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Weve known for a long time that the older girls get the less likely they are to exercise

and participate in sports.

By the time girls turn 14, their sports drop-off rate is twice that of boys.

High school girls get less than half the amount of exercise than guys are getting.

And whats up with that?

Well, boobs.

A study of British girls between ages 11 and 18 found that 73% of them worry at least a

little bit of the time about their boobs while exercising.

46% said that their boobs directly influence whether or not they participate in sports

and not surprisingly the larger a girls breast size the less likely she is to get on the

playing field.

What was stirring up all this boob anxiety?

Primarily embarrassment.

Mostly over people seeing our boobs bounce around but also other girls in locker rooms

seeing our boobs just hanging around.

Not to mention 15% of girls just assumed that their boobs were just simply too big to sports.

The only study so far to examine how womens breast size relates to our exercise habits

found that our boobs are our number four reason to not get up and move around topped only

by lack of motivation and energy, lack of time and something really good on Netflix,

actually no it was poor health.

And of the seventeen percent of women in that study who say they avoided exercise for boob-related

reasons, lack of a decent sports bra and embarrassment over excessive bouncing were the primary deterrents.

But if we look at female competitive sports that embarrassment takes a backseat to mobility.

Golfers, tennis players, archers, gymnasts, even MMA fighter Ronda Rousey all cite breasts

as essentially another opponent that they have to deal with because depending on their

size our boobs can obstruct our movement, weigh us down and potentially worst of all

in the age of smart phones, nip slip in front of a massive audience.

And these all too common boob barriers can impact our longterm health since studies find

exercise is really good for our boobs to the tune of possibly lowering our chance of developing

breast cancer by 25%.

So until the worlds perfect sports bra is invented and handed out for free to every

woman upon her first visit to the gynecologist, what we need is to better bra-ducate girls.

Girls need to be better bra-ducated about healthy breast development and breast variety

and just basic breast health.

And also we need to talk to girls more about the fact that our breasts are yes, one of

the most sexualized parts of the female body and so its no surprise that there is a

lot of embarrassment and body shame that comes with them feeling really obvious by virtue

of them bouncing all around, having a good time.

Not to mention the continued bra-bra-ducation of boys are humans to be respected and not

sex objects to be ogled specifically when they are running track and their boobs are


But I am but one boob haver.

And there are but two studies even looking at this so dear viewers, I want to hear from


What do you think about this?

Has this effected you?

Have you found the Holy Grail of boob-safe sports?

Have you ever been boob-ogled while exercising?

If so let me know in the comments below and until then, heres wishing you the bra-est


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