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Think youre a real foodie?

Then sit down and get your appetite ready

for another Gummy vs Real Food challenge!

Man, math sure makes me hungry.

Dont tell me

I finished already?

Keep you cool

Nothing to see here.

Unlike Nick,

Im a little sneakier with my snacks.

Oh yeah.

Those look so good.

Nothing fishy going on here, teach!

You didnt think that was my only stash, did you?

Raspberry gummies for the win!

That was close!


Just one, pretty please?

Ill get it myself!

OW! Gimme!

You and you!

Off to detention you go!

Well, we wanted a snack, didnt we?


I hate strawberries.

That means mine must be something good!


What did I do to deserve such a treat?

The first bite is the best part.


Thats mine, Nick!

Give it back!

You have your own plate!


Woah, that got me right in the nose!

Way to be greedy, dude.

And you still took a giant bite outta this thing?

This thing is covered in your germs.

Ill open mine first.

Fresh blackberries.

These look pretty good.

They sure are juicy, arent they?

My mouths watering already.

Ready to see what you got, Nick?

These look like blackberries too!

But mine seem to have a little more added sugar.

And gummy goodness!

Hey, wanna see who can finish the plate first?



Three, go!

Careful, dont choke, guys!



Your teeth!


I dont feel anything on my face.

Why dont you go first, Claire.

You smell that?


Ill take a peek.

You dont wanna know.

Lets get it done!

Uh, someone forgot to fill my plate!

Open yours, maybe its in there!


Are these creepylil spider gummies?

Sure hope they taste better than they look.

Lets find out, shall we?

Mmm, so fruity!!


Did you see that?


Uh, Claire?

Whatever you do, dont move.

Uh oh

Its sitting right on your head!

Claire, dont make any sudden movements!

Cmere, little guy.

There we go.

I feel like its still on me!

Is it on me?!

How are you holding him like that?

Oh god.

Claires such a little baby.

Looks like more candy for us!

Whos going first this round?

How about both?

Two very different kinds of flowers.

But these sure smell better than any candy.

But do they taste as yummy?

Definitely not.

Woah, thats a lot of gummy goodness in there!

Whats it taste like?



It takes like a juicy watermelon!

Hey, that doesnt belong there

Whats this flavor?

Thats strange

It tastes like rotten salad or something.

What on earth was that?!

I thought girls loved getting flowers!

Well, to look at, not to eat.

Were you trying to poison me with that thing?!

Gimme that.

Lets have Nick go first with this one.

A hotdog?


Whatd you get, Claire?

Well, it looks like a hotdog

But something tells me it doesnt taste like one.

Its made up of gummy candy!

Do you take ketchup or mustard, Nick?


I have my own condiments too!


Its topping time.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines


A direct hit!



All those sweet fumes have gone to her head!

Talk about a sugar rush.

This is the best day ever!


Did I get you, Nick?

At least it tastes good, right?


Is that what I think it is?


A warm, cheesy chicken taco!!

That looks pretty good!

My taco looks a bit sweeter than Claires.

This things jam-packed with goodies!

Its like the perfect little candy pouch!

But would you choose it over a real taco?

Lets find out!

Geez, you really attacked that thing!

I shouldve worn protective gear.

Theres only one way to eat a taco.

As fast as you possibly can.

Can someone get this girl a napkin?

I sure could go for something sweet right now.


In fact,

Id like to eat in privacy if you dont mind.

I still know youre there, you know.

That things huge!

That looks pretty chewy.

Ill just have to imagine what it tastes like.

My lipsticks almost all worn off!

Whats under here this time?

Finally, I look like a human again.

Its impolite to start eating before your friend.

Dont be silly, go ahead, Nick!


See this?

It means we have to switch plates!


Okay, fine.’

I may as well, right?

Careful there!

Alright, can the round finally begin?

I think its my turn to go first.

Here we go.

No way!

That candy couldve been mine.

And I got real noodles instead.

Hey, those look pretty good.

Well, what are you guys waiting for?

Dig in!

This is a feast of all feasts!

I really do have more of a sweet tooth.

But who knows, maybe Ill like the noodles.

Time for the first big, delicious bite!

I didnt get special chopsticks with mine.

What are you gonna do with that?

Those are far from real chopsticks!

Aw, poor Nick.

Maybe you should just eat with your hands this round.

Ugh, this is impossible!



Yes! I finally got one!

And Im eating it in one big bite!

So worth the wait.

Dont worry, Im still eating too!

Looks like we have two happy campers here.

Im so gonna ace the exam tomorrow!


Can we get on with the challenge here?

Im gettinantsy here!

May I?


Its like a candy wonderland under here!

Look at all this stuff!

I feel like I just won the lottery!

And Nick didnt do too bad either!

Ready to dig in, guys?

Ive never been more ready for anything in my life!

Oh yeah?


Was that my book?


I really wanna eat this thing!

Hold on a sec.

Id better be quick!

Ooh! And this one!

Who doesnt like eggs on pizza?

Well, real eggs, that is.


How could you do that to my pizza?

Trust me, I was doing you a favor.

I love a good sweet and salty combo.

Okay, ready for one last round?


Who doesnt love a candy shark?

No, no no!

I cant handle sharks, no way!

Seriously, Ill freak out!

Well at least they arent sharks, right?

That doesnt make this dish any less gross.

I dont have to eat one, do I?

Look how slimy it is!

Its almost like its looking back at us.


It stinks!

Get that plate outta here!

This shark doesnt look so bad now, does it?

Want one?

Its swimminon into your mouth!


Hey, that tastes pretty good!

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