Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 8 Types of Ego and *How to Dissolve the Ego* by Acharya Shree Yogeesh

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Acharya Shree, aside from humbleness

how does one dissolve their ego?

First of all you need to understand

what ego means.

It is a very sneaky emotion.

And it can sneak into people's minds.

And a person doesn't even know it.

But, there are 8 ways people have ego.

The first is: Let me repeat the line,

Jnanam, Pujam, Kulam, Jatim.

Balam, Riddhim, Tapo, Vapuh. These are 8.

Jnanam, I am knowledgeable.

The person gets very egotistical.

Knowledge can be about anything.

It can be about science.

It can be about technology.

It can be about engineering.

It can be any kind of knowledge.

You name it.


sometimes people begin to worship you

because you are knowledgeable

And the person gets trapped into it.

It becomes such a big ego,

that he wants to create a lot of miracles

and he will kill himself

like Simon, in the bible.

The magician.

He was so egotistical,

he thought he could fly and he jumped.

...And he died.

Jnanam, Pujam, Kulam)))

The third way ego sneaks up on you

Is Kulam.

You are born from the best dynasty.

I am from the Samurai class.

I am from the Brahmin class,

educated family.

Very rich family.

That is called Kulam or Jatim

Jatim means you are

born into the best race,

people are very egotistic

that they were born in China

or they were born in India

or born in some other country.

They think that their race

is the oldest on the earth.

That is called Kulam.

That is what they don't see

that's how ego sneaks up on them.

Balam. You are one of the strongest people on the earth.

"Nobody can compete with me".

That is called Balam.

You are born with that quality

and you become egotistical.

Riddhim, You are very rich.

You have a lot of money.

You have billions of dollars.

And then you become very egotistic.

Sometimes people do good things

and ego sneaks up on them.

Like they do Tapasya

Tapah, tapah means

Like nobody can do 200 days of fasting

like I can do.

And they become a very egotistical person.

And it destroys everything.

Last one is Vapuh

Vapuh means body.

That I am the most handsome

or I am the most beautiful

person on the earth.

That kind of ego, sneaks.

There are only eight categories.

So now ego, once there is ego,

it is very difficult to dissolve.

But you can dissolve it.

Ego has synonyms

and antonyms.

Like..If there is a...

Ahamkar means ego.

There is another word, Mriduta

You already know that humbleness,

can dissolve ego.

But I am telling you the real thing.

The real thing is Mriduta

Mridorbhavam Mardavam

it is called the greatest quality

in humans.

The greatest quality.

Mriduta means Mridorbhavam.

That you are always sweet,

no matter the way you act,

no matter the way you think

No matter the way you speak,

it is called Mriduta

Mriduta means sweetness in your action.

In your speaking, in your thinking,

everywhere is Mriduta,

everywhere is like sweetness.

All your actions...

whatever you do they become divine

without Mriduta,

without this sweetness I am talking about

a person doesn't become divine

Every action,

every single word

every single thought

becomes divine.

if there is this quality.

And this quality

is very important.

And it belongs to the words

And the words are important.

That is why I always suggest to people,

if you want to dissolve ego

just watch your words.

You don't have to watch anything else,

If you watch your words,

your tongue, especially.

Your words are your enemy...

your worst enemy.

And your words are your best friend.

Why? Because if you know how to use words

the whole world will be your friend.

If you don't know how use them

You will use those bad words always,

so the whole world will be your enemy.

So it depends on you.

Do you want to be friendly with everyone

or do you want to make everyone your enemy?

So use it.

Words are very important and it is called Mriduta.

Always use sweet words,

sweet language.

Sweet language can dissolve your ego

But, it is just the beginning.

Can you believe,

that if you will go a little deeper?

This sweetness becomes

like your blood.

Because, that sweetness goes into your blood

and you become like a divine person

and it transforms you fully

So, start with the words.

And use Mridu words.

Mridu means Sweet Words.

In sanskrit you say

Vachane Kaa Daridrata.

If you speak sweet words

good words,

why are you greedy for that.

You can use it.

Don't be greedy to use good words.

The whole world will be your friend.

That's what you need to do,

You want to do.

Dissolve your ego.

You start with sweet words,

sweet language.

Don't be greedy

that you don't want to use sweet words.

Say something sweet to anyone,

and the other person will be so impressed,

that they will be your friend right away.

That's what you need to do,

and your ego will be dissolved slowly.

It doesn't take very long to dissolve it,

but remember, ego is several kinds

it depends what kind of ego you have.

Like Ahamkar, is the worst kind of ego

Ahamkar means, what I told you:

Jnanam, Pujam, Kulam, Jatim, Balam, Ridhim, Tapo, Vapuh

what I explained already

that is called Ahamkar.

But there is a self pride

Self pride is transformable

It is already transformed in a good way.

Self pride, creates such a

beautiful energy around you.

and you can help the whole world

If you have self pride.

Self pride it is called

Svabhiman in Sanskrit.

Svabhiman means

You want to do something

and you are very enthusiastic about it,

that you are putting all your force in it.

I can give you an example,

Mother Teresa

She was helping.

She couldn't resist to help

Whomever she sees helpless,

A person, a baby, any human,

so she will go,

even if the person has a disease,

she will touch them,

because she couldn't resist.

That is called ...

It doesn't mean she has ego,

she has Svabhiman

Svabhiman means, self pride.

Self pride makes a person in society very good

and also self pride dissolves ego,

because it transforms ego.

It is transformed in a good way.

So, I don't condemn self pride.

Have self pride, but don't have an ego.

Ego is very dangerous.

Self pride is positive.

So, to dissolve your ego, you apply,

besides humbleness, you apply Mriduta

Mriduta means Madhurata

Madhurata means sweetness

and that sweetness will

be in your blood and you will

dissolve your ego slowly

The Description of 8 Types of Ego and *How to Dissolve the Ego* by Acharya Shree Yogeesh