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I'm Tim Nickles, the founder of Roofnest and we're here my warehouse today to

show you how easy it is to install a Roofnest on your vehicle.

First, unbox the roofnest by removing the top cover

remove the protective film from the top of the roofnest then lift one side and

remove the film from the bottom. Once all the film has been removed set the

Roofnest back down carefully. Next, undo the straps on one end of the roofnest and

lift that side to open it. Look inside and retrieve the black bag with the

mounting hardware and the ladder. Go ahead and set the bag aside for now

close the roofnest by pushing the end you opened back down and fastening two

of the buckles. They don't need to be tight.

Lift the roofnest and place it onyour vehicle's roof rack.

This step requires two people and you don't need to line it up perfectly just yet.

Retrieve the mounting hardware from the black bag then insert a bolt through

each mounting plate to create a mounting set. You'll need two of these for each corner.

there are two metal mounting tracks on the bottom of your roofnest, insert

two mounting sets on to these tracks at each corner. Now lift your roofnest

slightly and push one mounting set to the inside of your crossbar. Do this at

each corner so you have a mounting set on either side of your crossbar at each corner.

At each corner you'll need one large mounting plate and two nuts.

Attach the mounting plate to the mounting sets using the nuts. Depending on what model

tent you have the hardware may be slightly different. You don't have to

tighten the hardware yet, just get all four sets installed and we'll tighten

the hardware later after lining up the tent. Now it's time to center your roofnest

on your roof. Pay attention to your hatchback if you have one and the

location of the cross bars. Once you have your roofnest lined up, secure it to

your roof by tightening all the hardware. After you've driven 10 to 20 miles check

and tighten the hardware again. Periodically check the hardware to ensure it is snug.

Now go camping!

that will do that

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