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Welcome back to another cooking video.

Today Im going to show you how to make fruit spherification.

Basically its going to be like a little sphere with a membrane around it and inside

is going to be a juice, like raspberry juice for example and it will be a bit like an egg

yolk without the egg yolk and it will have fruit inside.

Now these are great to bring to events or parties, theyre just awesome and when I

usually make them I make them in two different types.

I make raspberry and mango and let people choose and its awesome when they put it

in their mouth and it blows up and all the flavors just explode.

It is just surprise and excitement and its great.

Now there is a way to make these alcoholic and Ill show that at the end of the video

and that would make it like a cocktail or a little shooter and thats awesome.

Now Im going to show you today how to make the raspberry one and you can basically substitute

the juice of raspberry for mango juice or any other fruit juice or vegetable juice,

or even a broth or a sauce if you want to deliver it in that way.

So hopefully you enjoy this video lets get straight into it, lets get cooking!

Okay so to start off youre going to make a sodium alginate solution and for that youre

going to take one liter of distilled water and place it into a blender.

You just want to make sure it has no minerals thats why youre using distilled water,

and youre going to add 5-grams of sodium alginate powder, Ill link that in the description.

And you just want to blend this in, now make sure you use a hand blender or blender, do

not try whisking this because it wont work.

Now once its sheered into the liquid you just want to take it off like this.

It should look a milky white like this because its full of little air bubbles.

So what youre going to do now is just cover it up and leave it in the fridge for at least

two hours, preferably a day so that all the bubbles can just release and it becomes a

transparent liquid.

So now Im going to measure out six grams of calcium lactate, Ill also link that

in the description.

Now its important to use a weighing scale with at least one decimal place so you have

more precise measurements when youre doing this kind of thing because you need to know

exactly what youre putting in.

There we go, six grams.

Now Im going to put 50-milliliters of water into this glass and then Im going to add

the six grams of calcium lactate into it and you just want to mix this in.

If you use a spoon or a whisk, it doesnt have to be a hand blender, just make sure

its fully dissolved into the liquid and at the end check that theres no little

lumps at the bottom of the glass.

Okay, so put that to the side for later.

Now raspberries, Im just going to juice these with a cold press juicer.

You can use any kind of fruit for this, you can use also vegetables, you can even use

sauces just go creative, but here Im going to use 150-milliliters of raspberry juice.

Now I love this juicer because its so efficient at getting the liquid out of materials like


Also a good way with fibrous materials like kale and stuff, but raspberries its pretty

efficient at taking all the liquid out.

Okay, so once thats done you have your 150-milliliters of raspberry juice.

Just take your 50-milliliters of calcium lactate mixture that I just made a second ago and

just pour it in.

Now youre going to whisk this in or use a hand blender just to make sure its fully


Once youve done that I recommend you leave it for about an hour just to rest and fully

incorporate a bit more.

Okay now here Ive got a silicone mat with semicircular spheres, now you want to make

sure theyre semicircular and not square because square the corners would mess with

your spherification, like there might be leaks there.

Now Ill link this specific mold in the description below so you can get the same

size spheres as I am using here, but you can use different molds it doesnt have to be

the same.

Just pour it until its full to the top and then youre going to want to place it

in the freezer until theyre rock solid.

Id say about two hours will probably do.

Now you take a shallow basin and you just want to take your sodium alginate mixture

that I made at the start of the video and pour it in.

Now you can see its super transparent and clear and has no lumps, its very important

the no lumps part.

Then you just want to take your frozen sphere of raspberry gel and pop it in there.

Youre going to want to leave it in there for three minutes and keep agitating it and

turning it over.

You can do multiple at the same time but Im just going to show you how to do one here.

Whats happening is as it melts the calcium lactate is reacting with the sodium alginate

and its creating a thin membrane around your raspberry juice.

After three minutes you just want to take it out and just wash it in a water bath so

you get rid of the excess sodium alginate solution.

Then you just want to put it in a second water bath just to make sure youve got rid of

all of it.

As you can see its a beautiful little sphere that looks a little bit like an egg yolk but

its filled with raspberry juice.

When you put it in your mouth it will just pop and all the juices will come out and youll

taste it and its just an interesting amazing experience to do and something thats awesome

to try and share with friends.

Okay so now you know how to make fruit spheres.

Now the only thing is storing them.

I recommend you take a jar and fill it up with a liquid that has some flavor to it,

because the gel membranes theyre sort of permeable so that means liquid goes in and


Now the liquid inside will not really go out much but whatever liquid is surrounding the

sphere will permeate inside slowly, and youll notice this because it will puff up a little

bit and become more bulgy over time.

So I recommend you put them inside something that has some flavor, so you put them in a

jar and fill it up with 7-Up or Sprite or say for example full of raspberry spheres

you make a raspberry juice that you fill the jar with and then put your spheres inside.

That will mean that it will retain a lot of flavor and be more flavorful.

Now if you were to put them inside water they would dilute and youd just have half water

ball which wouldnt be very nice.

Now on the same lines if you want to make alcoholic you just take a jar and you fill

it up with your preferred alcohol, I would recommend something like Malibu coconut rum

which would complement the fruit juices very well, or you could just use vodka or any other

liqueur of your choice.

You just fill it up, put your spheres inside, leave it for an hour or so just so it transfers

into the spheres and then youve got alcoholic spheres.

Now youll be able to keep them inside your jars for several hours.

I wouldnt recommend keeping them over 24 hours because they tend to just become very

fragile and blow up.

So I think thats all the information you need to know.

Also Im going to leave links in the description below to all the products I used that you

might not have in your kitchen.

So if you want to make this youll have the possibility of finding everything you


I hope you enjoyed this video.

Thank you very much for watching and please subscribe to my channel if you havent done

so already.

See you in the next video, bye!


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