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Hello, my name is Ken Magarr and I head up the research and development test kitchens

for Panasonic. Today we are going to be demonstrating the use, care and operation of the Panasonic

Sonic Steamer. The Sonic Steamer is the only connectionless steamer powered by microwave

technology that can accommodate two, four inch deep hotel pans with covers. As a connectionless

steamer it does not require a water line, drain line, vent hood or fire suppression.

There are two models of the sonic steamer; the NE-3280 with 3200 watts of cooking and

steaming power and the NE-2180 with 2100 watts of cooking and steaming power. Both models

have the same features and operate much the same way. The major difference is cooking

speed. Today we will be working with the NE-3280, the more powerful of the two. Each model comes

with operating instructions, a laminated reference guide, self-adhesive labels and a business

reply card to register your Sonic Steamer and receive a free cookbook. Both models operate

on a 208 or 220 to 240 volt, thirty amp, single phase circuit. Your Sonic Steamer is set at

the factory to operate on 208 volts. For 220 volt to 240 volt operation the following adjustment

must be made. Unplug the steamer, un-screw the voltage adjustment cover which is located

on the back of the steamer on the top right hand corner. Do not remove any other parts

from the steamer. Remove the connector from the white socket and rotate it 180 degrees

and plug it in to the black socket. Reattach the voltage adjustment cover. To summarize,

for 220 to 240 volt operation, plug the connector in to the black socket. For 208 volt operation

plug the connector into the white socket. Before cooking, here are some steaming basics.

First, always use polyethermide or similar pans, able to withstand high temperatures.

If steaming frozen foods, if it is possible defrost them. It shortens the cooking time

and evens the cooking throughout

the product.

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