he's

now a free man. He's the Persian in the city. Five years

later the Arab pagans bring about this huge army to encircle Medina and commit

genocide; kill everybody inside Medina. But then Salman raises his hand: "I have a

plan, back in Persia when this happened we do a ditch in the ground to protect

our cities". They do the ditch and they're making teams, and this is the teams of

the immigrants who came with Prophet Mohammed, and this is the team of the

residents of Medina! but with which team would Salman be. So

the Prophet says Salman is my family, he from me! So now you started as the son

of a ruler of Persia, you're a servant, you're a slave, now you're a free man,

and now you're family with the Prophet!

Salman was this brilliant wise man they called him

Luqman. Luqman was an ancient man whose name comes in the Quran as one of

the wisest men. After the Prophet dies Salman goes back to Persia. The Kaliph

Omar puts him as the ruler of Persia on behalf of the caliphate, so he's back

to his capital city! He has a big salary, five thousand silver pieces a year, but

he takes none of it to himself! He's giving everything to charity! You see, a

man who has left everything for truth cares not about salaries and silver. He

insists to work with his own hand. They would tell him what are you doing;

we need your time to rule and to sit with the people; he says: no, I buy materia... he

buys wicker, he does wicker baskets, I buy wicker for one dirham, I do the baskets...

the next day I sell for three dirhams... one dirham i buy new material... one

dirham for me and my family... and one dirham for charity.

He continued living this way for the rest of his life! When he arrived to the

capital of Persia, he asks a builder to build him a house, and then he goes and

checks on him: how did you build the house... He says it's just two meters by 2 meters

and if you stand, your head will hit the roof. He says, yes!

he says I know what you want. His reputation comes after him! and when

he's dying, a companion of the Prophet comes to him,and he's on his deathbed and

he's crying, he's weeping! He says why are you weeping?, He says I wanted to die the

way the Prophet wanted me to die. He said pass by life and take nothing

with you... but look! I have all those things with me and the

man looks and there's nothing there's just two pots in the whole place, a pot

for washing up and a pot for eating, and nothing else! Now, you see, this life is

like a cat!

You push a cat away, it comes to you; you run after the cat, the cat runs away!

Slaman pushes life away and he wants God; life comes at his feet! but this is

not what he wanted! Now what do you want? Running after life for the rest of your

life and you only get that much and leave it behind and go? or find God and

take what you want from life because it will be at your feet and be like Salman?

Thank you.

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