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[waterfalls & birds chirping]

[narrator] In the rugged Texas Hill

Country, where the Colorado River runs free, lies a park

full of wonder and hidden beauty.


[narrator] Colorado Bend State Park sits

two hours north of Austin and worlds away from city life.

[Cory Evans, CBSP] I enjoy the wilderness

atmosphere. It's a relatively undeveloped park. It's a chance

for people to get out and see nature.

You know, you're not seeing a lot of development. We're

surrounded by large ranches.

You can really get out and experience the wilderness and

get a little taste of what Texas used to look like and I think

that's probably why I like it the most.

[car on gravel road]

[narrator] It starts with the winding eight

mile road that, like any good journey, leads to unexpected

discoveries. Gorman Falls spills sixty five feet as pure spring

water makes its way to the river.


[narrator] Because of the falls' fragile

ecosystem, they are only accessible through guided tours,

making every visitor a special witness to their splendor.

[waterfalls & footsteps in cave]

[narrator] And other surprise lies right

under foot. A series of caves honeycomb the area, just waiting

to be explored through the park's cave tours.

[bike on trail] If above ground is more your

thing, Colorado Bend has fourteen miles of mountain bike

trails, with sixteen additional miles for hikers.

[kids yelling]

[narrator] For kids and kids at heart,

natural springs make a one-of-a-kind swimming hole, and

a prefect way to wile away a hot summer day.

The river is popular with boaters, and rich with fish,

especially when white bass spawn in early spring.

[bird chirping]

[narrator] Feathered creatures seem to like

the park too, and some folks come out just to enjoy the show.

[woman] There's nothing like this. This

is just beautiful. Such solitude. It's so quiet.

[waterfalls & birds chirping]

[Cory Evans] A lot of our visitation occurs

on the weekend. That's when everybody's off and the come

camp and usually Sunday afternoon everybody goes home.

And Monday through Friday afternoon the park is nearly


So if you can plan a trip during mid-week, it's a great time to

get down here and basically have the whole park to yourself.

[narrator] At Colorado Bend State Park,

there's always something new to be discovered, even if it's just

a little peace of mind.

For more information about Texas State Parks and Historic Sites,

visit our Web site or call 1-800-792-1112.

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