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We're in a mortuary. We're in New Orleans.

In the attic!

It opened on its own.

ZAK: This is the area

that suffered the worst of Katrina's wrath.

PETERSON: Each one that flew off landed on a page

saying something about Katrina.

Do you need to say anything?


Are there any spirits up here?

NICK: It's moving.

HOCK: That is a picture of a small girl.

NICK: Wait. Listen!

Holy [bleep]

ZAK: My name is Zak Bagans,

lead investigator of the "Ghost Adventures" crew.

I never believed in ghosts until I came face-to-face with one.

You wanted us. You got us.

So I set out on a quest

to capture what I once saw onto video.

Go! Go!

With no big camera crews following us around,

I am joined only

by my fellow investigators Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin.

The three of us will travel

to some of the most highly active paranormal locations,

where we will spend an entire night

being locked down...

from dusk until dawn.

You have reached your final destination -- hell.




Holy [bleep]

Stop! Stop running!

These are our ghost adventures.

-- Captions by VITAC --

Closed Captions provided by Scripps Networks, LLC.

We are in New Orleans to investigate three locations

that are rampant with paranormal activity...

May Baily's Place,

the home of voodoo queen Bloody Mary,

and the Haunted Mortuary.

This is my first time,

first day that I've ever been to New Orleans, Louisiana.

You can feel the energy.

It's amazing that a natural disaster took out 1,833 lives.

Those are confirmed deaths.

And you add that layer on top of New Orleans' dark history.

It's just a layer cake of a recipe for hauntings.

Those hauntings for us start out here at May Baily's Place.

Long before New Orleans legalized prostitution in 1897

and gave birth to the famed red-light district Storyville,

May Baily's was already

one of the city's more humble but noted brothels.

Even though prostitution was outlawed in 1917,

today, May Baily's celebrates its past

by displaying the license

that once allowed it to operate as a legal bordello.

Photos of working women still adorn its walls,

and we wonder if these reminders

could be triggers for the activity here.

So, Janice, how long have you worked at May Baily's?

For about three years.

Now, what kind of stuff have you encountered in here?

Janice immediately takes us

to a room located directly above the bar,

which is rumored to have once belonged to May Baily herself.

GEORGE: I know you!


What's your name?


Lakita, how you doing? That's Aaron and Nick.

I watch "Ghost Adventures" all the time.


What is this room here? Is this like a special suite?

This is May Baily's suite, actually.

This was her home up here?

I heard about this unrested spirit that was here

and his girlfriend got killed.

Somebody that stayed in this room?


During our lockdown,

we hope to uncover the source of this woman's death.

And they say when she got killed,

they say the man, he never wanted to leave.

He just wanted to stay here.

He couldn't believe that, you know, she was dead.

He thought she was coming back.

We head back into the main area of May Baily's,

where Janice had her most profound experience.

You were here?

Yeah, me and Joel. We was right here talking.

All of a sudden,

these pamphlets started coming off the shelf towards us.

Just about everything in this area just coming off.

But these are all angled back,

so that would be real hard for them to fall.

That's right.

We interviewed Joel, Janice's co-worker

who experienced the pamphlet incident with her.

He verifies her story, except for one important detail

that connects us back

to New Orleans' most recent tragedy.

But the particular thing about them --

Each one that flew off

landed on a page saying something about Katrina.

Oh, that's weird.

I think that's just more bizarre,

'cause that could be possibly somebody who maybe was here --

And not have anything to do with May Baily's

or the prostitution house.

Exactly. Exactly.

ZAK: Is it possible a victim of Hurricane Katrina

is trying to send a message to Janice or Joel?

[ Wind whistling ]

[ Thunder crashes ]

Based on the stories told to us at May Baily's,

we head to the area most devastated by Hurricane Katrina,

the Lower Ninth Ward.

We want to prepare ourselves

in the event we come into contact

with any spirits who are victims of this storm.

We are in the heart of the area

where it probably got it the worst.

The Lower Ninth Ward

that you've heard probably so much about,

it wasn't so much the storm as it was the devastation

because none of our fail-safes protected us.

You can kind of start to see, you know,

where just the single lots were.

TUSA: You can kind of tell.

And so wherever there's an empty lot,

that's where a home was that was just wiped off.


And good chances that home was probably full of people.

What element caused all of this?


As we move deeper into the Lower Ninth Ward,

we set out to find the source of this devastation.

That's a levee.

That's what broke?


Holy cow.

And this is the area of New Orleans

that suffered the worst of Katrina's wrath.

This is where the most death occurred.

This is where the most homes

were just picked up off their lots and just washed away.

AARON: It's almost like the people

in the front line right here just didn't have a shot.


It's scary, you know.

There is a feeling here.

It's a very sad feeling.

It's a very, very sad feeling here.

Is it possible the staff at May Baily's

are being visited by a victim of Hurricane Katrina?

Maybe someone they knew who was trying to communicate

one final message from that fatal storm.

Janice, they're trying to get your attention.

They're trying to tell you something.


And that's why they are not at rest.

We now meet a New Orleans ghost-tour guide

who informs us of a very different spirit

that may be responsible for attacking people,

possibly one of the felonious prostitutes

who once worked here.

I've had another bartender

that worked here for about 10 years

talk about having a whole staff meeting inside here

and hearing the glasses crash

on the other side of the wall here.

This is a spirit that's a drinker or not a drinker,

and maybe he's got a problem with a prostitute

that could have ended his life, slipped him a Mickey.

[ Laughs ]

ZAK: Well, that's another factor, though,

that these prostitutes were...

Yeah, I mean, desperate times, desperate measures.

They were mugging men.

[ Crack ]

They were pretty tough girls in the streets of New Orleans.

[ Growls ]

The girl that had the scratches --

Did it happen here?


Saying it just started getting hotter and hotter,

and then it's just, you know, equal matching double scratches.

Right. Right down her wrist.

ZAK: With a collection of very compelling poltergeist activity

documented at May Baily's,

we make our way out of the French Quarter

to help a voodoo high priestess

who aided us in our last Louisiana investigation.

Right here is Bloody Mary's house.

And this is lockdown number two.

This house is the site of a lot of hauntings.

And Bloody Mary has actually called upon us

because there's something in this house

that is very dark and malevolent.

Hey, strangers. How you doing?

How you doing?


Holy cow. Wow.

Is that a real skull?


This place is awesome.

Oh, my god.

You know, the last time we saw you was in Magnolia Plantation.

This is Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary is the voodoo queen of Louisiana.

[ Rattling ]

Whoa, whoa.

Yeah, right now -- oh, it's getting stronger.

Oh, my gosh.

When we did this ritual with you,

there was a photo

that was a lady's face coming out of a flame.

In doing that, in doing voodoo rituals,

you're calling upon spirits.

You have a temple here in this house.

Have you had issues in this house?

Of course.

I've banished a couple of things

that were negative over the years,

and I tried to block -- whether it was negative or positive,

I don't know, but it was annoying my son.

So, what would start happening to him?

He would complain that the door would creak open

and there'd be a hand or something that came around.

Finally, he came and said, "Mama, I can't sleep.

You got to make him go."

So I had to do a huge banishing on the whole house.

I did every window, every door,

and blended up a variety of herbs,

and I burnt them at each window to send it back.

I tried to be very diligent

because they were trying to get back in.

About a month or two later,

he came in really frantic to the bed one night, screaming,

and he was like, "In the attic! They're in the attic!"

Eeeee! It opened on its own.

He ran the hell out of his room.

So then I had to go up in the attic,

and I put some protections

around, you know, the four corners there.

That's probably the most protected room in the house now.

We head to another part of the house

which may be a source for the activity here, the basement,

an area heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

And we wonder how this may have impacted

the spiritual activity here.

But down here is a whole different story.

We got 8 feet of water.

It stopped exactly at the top before it got into my house.

All that nasty slime,

disgusting poisoned water that sucked in here

carried some dark, dark energy

that was throughout our city, too.

It was like a cursed muck.

It's not anthropomorphic.

It's amoral.

But did you notice after Hurricane Katrina,

after the flood, after the waters finally dissipated

and you were left with that sludge,

is that when you sensed a more dark feeling?

And also that this was a ghost town of a different variety,

that it was just naked, it was stripped.

All the regular energy you feel here was gone.

There are ghosts here, ghosts of children.

There's a picture of a small girl.

ZAK: Right here, right?

Yep. That's her.

Holy cow.

ZAK: As we continue our investigation of New Orleans, Louisiana,

we move to the famed cemetery district

for the last leg of our investigation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you lockdown location number three.

Welcome to the Haunted Mortuary.

Apparently, the owner has turned it

into some type of haunted attraction.

[ Shrieking ]

This building was once home to one of New Orleans'

most renowned mortuaries, PJ McMahon and Sons.

Over the course of its 60 years of operation,

this full-service facility

hosted the passing of nearly 20,000 souls.

While today the building is a public space,

we wonder if its previous incarnation

has any bearing on the activity here.

When I bought the building in 2007,

I had some guests here that were into the paranormal.

They wanted to come see the building,

and he tells me there are ghosts here.

They're gonna let themselves be known to you.

Well, the ghosts were ghosts of children.

From what he described,

a young girl and a little older brother.

And there's a doll, sort of a big Raggedy Ann doll.

Strange things happen with that doll.

Some people say it moves to another position.

They'll come back, and it'll be in another spot later.

And I attribute that to

these children that supposedly haunt the building.

Next, we meet an employee

whose personal photograph may have captured

one of the child apparitions Jeff just told us about.

We was doing a tour here.

And I was following behind the group

with a 35-millimeter camera,

and I was just randomly taking pictures.

[ Zoom whirs, shutter clicks ]

Went and dropped off the pictures at Walgreens

and picked them up the next morning,

there's a picture of a small girl.

ZAK: Right here, right?

Yep. That's her.

Holy cow.

Do you see the little girl?

NICK: Yeah, I saw. It's crazy.

Brown-black hair, face, little white dress.

It's an amazing picture.

You still have the negatives to this?


By examining the original negative

and matching it to the positive print,

we can rule out any digital manipulation or trickery.

Furthermore, Lance shares with us

another negative and print of the same composition,

which he took seconds earlier and shows no apparition,

which legitimizes this photographic evidence.

The corner that you're seeing in the picture is right here.

She was right here,

and I took the picture from the front step there.

ZAK: One of the more chilling pictures,

and to know that you have the negative of this photo

is absolutely compelling.

ZAK: With activity experienced on the upper floor,

we head into the basement

to investigate areas relating to the original funeral home,

which are located

within an enormous permanent Halloween exhibit.

This is one of the spots where people have seen

quite a bit of activity, this corner right here.

What's been seen?

What they describe as a man in blue pajamas

facing the corner right there,

trying to communicate with people.

Okay, now, you're gonna notice

that when we're walking down the basement,

this is a haunted attraction --

Right. What you see down here stays like this year-round.

It's very much a one-way maze down here.

This is the chimney stack where the organ crematorium was.

It was a small oven.

So they would burn the organs in this.

That's what we understand. Yes.

Right now, Jeff has just taken us

into an area of the haunted attraction.

This room is the original embalming room of the mortuary.

Understand we're right in the middle

of the historic Cemetery District.

There's probably a million graves

within a square mile of where we are.

A million of those bodies

that were put there came through here.

Well, we're in a mortuary.

We're in New Orleans.


I would have to think that this place

has something to it other than Halloween props.

NICK: We're gonna go do some voodoo.

This is a real skull.


Now it's going higher. 2.3! 2.4!

This is insane.

Okay, so, right now, I'm at May Baily's,

and I'm getting ready

to get locked down inside of this entire bar.

I'm gonna investigate this by myself

while Nick and Aaron are over at Bloody Mary's house,

investigating over there.

I also have live surveillance going on

in a room upstairs in a different building.

Jay Wasley, our audio tech,

and Billy Tolley, our audio/visual tech,

is gonna be watching every move in the bar

and upstairs in May Baily's room while I'm investigating.

My main objective is to investigate

the countless claims of poltergeist activity

by the staff about glasses and chairs moving...

Some more cups fall, but they was cracking up. well as a woman who claimed

she was scratched while on a tour near these double doors.

You know, equal matching double scratches.

As we learned, this building was used as a bordello

run by madam May Baily,

and many of her prostitutes were hardened criminals who drugged

and were even claimed to have murdered their customers.

Madam Baily or any other prostitutes that are here

or any other spirits...

My name is Zak.

And I'm here by myself.

I'm here because I like to get answers from the dead

to help the living better understand that other life.

NICK: All right, right now we're at Bloody Mary's house.

And I can't wait to get locked into this location.

We're gonna go do some voodoo.

Aaron's gonna get in this ritual.

I'm gonna film it.

We have all this equipment

that we're gonna set up around the ritual

and see what we can actually capture.

Bloody Mary's been having

a lot of unexplainable stuff happening.

Door would creak open,

and there would be a hand that came around.

ZAK: Nick and Aaron are participating in a voodoo ritual

led by the voodoo queen of New Orleans, Bloody Mary.

The last time all three of us participated in her ritual,

we snapped an amazing spirit photo

of a female apparition morphing out of a trinity flame.

The spirits of the south, the spirits of fire...

When Bloody Mary opens the circle to the spirits,

it is Nick and Aaron's job to document evidence

of whoever greets them, good or evil.

...Angels, we call you to come and dance with us,

all the spirits, all the ancestors.

And angels that are there.

[ Bell jingling ]

[ Rattling ]

The ancestors in your family who have come before

on your father's side and your mother's side

and those not yet born.

We have Madam Aloray. We have Julie.

And we have many that we may not know their names.

They have been here before and followed us home.

We ask you to come again.

AARON: Lie on top of this?


All right.

That's the crossroads to open the way at your font.

We usually dance through them and everything else.

Here we go.

Now, now.

[ Sighs ]

This is a real skull?


This is the one I got in Paris last year.

She said she wanted to come to America.

Take care of my friends here, my spirits.

Come visit and give them messages.

ZAK: With Bloody Mary now leaving and locking her house up,

Nick and Aaron are left all alone in her voodoo temple

with an open circle to the spirits.

As I'm standing here next to the bar,

I feel a very condensed pocket of energy

encompassed in some very cold air.

I know all too well that this may be a spirit,

so I turn on my Mel meter to try and document a reading.


0.7, 0.8.


1.0, 1.2.




I'm getting some really unusual spikes over here.

Billy, are you seeing any balls of light or anything around me?

Just as I predict,

right after I feel an energy in this area

and turn on the Mel meter to detect it,

we do indeed capture a ball of energy

as it manifests in front of the device.

We debunk this as not being a dust particle or bug,

as bugs appear as rods with distinguished wings,

easily observable in high def.

Through our research, we believe these balls of light

are a condensed form of spiritual energy

and how they travel through our material world.

Some of my most compelling research behind this

was when I documented some of these same type anomalies

at the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City

and took readings to prove

that they do contain electromagnetic energy.

Whoa. I'm at a 0.5 right now.

2.1, 2.2.

Now it's going higher. 2.3!

2.4! Now it's going higher.




Holy cow. 2.3. This is insane.

What did they use?

A gun!

NICK: Something growled at me in there.

Bro, the lights just turned on and off.

NICK: Oh [bleep]

Poltergeists all over the place.

ZAK: With Nick and Aaron

investigating Bloody Mary's house,

I'm inside May Baily's Place,

where I just documented a sudden spike of energy around me.

2.3. This is insane.

While I feel I'm in the presence of spirits,

I immediately head to the table

where two members of the staff witnessed

pamphlets flying off the shelves and the pages turning

to information about the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Landed on a page saying something about Katrina.

ZAK: I want to see if these spirits

may possibly be victims of Hurricane Katrina,

not just the prostitutes or their own victims.

Can you please move some of these pamphlets behind me?

[ Static ]

Can you tell me, did somebody murder you?

[ Static ]

How did they kill you? What did they use?

[ Static ]

A gun! She just said "gun."

Did you hear that?

Earlier, we were told that a woman was murdered

directly above me in May Baily's suite.

The girlfriend had got killed.

They say when she got killed, they say the man,

he never wanted to leave.

When communicating using the SB7 Spirit Box,

you never know what spirit from what time period

is going to speak to you.

This could be a woman who was shot 100 years ago

or a victim of a recent disaster just 7 years ago.

How did they kill you? What did they use?

[ Static ]

A gun! She just said "gun."

Did you hear that?

[ Static ]

You hear that voice again?

And I'm laying down with a human skull on me.

[ Sighs ]

NICK: You have a recorder rolling right now, right?

Yeah. I have two.

NICK: We have a bunch of cameras set up, as you can see.

Are there any spirits here with us right now

that want to communicate?

This is Henrietta, I understand, on my chest.

Is there anything you'd like to say while we're here,

and we can relay a message back to Bloody Mary?

ZAK: All seems calm and relaxing, but that is about to change,

as Nick and Aaron decide to split up in this huge house.

NICK: What was that?

What'd you hear?

What'd you hear?

A voice.

Let me check down here.

Aaron, do your thing in there.

I'm gonna walk down here.


I'm gonna go look around.


Are there any spirits in here?

So, I'm kind of wondering

what is now let loose down here and is pissed off

because it has been trapped in the basement or up in the attic.

Anybody in there?

Is that true what I just said?

Are there any negative energies in here?

Oh [bleep]

What? What?



Holy [bleep]

Bro, the lights just turned on and off.

Everything is coming all over the place.

Something growled at me in there.

I'm not kidding, Aaron. Get up.

ZAK: As Nick turns this corner,

he hears a very loud hissing sound

and feels a very negative presence push towards him,

causing him to retreat.

Oh [bleep]

AARON: What?

ZAK: Nick settles right here,

and he's standing absolutely still

when this negative energy rushes at him again.

AARON: What? What?


ZAK: At this exact moment,

these books begin to fly off the shelves,

and Aaron also notices an unexplained light appear

right where all of this poltergeist activity

is occurring.

[Bleep] Holy [bleep]

[Bleep] Holy [bleep]

[Bleep] Holy [bleep]

[Bleep] Holy [bleep]

AARON: Bro, the lights just turned on and off.

ZAK: Then this digital recorder

captures a malevolent EVP from the spirit

who we feel is responsible for all of this activity.

I'm not kidding, Aaron. Get up.

AARON: You just had some --

Stop. I went in there.

Wait. Listen. It's moving.

Nick now hears a dish moving in the kitchen.

Stop. Something -- I went in there.

Wait. Listen. It's moving.



That was just poltergeist all over the place.

I walked in there.

Right when I walked in her living room...

Shh! Did you hear that?

Listen. Listen. Look at me.

Right when I walked in the living room,

I felt a presence.

ZAK: Right after Nick speaks,

another EVP is captured on this recorder

as we make it out to say...

Shh. Did you hear that?

Listen. Listen. Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Right when I walked in the living room,

I felt a presence.

I swear to God, what scared me more than anything

was the sound of this, like, demonic, like --

It growled at me. It goes -- It was loud.

It was clear. I swear to God, I captured it.

We need to go in.

No, listen.

Do you know what I asked right before you ran out?

Is there any evil pissed-off entities

that have been trapped upstairs in the attic?

And if there are, they come --

I knocked on that door the same time you said that.

And I said, "Did you come down?"

And literally after that, you come --

I hear that, and you come running out.

ZAK: Bloody Mary had to seal the attic shut with a ritual

because of an evil force residing up there

that was terrorizing her son.

Is it possible that this is the same evil force

that just confronted Nick?

At first, we try to debunk

the books falling off the shelves

as possibly Nick bumping into them,

but thankfully this X camera caught a very important angle.

During the melee

of Nick retreating from the hissing sound,

you can see him stop right here in front of the bookcase,

and at this time, no books fly off the shelves,

ruling out that Nick bumped into the bookcase.

It isn't until Nick feels

the second force of being bum-rushed

and he moves away from the shelves

that the books begin flying off towards him.

NICK: Holy [bleep]

Whatever noise that was, it startled me.

Let's go. Nick, did you hear what I said?

We need to get gear.

We have nothing, dude. We need gear.

All right. Hurry up.

Are there any spirits up here

who'd like to say anything to me?

Katrina! Katrina!

AARON: That's what it just said, dude!


ZAK: While Nick and Aaron document several pieces

of dark, disturbing evidence at Bloody Mary's house,

I continue my investigation of May Baily's,

hoping to better understand the source of the activity here.

Listen, can you tell me who was throwing these pamphlets down

and why they were turning it to Hurricane Katrina?

Did the spirits that were doing this,

are you victims of Hurricane Katrina?

[ Static ]

What was the name of the storm that came through here

and killed you seven years ago?

[ Static ]

Katrina! Katrina!

Clear as [bleep] day!

What was the name of the storm that came through here

and killed you seven years ago?

[ Static ]

Katrina! Katrina!

Clear as [bleep] day!

Do you need to say anything?

Do you want me to send somebody a message?

Please speak now.

[ Static ]


Yeah. Go ahead.

Did you hear that voice say "Katrina"?

Yeah, we did. It was clear.

All right, I'm gonna take a break from this,

'cause I feel absolutely drained right now.

Just felt, like, sadness when that voice came through.

It was crystal clear.

And somehow, some way,

I knew that that spirit was gonna say "Katrina."

That's why I was pointing to the speaker

before it even spoke.

I could feel that spirit.


I'm really sad right now.

I heard you say "Katrina" right where the hotel staff said

you were throwing these pamphlets down,

turning to the pages that said "Katrina."

I want you to know it's okay.

You did die.

The levees failed.

Water came in from every direction.

And you've now passed on.

But you still have a consciousness.

You can still speak. And I heard you.

And I hope that this helps you.

[ Sighs ]

Zak, me and Jay are just sitting here.

Weird mood now. Just real heavy.

Watching you, we feel the same way.

Just got really sad.

Because of all the activity Nick and Aaron are receiving,

they decide to conduct a Spirit Box session

near the room where Nick first heard the hiss.

[ Static ]

NICK: As you can see,

there's no voices coming through the Spirit Box right now.

Can you tell me what was in this room that scared me?

[ Static ]

ZAK: Nick and Aaron ask a series of 25 questions

and receive no responses until Nick is about to sit down.

Can I sit down?

[ Static ]

AARON: "You'll be sorry!"

That's what it just said, dude!


Did you hear it?

It goes, "You'll be sorry!"

ZAK: The same voice just came through and spoke three words

over the course of about seven sweeps.

Can I sit down?

[ Static ]

"You'll be sorry!" That's what it just said, dude!

Let's go to the attic. Grab your camera.

Come on. It's right there. Grab the recorder.

Be careful.

Right now, we are in the room where her son sleeps,

and he's been having all kinds of, like,

crazy stuff happen to him.

So what she did is she went through the whole house,

cleansed it, and pushed it all up into the attic.


NICK: Yeah. Here.

Just turn the speaker on, and it's on.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


My heart rate's going crazy, dude.

Get up there.

ZAK: Just as Aaron feels his heart rate accelerate,

an EVP is captured on the recorder he's holding.

We are going to have to bleep part of this voice,

as it is using profanity.


My heart rate's going crazy, dude.

Get up there.

All right, I got a recorder.

ZAK: What's really compelling is that seconds after this EVP,

a ball of light appears onscreen,

making a hard right and then disappears into the recorder.

Many times when we capture spirit voices

through the Spirit Box or our recorders,

these orbs of light will manifest

or disappear around the devices.

A recorder. Gonna do Spirit Box.

Are there any spirits up here

who'd like to say anything to me?!

[ Static ]

Do you like what just happened in the other room?!

[ Static ]

Did you like what we just did up here in the house?!

"Please go!"

"Please go!"

It just said, "Please go!"

ZAK: During this session,

Aaron captures four separate phrases,

which is extremely compelling,

because each voice spans over multiple sweeps,

eliminating any possible radio interference.

Did you like what we just did up here in the house?!

[ Static ]

Did you like what we just did up here in the house?!

[ Static ]

"Please go!"

"Please go!"

It just said, "Please go!"

BILLY: Somebody down here?

This place keeps going and going.

There's a lot of [bleep] happens down here.

I just started spinning in this spot.

Why don't you like us?

[ Static ]

ZAK: As Aaron and Nick wind down

their investigation at Bloody Mary's house

and with my investigation of May Baily's Place complete,

Billy and I move over to our third and final location

of our New Orleans lockdown, the Haunted Mortuary.

For over 60 years, this was the last stop

for people on their way to the grave.

In 1928, it was turned into a full-service funeral home

with an autopsy room, an embalming room,

a crematorium, and it's entirely surrounded by cemeteries.

We begin our investigation

by setting up this teddy-bear trigger object

at the exact spot where a member of the staff

took this amazing 35-millimeter photo

of a little girl's apparition.

Billy and I leave this X camera

and head downstairs to the mortuary basement,

where they stored and embalmed thousands of bodies

that died in the New Orleans area.

The present owner has now

turned this creepy basement into a haunted attraction.

Watch your back. Watch everything.

BILLY: Okay.

There's a lot of [bleep] that happens down here

from what he said, all right?

This is one of the spots where people have seen

a man in blue pajamas.

We heard there was a bunch of little kids down here.

We want to know who you are.

Right now, as we're walking around,

I'm just trying to get photographic evidence

of ghosts, of spirits by using a full-spectrum still camera.

For about 40 minutes,

aside from the environment being very dark and visually morbid,

Billy and I don't feel anything strange,

until the two of us

unintentionally start drifting apart.

Here... [Bleep] confused, dude.

BILLY: You got me all turned around.

Come here, Bill.


Where are you?

The curtain.

[ Grunts ]

You know I've never been down here, right?


This place keeps going and going.

ZAK: Is somebody down here?

Okay, this seems to be a place --

it's kind of like a storage area,

but it's really quiet.

This would be a good place to do an EVP session.

Can you tell me your name?

ZAK: I'm just walking around here.

Billy's somewhere.

We got split up.

It's a big maze down here.

Yeah, I just want to document

that I got a really, really bad dizzy spell right now.

I really don't think there's mold or asbestos down here,

'cause it's fully renovated, but I am extremely dizzy.

I just started spinning in this spot right here.

So I'm trying to look for

any natural causes that could cause that.

BILLY: If there are any children down here

that want to come speak to me, please come talk to me.

ZAK: Right now, Billy is capturing an unexplained response,

and although we can't make out what's being said,

the voice is distinctly female.

BILLY: If there are any children down here

that want to come speak to me, please come talk to me.

I'm gonna go now.

ZAK: Once Billy and I find each other again,

we head back upstairs

to take more photos with the full-spectrum camera.

And out of the 500 photos taken throughout the night,

I snap this one.

If you look on the far left side,

it looks like

a man in black pants slouched in the wingback chair.

You can clearly see two black legs, his torso,

and a head that looks like a skull looking to the right.

And if you follow the eye line of the skull,

you can see what appears to be a fully detailed face,

as if this face just peeled off of the skull and enlarged a bit.

You can see hair, a forehead, a very clear eye, and a nose.

This is one of the most interesting pictures

we have ever captured with the full-spectrum camera.

And we're not too surprised, because this is also the place

where the most impressive apparition photo

we've ever seen from a third party was captured,

and they were able to prove its authenticity

by showing us the negative.

There's no surprise that New Orleans,

a city layered with such rich history and culture,

is a hotbed for paranormal activity.

We were warned by Bloody Mary

of the change in the city's energy since Hurricane Katrina,

and it's evident we felt that during our investigation.


A tragedy of Katrina's magnitude

leaves countless unrested spirits

frozen between the ethers of the spirit world and ours,

many of whom may be responsible for the activity at May Baily's.

Landed on a page saying something about Katrina.

ZAK: And we were able to help some of these spirits

relay their final chilling messages

back to the physical world.

I hope that this helps you.

The Description of New Orleans