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Hi, everybody. I'm Hoodadak.

I will boil the cabbage soup with rice water(used water from washing rice).

It is sweet and delicious because it is winter cabbage.

It's good to eat like this.

When you boil the cabbage soup, use rice water to make it delicious.

I use homemade soybean paste.

If you bought soybean paste at the mart, you don't have to do this like me.

Home-made soybean paste and commercial soybean paste have different salinity.

I put in two with a spoon.

hot pepper paste

When the soybean paste starts to boil,

Chop the cabbage into small pieces and add it.

It's delicious to boil soup with cabbage leaves like this.

green chili peppers

If you don't like spicy food, you can skip the hot pepper.

anchovy powder

while boiling

minced garlic

green onions

I cut the green onions diagonally.

The cabbage soup should be boiled enough.

That way, the cabbage soup doesn't smell green.

Cover and bring to a sufficient boil over medium heat.

The cabbage soup boiled well.

If the soup is bland,

Add hot pepper paste rather than soybean paste.

I don't need any more.

The cabbage soup is ready.

It's a better cabbage soup if eaten in cold weather.

I made cabbage soup with soybean paste deliciously.

These days, cabbage is sweet and delicious, so it's so good to boil the cabbage soup.

Watch the video and cook the cabbage soup deliciously.

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