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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: J2 being J2 for 19 minutes straight

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How do you weaken a vampire?

Dead man's blood.

That is correct.

Don't drop that mic.

I said they get progressively hard, I said nobody yell at me for them not being hard enough.

Couldn't it be sunlight too?

Technically, yeah.

That's a multi-answer question.

Wait a second.

But that's not in your power, you can't choose like-


No, but you could drag them out of the- You can break a window and like sunlight bleed them to the-

Ask your question again.

How do you weaken a vampire?

Make sure it's daylight outside, break a window, knock them out, and drag them out into the sunlight.



Or dead man's blood.

Quit arguing.

Okay Jensen, are you ready?


In Mystery Spot which day of the week did Sam find himself stuck in?

Uh, you better know this.

The seventh.

The ninth day of the week.

I'm gonna go with the first thing that came to my mind, which was Wednesday.

Who know? Wait nobody shout it out. Go ahead.


I was a day off!

Okay, I'm gonna do one final-

You were six days off!

You're stupid.

All right, so it's still 2-to-1.

It's not 2-to-1, I have two!

No, you've only answered one right.



I had- I pulled the-

Yeah, you've answered two incorrect!

No, I answered the second one correctly.

Doesn't count.

This question is gonna end it off, so it doesn't matter.

2-to-1, but we're not keeping score.

This is the final question, whichever of you answers it first, wins.

You lose.


Is there a buzzer or do we just shout it out?

You just shout it, well you have a mic, so just say it.


How do you kill Bloody Mary?

Say her name three times in the mirror.

No, that's how you-

That's how you talk to her! And then, you show her, her image in the mirror.


not interrupting slob

how do you make holy water

thank my question is what season was the most fun is to tell

you know

this time we're just gonna you know just gonna hang up here together instead of

it was no single single don't feel bad if you wanna you know just me a question

it when you don't want to ask just him a question let me ask you a huge favor

right now if no just pretend to like want to hear what he has to say cuz I

have to go to work within tomorrow so cries and make it sad

oh so you're he really gets me he really does

why Jensen a jerk I'm older I'm closer to you

hi sorry give it excuse my friend

I wanted to know my beauty with cheesy pickup - my cheesy pick-up line you ever

seen supernatural - I lost my number

but I think the greatest reason pick-up line I've ever used it is Jared


one time I did what my trailer after shooting a few scenes and I was like

what in the and there was a picture

upside down

what do you came back after we worked together for a couple hours you at your

trailer you saw that he came back I was like ah damn he found it which was that

below your shoulders at one point don't yell at me in front of my friends ah he

always tells me it's like staring into the Sun

just laugh

to the riders

thank you very much

everything you see something dangling why do you turn around


and in the afternoon and you know those it was just it was just a well-run

production and and it was fun for us because

I'll say that they you know it was fun watching them he's so excited about what

they were doing in that regard that's what happens to I think Dean and Sam

would have a little bit of love for EM rolled by morning it's kind of about

being on the road this isn't Jared's shush shush Samedi

Sam is badass on the road again

I don't think there's no



you know it would normally take us about six months to shoot our season that's

what happens when you give a guy nine hours to fight singing that we're going

to do anything but fights and stunts today and it's gonna be all you you have

no stunt double go don't forget I am you know that's not

a knife this is no way to be fair that was not my fault I wasn't holding the

knife no but you decided to be it look it was

like this this would be this would be I did

what is you know Jensen's rotund like this because that's really bad so I had

to kind of like really I had to set my feet and instead of that I mean I felt

it like I felt it nice it's just in there like it's in there a good like

half inch this is a real steel blade and I'm like and I'm sitting there and I'm

still is he gonna stop you see because I'm pretty sure yeah and something I

spin this lady was just like I think I think I've been stabbed you can stop but

I was like you know

and they call come in I'm basically holding about I can feel this place in

my leg like right above my name yeah and then they go cut and immediately I was

just goes oh I felt that went down and I there's already blood spreading dirty

oil they known as gems yeah it gone through my pants through my skin luckily

my knee had stopped it did you call it your bone tell us things that just been

to for to that episode and I guess it's not my fault

this year I'll say this it's times like this that make me realize how awkward it

must be for like the doctor convention on the other side the hotel to walk past

these doors each other and inaccurate so I'm talking to the face I'm chair of the


in question

right now

someone just threw the hero


J'son in this basically

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