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SULLY: Nate, come on.

Give me a hand with this.

NATHAN: Sully.

I think that's Sam's tower.

SULLY: It's definitely Sam's tower.

Come on. This way.

Pardon me.

NATHAN: Excuse me.

Excusez moi.

How long you think before Rafe gets here?

SULLY: Let's not stick around to find out.

Come on. Down here, Nate.

NATHAN: Sorry, pal.


SULLY: Nate, watch out.


Everyone out of the way!

Oh crap.

BAD GUY: Stick your head out.

NATHAN: Little help.

Thank you.

SULLY: Nate? NATHAN: I'm good.

SULLY: I'm not a hundred percent sure,

but I think they found us.

Nate, shotgun.

NATHAN: I see it.

They're surrounding us.

Back up, back up.

SULLY: Nate, get out of there.

NATHAN: I'm going up.

Heads up.

I'll take that.

SULLY: Let's cut through here.

NATHAN: Having fun yet?

SULLY: A real blast.

NATHAN: Oh shit.

BAD GUY: Hold him steady.

SULLY: Come here you.

NATHAN: Way to go, Sully.

SULLY: Still got it. Come on.

NATHAN: Right behind you.

You good?

SULLY: Great. Floor it.

NATHAN: How do we get to Sam?

SULLY: We just keep heading downhill.

NATHAN: Brilliant.

SULLY: Nate.


Hang on.

SULLY: Oh Christ.

NATHAN: Get out of the way!

SULLY: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Careful. Jesus.

Dammit. It's that goddam truck again.

Please don't run anyone over.

NATHAN: Sorry.

SULLY: You know you don't have to hit every fence.

NATHAN: I'm doing my best!

SULLY: Goddamnit.

We got to shake that truck.

NATHAN: Working on it.

It's like a maze here.

SULLY: Well, just keep heading down.

NATHAN: Not again.

Hang on!

SULLY: Where the hell are you going?

NATHAN: You're the one that said just head down.

SULLY: Jesus.

NATHAN: Coming through!

SULLY: This was really a great idea, Nate.

NATHAN: Do you want to drive?

SULLY: No, you're doing just fine.

NATHAN: See. I got it.


These guys don't give up.

Okay. Through here.

SULLY: Stop, stop, stop.

NATHAN: Damn stick shift.

SULLY: Come on. Get out of here.



NATHAN: I'm just going to cut through here.

What am I supposed to do now?

SULLY: Nate, up those stairs.

NATHAN: Here we go.

Rafe really wants us out of the picture.

SULLY: Gee, you think.

NATHAN: I think we lost 'em.

SULLY: Hey, Nate?


SULLY: We can never, ever come back to this city.

NATHAN: Add it to the list.

SULLY: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Watch it.

NATHAN: Really?

SULLY: You got a 4-by-4. Go around.

NATHAN: Hang on.

SULLY: Sorry, fellas.

First time driver here.

We'll be out of your way in a second.

NATHAN: All right.

Let's see that truck get past that.

SULLY: Turn right. Turn right.

Wait. Wait.

NATHAN: Don't worry I got this.

I got this. I got this.

I don't got this!

SULLY: Holy shit.

NATHAN: We're close.

Keep an eye out for Sam.

SULLY: Hey, I think that's him.

Right there.

NATHAN: Hold on.

SULLY: What do you think I've been doing.

NATHAN: How do we get to him?

SULLY: Damned if I know.

Just keep following that convoy.

You think they sent enough goons after us?

NATHAN: Well, we're still alive, so maybe not.

SULLY: Sorry about the chickens.

Nate, we need to hurry.

NATHAN: Come on. Come on.

SULLY: There they are.

NATHAN: See any way to get to Sam?

SULLY: Not yet.

We're running out of road, kid.

NATHAN: I know. I know.

SULLY: Nate?


NATHAN: Here. Take the wheel.

SULLY: What?

Are you out of your goddammed mind?

NATHAN: Yep. Probably.

Oh shit.

Oh crap, crap, crap.

Coming through.

Shit me.

Don't shoot at me.


Time to bail.

Come here.



Hi there.

Enough of this!




SAM: Hey, brother.

NATHAN: Get closer.

SAM: I'm trying.

NATHAN: Okay. Okay.

BOTH: Hop on.

NATHAN: Sam, get in the goddam car.

SAM: I'm faster. Stop arguing.

NATHAN: Watch out!

SAM: Oh shit!

I gotta get out of here.

Dammit. That's not good.

BAD GUY: Shit. He's still alive.


SAM: Hop on.

Here take this.

How we doing back there?

NATHAN: Not good. Not good at all.

SAM: Keep shooting.


I hate this truck.

SAM: Hang on, Nathan.

NATHAN: Sam, it's right up on us.

SAM: I'm going as fast as I can.

This ought to be close.

Holy shit.


SAM: You good?



NATHAN: Let's get out of here.


SAM: I think the coast is clear.

NATHAN: All right.

"Pro Deus Qvod Licentia."

This looks like a simple cipher.

SAM: "For God and liberty."

It's their damn motto, all the paradise references.

I can't believe we missed it.

SULLY: See, you two made it out okay.

SAM: Way better than okay.

We found Libertalia.

SULLY: Liber-what-ia?

NATHAN: Libertalia.

It seems Avery founded the legendary pirate colony.

SAM: It's more of a pirate utopia really.

SULLY: Okay. What about the treasure?

SAM: See, as the story goes, this place provided a safe haven

for hundreds maybe even thousands of pirates,

and they shared everything; property, resources.

SULLY: Money?

SAM: They kept it all in one common treasure building.

SULLY: Okay.

So where is this commie pirate sanctuary?

NATHAN: Right here.

That island, just northeast of King's Bay.

SULLY: Rafe has a copy of this.

NATHAN: By the time Rafe figures it out,

we'll be well on our way to Libertalia.

I tell ya, that treasure is as good as ours.


ELENA: How's the Malaysia job going, Nate?

Seems like you're a hair off course.

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