Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Video message President of Executive Board: Mirjam van Praag

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Dear colleagues and students at VU.

If Corona has taught us anything, it is that nothing in life is certain.

Except change.

You can either remain rigid or adapt.

And I have a lot of respect for how students...

are getting through this crisis and how they are adapting.

I know it is very difficult, but you are doing it.

Also for our colleagues, who are doing everything they can...

to keep teaching and research going in these difficult times...

I admire also a lot.

As soon as we are allowed to,

which will probably be within a month,

we will reopen.

For more than just self-study.

We will use self-tests and quick tests to make this happen.

We are currently preparing for this.

The quick test street on our campus is ready,

which will make it possible to have more activities on campus.

At the same time, we will also examine how quick tests...

can enable the responsible return...

of all students in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, we are working hard...

to make VU Amsterdam a wonderful university after Corona,

in which we take the lessons of the past period with us.

Because studying is increasingly becoming a combination of online,

which you have had way too much,

and offline.

We will keep the needs of students central.

Our campus will become much more of a meeting place.

Between students, students and teachers,

But also between different disciplines.

And also practice, study and research.

Meetings that certainly provide...

new perspectives.

So that we are able to learn how to deal with...

and contribute to todays social challenges.

Hopefully a big contribution.

I wish you, also in name of Vinod and Marcel,

the very best.

Take care of yourselves and each other...

and hopefully we will see each other soon on a vibrant campus.

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