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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EMERGENCY LANDING! Low and slow, OSHKOSH 2019 to Idaho

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this is now day four and silvija made it - gosh - so I'm super excited and we're

gonna go check out all of Oshkosh 2019 warbirds you guys some Oshkosh 2019 airshow stuff and yeah

then we'll be heading back to Idaho Saturday morning

we're now in the center square of oshkosh which one is your favorite warbird I think


or in this maybe one is pretty badass warbird airplane lower lower



looking super fast

what do you got there

okay the story behind this is Sylvia came from Lithuania and met me here so

this is her suitcase yeah we have to get this kitfox aircraft are fired up we're getting


yeah what do you think are you ready for this long travel couple goals adventure she's stoked she

stuck that she's not in Canada just come back I'm so you ready yeah we're you're

full of fuel full of all Silvia stuff yeah we're

pretty packed there we go

all right we're gonna far from that little tower for right that big field

I'll keep an eye on the ag pilot crop duster or make sure he doesn't come this way that's a good

field the Jonas performed an emergency landing in picked that's a good one real good one with Jonas jugheads

gonna stay above 2,000 msl feet that landed I think we for sure

should get Hal in there and since he's got tools and coolant oil Kevin's Quinn

gonna orbit the Hope I have it I'll make a left turn

you're gonna be on final approach oh yeah I got it

well thank you for letting us yeah we'll have to have a fly-in

stop buying Wow give me a couple beers me exactly a pizza or so have a good

time good that'd be good see having an engine

out you meet me first here yeah

we do do take off on the right side of the rock and then you can shoot that gap

oh yeah there's the rock on the left I did

there we go

oh man I want is it couple goals

temperatures looking good yeah no worries buddy yeah we're I'll just

landed at if he is here with you right now guys okay in a few minutes

Oh sounds good twenty-seven oh that sucks like I don't wanna what I don't

know the cap wasn't on tight stupid mistake we're going to our kilo India

Sierra wicked kilo India Sierra with you if we ran it for a long time yeah

they're gonna check the torque I guess okay let's see I was a left down little

banner hill left face four two zero Alexandria fly two three

so what are we checking her house just to see if we had a bolter limit or so if

they hold tour then that means that the heads didn't get soft and shrink a

little bit yeah I think we can get by without pulling the pulling the bottom

should be good well it either came rattle rattle free and came loose

trail was saying that there was a defective cat how do you know anything

about that no I don't know anything about detective capps

I know that I don't buy Rotax engine caps i buy triumph caps maybe a triumph cap it was


yes quick they were all good we're firing up in our head where we heading 2

kilo November Romeo Hotel

Oh feels so good getting hot put my sandals on so I'm gonna be the flip-flop

wire how do you like them huh we got we got new shoes while we're out

on top there's super fun we like them really comfortable really lightweight

actually - I'm gonna get in the air and hopefully make the Minnesota we're still

in Wisconsin how rinsed on his airplane i wrenched on mine steve henry wrenched on his flying cowboys

we're just flying around wrenching on airplanes is basically we're doing and

relaxing yeah couple vlogs

in your bones

you're gonna like how you

like how you feel

welcome to Watertown South Dakota my first time and first time in gonna start

it right yes we've crossed two states off actually

checking a lot Kevin how's it going good I've never felt such glassy air in my

life it seriously was so epic like how does there's no thermals no wind

it was just beautiful but who's sailing retired it's been a big day if we have a

problem between here and there running out in our we're gonna have a problem

we've scrubbed it with our Bush wheel camp so he is excited

look at that wingtips gonna go to the ground alright guys we are going to stay

here tonight and hopefully doesn't rain tomorrow

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