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Welcome back to wrestling world!

For todays wrestling news, well be taking a look at whats going on with the Mysterio

family, Sonya Devilles shocking WWE return and much more

So lets start things off with the mysterio family news

Now much has changed since we last covered the mysterio family

Aalyah Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Rey Mysterio, and Murphy are still all missing in action

with no explanation given to us by WWE

The Mysterio familys last WWE appearance was way back on the December 4th edition of


On that episode of WWE Smackdown, King Corbin vs Murphy took place with the Mysterio Family

at ringside

This was also the debut for the Knights of The Lone Wolf, they attacked Rey and

Dominik and assisted King Corbin in pinning Murphy

It didnt appear like it was anything too dramatic or meant to write anyone off of television,

but we havent seen the Mysterio family or Murphy ever since that match

Initially it looked like King Corbin was going to be their next rival.

Maybe even get some 6 man tag action with Dominik, Rey, and Murphy vs King Corbin and

the knights of the lone wolf

Thats where it appeared to be heading to, but weirdly enough, that storyline hasnt

been touched on at all in 5 weeks now

Its safe to assume that maybe its over?

You can never tell with WWE, so its hard to say

But it appears that King Corbin has moved on, hes still on Smackdown every week and

theres not even a single mention of the Mysterio family

It is a bit weird.

The last report that ever came out about the mysterio family claimed that WWE didnt

forget about them, theyre just not needed at the moment

So what does that exactly mean?

Well it seems that theyre trying to say that WWE hasnt fully forgotten about them

or theyre done for good

It just seems like theyre saying that WWE fully intends to feature them heavily again,

but not right now

So that makes more sense.

The Mysterio family isnt gone for good, theyre just on this mysterious hiatus it


I have no issue with WWE taking a break from featuring the Mysterio Family, but what tends

to bother me is the lack of explanation for their absence

Theyre werent properly written off with an entire explanation, they just magically

vanished for over 5 weeks now, so thats the part that bothers me a bit

If you know youre going to remove someone from television for a long time, at least

give us some explanation or injury reason for their absence

Even though it is partially a joke among the community, some fans are starting to speculate

if The Mysterio familys return could be getting saved for Seth Rollins return as well

It seems like WWE has no idea what to do with the Mysterio Family without Seth Rollins being


It also seems like theyre unsure about Seth Rollins direction as well because

they did cancel his return on the January 1st edition of Smackdown

So maybe the mysterio family and Seth Rollins really do need each other, well have to

see whats next for the both of them

The Mysterio Family does seem to be doing well outside of the ring though

Video started to surface of Rey Mysterio, Aalyah, and the whole family celebrating on

New Years Eve, so thankfully they seem perfectly fine

So the issue there doesnt seem to be injury or health related at all, strictly seems like

a creative writing block for the mysterio family right now

Well see what WWE comes up with to get the Mysterio Family back on Smackdown somehow

in the near future

We didnt get Seth Rollins return on Smackdown this week, but we did get another

unexpected WWE return and that was Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville had a lot going for her this past summer

The plan was for Sonya Deville to lose the hair vs hair match at Summerslam against Mandy


Sonya would then go bald and start a run as this scary heel in the Smackdown womens


All that went off the rails after Sonyas horrific incident outside of the ring

It was reported that it was Sonyas lawyers that requested for the hair vs hair match

to be changed because they didnt want Sonya showing up in the middle of this case with

a shaved head

So the match was changed to loser leaves WWE.

Sonya Deville lost match and was fired from WWE

Of course she obviously wasnt fired, she was just given some personal time for herself

and to deal with the outside of the ring situation

5 months later, we finally see Sonya Deville returning to Smackdown

It was a brief moment, Sonya Deville was shown walking backstage, everyone is in disbelief,

and the commentators noted that she has been reinstated

So glad to have Sonya Deville back, she was quickly becoming a breakout star after the

split with Mandy Rose, but one thing that has me worried about the return is the story

I hope theres a story behind why she was reinstated by WWE.

I hope this isnt some lazy writing and lazy explanation of yeah, shes just

reinstated and thats it

No, we need more than that.

Sonya Deville lost a loser leaves WWE match and shes back in 5 months like nothing?

There has to be a story and huge reason there

You can even tell in Sonyas face when shes walking backstage, it looks like shes confident

and it looks like she did something to be reinstated

So what could that thing be?

Well lets run through some basic ideas of what WWE can use

A loophole in her contract.

Maybe Sonya Deville and her legal team went through her WWE contract and came across some

loophole that gives her the right to be reinstated by WWE

Backstage connections or blackmailing WWE.

Maybe Sonya Deville has some serious dirt on WWE and in order to keep everything under

control, they reinstated her

Literally anything will be fine.

I think the explanation of how she got reinstated would be a great small return story for Sonya


So I hope WWE doesnt waste this opportunity, theres a lot of story and direction you

can go in with this whole idea of Sonya Deville being reinstated by WWE

Reports also claim that similar to Roman Reigns return, Sonya Devilles return was kept

well under wraps

Thats why dirt-sheets and everyone else didnt have a single clue this was happening

Which is something that I love, its unfortunate when things leak out early and it ruins the


Thats what made Sonya Devilles return even more shocking, no one saw it coming and

no one reported on it

Sonya Deville also strengthens an already strong Smackdown womens division

Sasha Banks has a whole list of great talent to feud with from Carmella, Bianca Belair,

to now Sonya Deville being added to that list

While Raw on the other hand is still in shambles with their womens division.

The raw womens titles still remains non-existent and who know when was the last time Aus-ka

actually defended the womens title

I guess the 30 day title defense rule is definitely no longer in existence

But at least the Smackdown womens division is on fire right now and has so much depth

and talent

It appears that Sonya Deville will be remaining solo, so shell be a contender for the Smackdown

womens title in no time

Like we discussed a few weeks ago, Mandy Rose, the winner of that loser leaves WWE

match went absolutely no where with all that momentum

Mandy was expecting for that win to help launch her singles career on Smackdown, but WWE traded

her to raw, had no clue what to do with her, and then placed her in a random tag team

Which Mandy has stated, didnt sit well with her, she thought she was being punished

for something she did wrong

So all that momentum coming out of the feud was thrown away and wasted for Mandy Rose

Lets hope they dont do that same thing with Sonya Deville

He return has a lot of buzz and possible story around it, so hopefully she doesnt get

thrown into some random tag team with Natalya or something

Sonya Deville needs to make some noise in the singles division, so lets hope they

end up doing that with her

But what are your thoughts on todays wrestling news with The Mysterio Family and Sonya Devilles

WWE return?

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